Riley Reid Brings Her Soaking Wet Pussy Back to WankzVR….Towel Please!

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Go On Set with Riley Reid and WankzVR! 

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup::  Oculus Rift CV1 with Steam Whirligig

Review Score 10/10

On Set with Riley Reid

On Set with Riley Reid is a June 14th, 30 minute release from WankzVR featuring the return of Riley Reid to WankzVR.  The first WankzVR Riley Reid movie, My Sisters Friend featured a great performance from Riley that was negated by some pretty serious technical issues in the form of world scale, low fps blur and distortion, to name just a few of the more dramatic issues, so it was great to hear a few weeks ago on reddit from WankzVR that she might be making a return.   And boy did she.

Riley Reid WankzVR on the set

Classic Riley Reid

Not fucking around

Alright, I'm just gonna say it up front....Team/Wankz/Reid pretty much fucking killed it here.  After sputtering around with some unfortunate technical issues for many of the first 30 releases, the last several movies Fuck Me, I'm Famous, My Best Friends Girl and the epicness that was Casting Couch VR have seen WankzVR responding to fan feedback and this is quite evident in these new titles.

The first section is pretty slow, not in a bad way, but you are hanging on the WankzVR set with Riley Reid doing some promos and after that wraps up, she decides she would like to wrap you her pussy.  After about 4 mins of setup, Riley comes in close and never leaves, and as with the aforementioned titles, the focus is keeping it much closer here than past WankzVR movies.

On Set Riley Reid ass

You get up close shots of everything in this one

Getting on your lap for some teasing, Riley pretty much sticks everything shes got in your face for the next few minutes with seriously close up shots offering first her pussy and then her perky tits up for your mouth, and it struck me that one of the girls with the smallest boobs in VR was giving me one of the best VR titty experiences I have had so far, feel like they are in your mouth and this was really well done.

Riley Reid virtual kissing wankzvr

Looks funny in 2d...but this shit works in VR!

Some great kissing in this one

After a bit of ass grinding you get the first of many kisses in this one...and I think I would put this at the top for kissing right now....ahead of Yhivi in  in Get Flix and Chill.  There is quite a bit of it in this movie, and most of it is pretty close in terms of positioning, and even the open mouth sections come off well and in general, there are a lot of reach out and lick or kiss it moments that will please many viewers with this movie.

Riley Reid WankzVR

Riley heads downtown

The first 12 minutes or so in fact are just a lot of very close up views of Riley's naughty bits and it is around 13 minutes in before you get your dick sucked, and there is really no shortage of entertainment up until that point, everything is really really intimate and present.

On Set Riley Reid Virtual

Gotta love the bow

Some sucking and deep-throating attempts, some more kissing and Riley is ready for some fucking, backing that tiny ass up reverse cowgirl for some nice grinding.

WankzVR Riley Reid

Did I mention things get close? And wet?

Riley Reid Virtual Squirting

Riley turns on the faucet

Water Works

After a really nice section there, Riley gets into squatting forward cowgirl and shit gets wet here.....real wet!  Riley must let go and squirt at least 3 or 4 times in this section, as well as another bit at the end of the movie and other than the KinkVR GG squirting scene, this is as much squirting as I can remember in one VR scene and it really kicks things up in this section.  There is even some really hot camel riding here for a few minutes while Riley grinds her plump, wet pussy on your shit.

Riley Reid WankzVR camel ride

Really good camel ride in this one

Even wetter ending

On Set with Riley Reid wraps up with a quick switch to missionary on the floor where it takes you about 30 seconds to reach lift off, blowing your load all over Riley's stomach before finger banging her to yet more squirting which she then proceeds to mix with your cum and lick up. Towel please.

WankzVR review Riley on the set

The scene ends with more squirting from Riley

A New Level - Roll Pantera 

Seriously, On Set with Riley Reid kicks things up a notch for a VR porn movie and WankzVR is kind of killin it with the latest releases, getting closer and closer until this one, where it is a fucking close up fest and Riley soaks your fucking junk.  The kissing is my top rating right now, ... I though it was better than the HoloGirls Yhivi scene personally.  Some a bit off center, but overall, really present and engaging and some of the best put forth so far, well done Riley Reid and WankzVR!

Close up pussy, titty and ass shots were great, and the copious squirting was the glaze on the donut. This movie is definitely in my top 3 WankzVR and probably top 3 VR choices atm, Casting Couch with Leah Gotti being there as well.  This scene is the difference between shooting porn and shooting VR porn.  The emphasis here was finally weighted heavily on the VR aspects.  It is taking studios some time to adopt to this, but movies like this one show that they are listening to feedback and trying to tinker with the tried and true formats of shooting porn and embracing some of the new opportunities that VR has to offer the medium.  Would recommend to any fans of Riley, this is easily the best of your 4 choices for her in VR right now, and fans really wanting up close, all the time kind of scenes and anyone who just wants a hot afternoon fuck.  On Set with Riley Reid is pretty much all net in my book.  WankzVR Riley Reid: 10/10.

"On Set with Riley Reid" from WankzVR!

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