Jenna Reid is Fucking Sexy in Private Tutor from WankzVR!

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"Private Tutor" Featuring Jenna Reid from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 10/10

"Private Tutor"

Private Tutor is a July 15th, 31 minute release from WankzVR featuring sexy teen Jenna Reid in her debut movie for WankzVR.  When I opened up Wankz this morning, I was like, OK, not familiar with Jenna, so I pulled her up on twitter to check her out and was surprised to find she was already following my page.  So I was like well  fuck, guess I should at least watch this one 🙂  And I am totally  glad I did as I think this is one of WankzVR's best offerings so far.  Something about Jenna is just sexy as fuck and I was glad I went for the download this morning, she turns in a great performance here.

Jenna Reid WankzVR

Jenna don't want no fuckin' tutoring!

Mouth like a trucker!

You play Jenna's private tutor and when she initially greets you at the door, you immediately get Jenna's flavor, as she has a mouth like a trucker, and pretty much fucking fuck, fuck, fuckety fucks her way through her opening lines, which is comical, dirty, slutty and honest all at once, and I liked her right away.  Jenna is a bit rough around the edges and that suits me fine, it's part of her charm.

Jenna Reid WankzVR Movie Review

"I got fuckin shit to do today!"

I got fuckin shit to do today!

You come inside and spend the next few minutes listening as Jenna talks to a friend on the phone, and as more and more expletives cascade from this precocious teens mouth, you become fairly convinced she just might be fun to fuck as she toys with your crotch absently with her foot.  Bonus points if you spot the Volcano in the room 🙂

Nice schoolgirl number

Around 4 minutes in Jenna retreats off camera and reappears in a sexy little schoolgirl number and tells you in no uncertain terms, there is going to be no fucking tutoring going on today.  She leans in close with her lollipop and in the next few minutes,  there are some kisses and misses, some a bit too close, but the section plays out very intimately in the end and I really enjoyed this part.

WankzVR Movie Review VR

Sexy sexy

Some decent kissing

Like Riley Reid before her, what i liked about the kissing in this one was more the way she commits to it in her own style, and it really changes from girl to girl, VR kissing.  Kissing is kind of boiling down to overall vibe in some ways for me right now, with me digging the vibe of some girls more than others, more than the actual technical aspects of being too close or double vision.

While I think double vision is natural IRL when something gets too close, the natural reaction when you are with a woman, is to simply close your eyes, which focuses everything to your other senses and intensifies the feelings.  In VR however, this instinct is gone, because your visual is your only tether to the experience other than audio, and audio is simply not enough to carry the illusion with your eyes shut.  For this reason, I think kisses that take place a little farther out , are more effective, as is up close teasable face time, that sits just on the verge of that proximity effect.

What I found really sexy about Jenna is her natural rhythm...the pace at which she moves is natural and relaxed, nothing is rushed or without confidence and even when she is doing stuff like glancing off camera, she does so with a certain rhythm and grace that can be lacking in other performers.  Other performers can be seen kind of nervously darting around with their eyes, but not here.  There is something very calm and collected about her, that helps sell her sex appeal and the scene.  Maybe she just hit the Volcano a couple times before they got rollin!

Private Tutor WankzVR

Ditch the lollipop


By the time Jenna is done grinding around on your lap close up for a bit, and by the time says she wants to suck your cock, she has worked things up to a nice, I-really-want-you-to-suck-my-dick-now kind of vibe, and I felt like it was quite natural and unforced, lending greatly to the immersion of the movie.

Private Tutor

Some nice pussy rubbin

Great, natural pacing from Jenna

A perfectly short sucking section is followed by some really nice pussy rubbing with the tip of your cock before Jenna ever places you inside her, and this was just another example of her slow and easy approach.  Some of the last Wankz scenes have felt a bit mechanical to me, like, insert kiss here, insert bend over suck shot here, where in this scene, everything played out really naturally, nothing felt forced or there just for the sake of being there as a production element, and it really shows how far an individual performance can sell immersion in VR porn.

You transition over to the crazy sheet covered couch in the room for the proper fucking, which takes place on your back, and I was wishing a bit that it had stayed in seated position, which keeps you closer to Jenna, but this section still played out nicely.

Jenna Reid WankzVR virtual fuck

Bon appetite!

Perfect pussy distance to get yer virtual chow on

Some more really sexy dick grinding after which Jenna raises up to stick her business in your face and distance is perfection here.  Go ahead and try not to lick it...I DEFY you.....try not to lick that shit!  Just don't be that guy that winds up on Youtube first doin it.  I would be like whipping out a tape measure and triangulating that shit Wankz, cause it's like....dinner is fucking served.  

Private Tutor Review

Easing it in

Business Time

We are 15 minutes in and Jenna is just slowly ramping up the heat, to the point you really want her to hop on your fucking dick about now and she soon obliges with some sexy cowgirl action before turning around so you can get a great look at her ass in your face.  Ass is a bit off center here, but you can still reach it.

Jenna Reid Virtual Reality

A bit off to the left, but you can still reach that shit with your tongue!

Jenna Reid VR

Fucking epic layback section

Epic layback section

Jenna hops up for some reverse cowgirl next, and things are rolling along about like normal when she does the totally unexpected in VR and fucking leans back and holy fuck!  Don't throw it in every batch of chili Wankz, but that shit was the best moment of the movie. Amazing effect with that, you just go DAM!

WankzVR Review Private Tutor


You get some ponytail pulling next, which was mixed bag for me, I would rather not have the hands in the shot but...meh, Jenna looks hot and the remainder of the reverse cowgirl is nice.

Jeanna Reid Deepthroat

Exploring Jenna's Throat

Droppin loadz

Jenna dismounts and sucks your cock some more, displaying some great deepthroat skillz here before the camera changes to a downward sitting view with Jenna below waiting for your cum. You bust your nut and Jenna spends some time licking your jizz off her hands in front of you while the scene is allowed to cool down some, and things slowly wind to a conclusion, maintaining the natural pacing down to the very end.

WankzVR Private Tutor Ending

I kind of prefer droppin loads below like this

One of my favorite WankzVR releases to date

Overall, I would rate Private Tutor as one of WankzVR's strongest releases to date, and one that I would readily place in my top 5 favorite WankzVR scenes this year.  Jenna was surprisingly sexy and natural in her performance and those are two qualities that go a long way in selling a VR sex scene.  She kept me laughing with her dirty fuckin mouth, and she kept the even heat up on the scene from start to finish.  The up close pussy section was amazing as was the lean back during reverse cowgirl, those 2 elements alone, being worth the price of admission here.  I would recommend to all fans of Jenna Reid, teen fans, those that like up close face and pussy shots, and scenes that have a more natural rather than mechanical rhythm to them.  I would say give this one a run even if Jenna does not immediately strike you as your type as her performance goes a long way here. 10/10 and would like to see more VR scenes with Jenna Reid in the future!  Hair down please 🙂  Our WankzVR Review is always updated, check it out for more details on WankzVR!

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