WankzVR Sets the Bar in VR with Zombie Slayers for Halloween! This One Goes To 11!

Zombie Slayers Featuring Megan Rain, Adriana Chechik and Arya Fae from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  WankzVR
Release date:  10/30/2016
Running time: 75 minutes
Starring:  Adriana Chechik, Megan Rain, Arya Fae
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer: Following review or Zombie Slayers Preview
Notables:  Amazing Standing Fuck POV with Megan, Anal Lovers Delight, Comedy B-movie Dialog, Solid Perspectives, 3 Girls, Hot Fucking, Iron Rod Stunt Cock, Solid porn acting from Adriana Chechik.
Negatives:  Some glarey lighting, Quick ending for an epic
Review Score: 11/10
5 words or less:  This one goes to 11!

"Zombie Slayers!"

Woke up today, got nice and toasty and hit download on  Zombie Slayers, the new WankzVR Halloween Special release featuring Adriana Chechik, Megan Rain and Arya Fae in the most ambitious production from the studio to date.  Clocking in at 75 minutes, this pretty much crosses right into full feature territory and I don't know who else could do this right now and keep viewers glued to their HMD for over an hour watching a fucking porno flick!  But glued you will be, as this is likely the most entertaining concept you will have come across in VR up until this point.  1 part B.....errrr C movie acting, 1 part fun concept,  and like 100 parts pure hot VR fucking make for a pretty entertaining hour and 15 minutes that will leave your balls drained and feeling like you had a fun VR experience in the end.  Zombie Killers rides the porno parody line to perfection.   Featuring some amazing VR action from Adriana Chechik, Megan Rain and Arya Fae,  entertaining scripting and production, it just felt fun, hot and fresh, and serves as another reminder of why WankzVR are the lead dog in VR porn in late 2016.  There is simply no one else doing VR porn on this level right now.

1 zombie slayers wankzvr
2 adriana chechik wankzvr

You are the chosen one

Setup for Zombie Slayers finds you waking up in a bunk in a Fallout type setting to Adraina Chechik entering the room in full on apocalypse zombie hunter gear, complete with crossbow.  After peeping the motionless zombie in the corner, Adriana approaches and is like, "holy shit, it's you, the chosen one, the one that has the hope for all humanity!" "Dam........you're sexy!"  Adriana strikes the perfect balance of comedy and pure fire in Zombie Slayers and I was along for the ride instantly.  Not to mention she has topped my wish list of dream WankzVR girls for some time now so I was already stoked going in.  

3 zombie slayers

Hiding Under the Bed from the Undead

Got to get to the extraction point!

The need to reach the proverbial extraction point is discussed when all of a sudden the undead show up and you have to ditch under the bed in your weakened condition while Adriana clears the way and this makes for a cool and totally never seen VR POV.   Adriana makes quick work of the unhard with her Zombie Slaying skills and the quest for the extraction point commences!

4 wankzvr zombie slayers

This one also fancies your chosen dick!

"You want a blowbang?"

The action resumes in another room filled with the undead and after dispatching the zombies in a hail of imaginary bullets,  Adriana notices you are getting hard! Some comedy dialog about you being "activated"  and the need to keep your shit up follows and the first excuse for fucking is underway with Adraina dropping to her knees to suck your cock.

5 wankzvr zombie slayers

Slaying Zombies

"I gotta suck you right here!!!"

The quest to keep your activated shit hard for the next hour commences and Adriana kicks things off nicely with some oral favors before hopping up on the nearby table for a great feeling standing missionary fuck.

6 zombie slayers wankzvr

You become "activated"

Solid perspectives

Action on the table commences and it's pretty early on you get the vibe that Zombie Slayers is going to be hot on the fuck factor, with an awesome opening with Adriana and a strong VR POV perspective featured on the table fucking.

7 adriana chechik wankzvr

Nice table section opens the movie

8 adriana chechik zombie slayers

Adriana Chechik: Hot as Fuck

Hard enough...lets go!

After a sweet warm up table romp, Adriana deems you hard enough to continue onto the extraction point, and you find yourself in another room that is once again being overrun by a wave of the unhard.  Shit gets gnarly and just when it looks as all may be lost, in runs Zombie Slayer Megan Rain to save the day and lay down the whoop ass with her giant blade o' death.

9 megan rain wankzvr

The girls ensure you stay activated

"We need to keep him activated!!!"

With the unhard dispatched, attention returns to making sure your cock is taken care of.  Soon both girls are slobbing your knob in tandem and it's Megan Rain and Adriana Chechik, so you know you are going to get some premium dick sucking.

Amazing standing section

Adriana goes to look for the driver for the escape ride while Megan ensures you remain activated, deciding she had better fuck you then and there.  And holy fuck, does Megan fuck you, wrapping her arms around your neck and climbing on for a suspended standing fuck shot that has not been filmed in VR before.

10 wankzvr megan adriana

This standing fuck shot is amazing

One of the coolest VR porn shots ever

This shot is soooooo good, you feel like you are fucking Megan Rain right there.  She feels so present hanging off you at that proximity, its just nuts.  It is so close, it is hard to get a good screen for you until she leans back onto Adriana later in the session like you see above, but I'll say this was one of my all time favorite virtual moments in terms of hitting on some brand new hi octane first person VR flavor.

11 megan rain zombie slayers

Easier to screen with Megan leaning back at bit at the end here, the earlier section is super close

Where da fuq the driver?

The position finishes with Adriana supporting Megan from the back in another great shot, before the girls break to go look for the driver outside so that you can get to the extraction point.

12 zombie slayers wankzvr

Searching for the driver

Zed's dead

Action resumes outside at a Mammoth survival RV—some of you may recognize this ride if you follow Tommy Gunn on Twitter—and the girls discover that the driver of the vehicle is dead before realizing they are going to have to make another plan and get you back inside to ensure your meat does not loaf, dooming humanity forever!

13 wankzvr zombie slayers

Last location

A scene cut finds you laying on your back in a well lit room next and this will be where the rest of the movie is going to get down for the following 55 minutes of wall to wall hot fucking n suckin.

14 megan rain wankzvr zombie

A lil' lingus for yer dingus

Nice laying down perspective

POV perspective from this laying back position feels pretty dialed here, with a slight elevation on bro, resulting in a much more genuine POV than the flat across the stomach shot we get so much of so it's a nice one to be in for the next stretch of action.

15 zombie slayers wankzvr

Zombies...Wankz style!

Arya Fae shows up

The undead return after a few and these zombies be rockin some whack sense of fashion!  This also marks the entrance of Arya Fae into the scene, armed with a giant sawblade axe, girl scout outfit and completely un-phased demeanor.  After dispatching the undead, her initial dialog delivery sounds like she is there to do some laundry, but Arya winds up turnin up the heat by the end of the scene!

16 adriana megan

Arya saves the day

"How did you get the antidote?"

The girls ask where Arya got the antidote from and turns out she has been sent by Agent Lifestyles, who has sexually transmitted the antidote to her and it's now time for her to inoculate your chosen cock!

17 adriana megan arya

Perks that come with the "chosen one" title

Arya gets things rockin

You get plenty time fucking Arya first, as Megan and Adriana help out from the sides, and it's pretty nonstop where-to-look-now action the whole way from here in this movie, with it being everything I would expect from a WankzVR 3 girl scene.

18 arya rae
19 arya adriana megan wankzvr
20 wankzvr zombie slayers
21 wankzvr zombie slayers
22 zombie slayers

Assholes make for quicker extractions

Adraina determines assholes will be more efficient for extraction and after making the anal offer to a reluctant Arya—she prefers to differ to the pros—all 3 girls give your cock a wet prep job before Adriana takes over with her pro 2 hole.

23 adriana chechik

Lots of helping hands in Zombie Slayers....that's what friends are for!

Anal lovers rejoice

For those that have been waiting for the holeee grail of Wankz Anal features, I submit to you Zombie Slayers as it will likely wear the crown of hottest VR anal scene for some time to come.  Which puts Adriana Chechik on a bit of a win streak here, having been featured with Jennifer White in the previous best VR Anal feature.

24 zombie slayers wankzvr

Megan employs a dual fisted stabilization technique

Finally, an anal scene with Adriana Chechik at WankzVR!

I love me some Adriana Chechik and the next sextion is pretty much fire, with some killer anal with helping hands from both Megan and Arya making sure your guided missile finds it's target deep in Adriana's ass and honestly, if you are a fan of Adriana, this is going to be an amazing movie for you.

25 arya rae wankzvr

Megan helps guide from pussy to ass to pussy to ass

26 zombie slayers vr porn
27 zombie slayers virtual reality

A- time with Megan Rain

Megan Rains tight little hole is up next, and if you were bummed as I was that there was NO ANAL in Breakfast in Bed.............................................................................................../cricket............................................then you are going to be a happy fucking camper here.  Between the amazing standing fuck from earlier in the scene and the down n dirty anal action here, this is without a doubt your go to Megan Rain scene in VR right now.  If you want a more intimate experience, Breakfast is great. If you want the Megan Rain Experience full-meal-deal you've dreamed of in VR, this one delivers the goods with a bit less kissing than Breakfast.

28 zombie slayers wankzvr
30 arya adriana megan

Lots of A2OGM

29 zombie slayers review
31 megan rain anal wankzvr
32 arya megan adriana

Some tasty squirting action

Plenty of awesome assfucking with Megan winds up culminating with Adriana getting all up in your face for some pussy rubbing and squirting while Arya laps it up from underneath before Adriana then joins her in licking up the puddle of pussy juice below.  Thankz Wankz!

33 adriana chechik squirt virtual

Chechik squirt, freshly squeezed

Asses up

Zombie Killers heads down the home stretch with a triple ass show, ending up with 15 minutes of doggy action on all 3 asses n pussies and it's a pretty solid feeling POV/perspective in the HMD for a WankzVR doggie shot. 

34 wankzvr zombie slayers

Doggie perspective feels pretty good in Zombie Slayers

There is always plenty of action going on in the frame with girls getting their pussies eaten in the background or laying their head on the ass in service in front of you and it was a great performance from Megan, Adriana and Arya to keep engaged with the camera the duration of this whole scene as well as stunt bro Tommy Gunn to only use his hands when needed for balance, stability, etc, while maintaining an erection of a quality we don't often see at Wankz, lol.  

35 wankzvr zombie slayers

Filling up that frame, Wankz style

36 wanzkvr zombie slayers

One last tour of booty

"We want your antidote!"

Cumshot has all three girls sucking you off from below with asses out behind them for a few before you serve up the antidote after which the girls are eager to go out and fuck for the good of all humanity! 

wankzvr zombie slayers

Asses up: distributing the cure

The ending is pretty fast compared to most WankzVR scenes of late, and it might have been cool to see this one wind up a little slower but other than that.....the train pretty much keep a rollin full steam the whole way in Zombie Killers. 

  All Killer. No Filler.  WankzVR Amps go to 11.

Well, it is always cool when the hype is real, and something winds up exceeding your expectations and Zombie Killers did that for sure for me.  On paper......Adriana Chechik and Megan Rain in one scene is enough.  Throw in Arya Fae and some hot outfits, imagination, fun props and an extended runtime and we have one of the first modern VR masterpieces in Zombie Killers.  I mean, if we were doing AVN's and adult industry awards for VR porn, this movie would be pretty damned hard to compete with by anyone else right now.   There is simply no one else doing this level of VR porn production or having as much fun with it as WankzVR.  This is as focused an effort as anything they have put together and a great example of scene design and casting coming together to make an awesome final product.   Plot never came at the expense of pure fire with the fucking and was sprinkled in just enough to add another simple dimension that is just lacking in many productions right now, and it is fun to sit down and be entertained by a PORNO for more than 15 minutes.  Really, nothing but good things to say here.  The only negative I can even come up with was that one of the lights in the last room had a really nasty, like, cool white kind of glare to it that was not particularly flattering to the girls at certain angles, where the warmer light source looked much better.  I mean really, other than that tiny nitpick, I thought Zombie Killers was a fuckin Halloween Treat and one for the VR porn record books!

Our first and probably last 11 ever.  For significance, this is kind of a historical thing here.  It is worth saluting this shit. m/ . Well done all involved: crew, talent, editing, all came together for a really fun and sexy movie here. Find our full WankzVR review here.

"Zombie Slayers" from WankzVR!

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