Your Personal Trainer! Nicole Aniston at VRBangers!

Your Personal Trainer Featuring Nicole Aniston from VRBangers!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  VRBangers
Release date:  September 7, 2017
Running time: 31:37
Starring:  Nicole Aniston
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review
Notables:  Nicole Aniston
Negatives:  Horrible looking visual quality
Review Score: 4/10
5 words or less:  Roll NA 4 your NA

Your Personal Trainer — 180 degree version

     Writing up a scene review tonight for Your Personal Trainer from VRBangers featuring Nicole Aniston in VR. This scene marks the 2nd high profile release this month from VRBangers, the first being Sorority Hookup part 1, and as far as I can recall, this is the first time Nicole Aniston has been shot anywhere besides Naughty America as they have had her tied up under exclusive VR contract for the last year. Nicole was an early VR favorite for me, having turned in some memorable scenes at Naughty America VR such as Bangin 4th, so given I am checking out some VRBangers movies this month, I wanted to hit this one up. While Nicole is her fitter-than-fit self as usual, the video quality of this release, at least on the file I got—Oculus, high quality version— is among the worst I have seen in over 3 years of watching VR porn now, and I would be hard pressed to recommend this scene to even the most hardcore Nicole Aniston fan in the end.

nicole aniston

Nicole Aniston!


Setup has you lounging back in a chaise lounge kind of a chair and Your Personal Trainer Nicole Aniston is walking in the rather large front door.

1 your personal trainer

The image looks pretty awful in this movie

​Image quality is straight terrible

Nicole looks toner than tone in her workout getup as she approaches and lays into you for being a slackass, but holy shit does the image look bad here and I was pretty shocked at the contrast between the image clarity in this movie and Sorority Hookup from a week ago, which looked fine by comparison.

2 your personal trainer vrbangers

Little far for VR, Bangers

​Really, reeeeaaaally bad SDE

The rig is facing bright oncoming light streaming in the large circular window at the far end of the room, and this will typically serve to wash out current gen VR cameras so it's kind of a nub mistake to shoot like that. As well, for reasons I am not fully aware of, my Screen Door Effect was just ripping, like, the entire movie, the SDE was impossible to look past.  I am not sure if this is a Post problem, a problem with the upload or a problem with the rig but the end result in the file I downloaded is turd. 

3 nicole aniston vr bangers

​Looks bad even up close

I was hoping during the first few minutes which are shot comically far from the rig, that the image would clean up as Nicole approached, but this raging SDE persisted even during the closest footage of the movie. This is not something I have encountered with other studios movies in the last 3 years, other than the Riley Reid/Mia Malkova scene at VRBangers last year that looked very similar to this one and I considered to be pretty much unwatchable so not sure what the story is.

4 nicole aniston your personal trainer

​Opening action shot much too far for VR

The first few minutes have Nicole standing some 8-10 feet away from the rig, which any viewer of current gen VR porn will tell you is much too far away, so while she does a nice job setting the scene up, between the distance and the image quality, she seems quite far off and looks pretty bad in terms of clarity.  It's the kind of thing other studios got the memo about not doing years ago at this point. 

5 vrbangers nicole aniston

Lighting just looks downright bad in this scene

Bad looking lighting/post correction

As Nicole approaches, the set lighting combined with her skin tone looks pretty bad and it seems to be lending an odd glow.  As well, her face is super shiny and reflective, and when she gets in really close, it's just not tremendously flattering to her.

6 nicole aniston ass

​Meh PoV

The PoV is pretty mediocre here, with the cam sitting low, and the dudes legs up high in the air, and it is going to be hard for you to align virtually even when laying back or reclining flat or avoid that having a dude sitting above you feeling in virtual space.

7 nicole aniston vr porn

​Don't brush the mic bro

Stuntbro, for whatever reason farts around on the side of his head for the first of several times in the scene here, resulting in him brushing against the mic on both sides at various stages of the movie. 

8 nicole
9 vrbangers your personal trainer movie review

​Kisses on point

Nicole has her VR kissing game on point at this point so the kissing that is featured here in this section comes off pretty solid as do later kisses in the scene.

10 nicole aniston oral

​Pretty tepid opening

After a bit of dry grinding in your lap, Nicole finally busts your dick out some for some slow and sexy sucking some 11 minutes into a fairly tepid feeling opening setup.

11 nicole aniston cowgirl
12 border blur

VRBangers bottom border blur

​Weird looking blur on bottom border

A few minutes of oral action and Nicole has a seat in forward cowgirl.  As you look down some here, you can notice an odd blur effect that VRBangers is using to mask the lower border, which serves to accentuate it for me, rather than diffuse it, so not much of a fan of whatever they are doing there.

13 nicole aniston vr porn
14 nicole aniston ass
15 nicole aniston virtual reality

"You like the way that tight little trainer pussy feels wrapped around you like that?"

Action swaps to reverse cowgirl around 18 minutes in, offering up some nice views of Nicole's sweet assets as well as some disembodied feeling bro hands, as the PoV does not really line up in space with the arm locations below.

16 nicole aniston virtual titty fuck
17 nicole aniston sidesaddle

​Titty fuck and sidesaddle

Tiny bit of titty fuckin action and Nicole mounts up sidesaddle for a nice profile view before switching back to reverse again in this all- flavors-of-cowgirl scene.

18 nicole aniston virtual fuck
19 vrbangers nicole aniston

​The ole' bend n' suck

You get some bend n suck at around the 25 minute mark before Nicole goes back to the sidesaddle mount for the last bit of fucking.

20 nicole
21 your personal trainer vrbangers

​One of those long jerk endings

Suck n jerk runs for the last 3 minutes of the movie and has that could-have-cut-that-out type feel to it, unless you really love jerkoff endings. It is also complete with missed-the-memo don't groan into the mic when chuckin yer VR stunt nutt vocalizations from stuntwang and overall, the ending feels pretty flat with the scene never really generating any real sexual momentum or tension for me. 

22 nicole aniston vrbangers

​Quick line and out

There is a quick edit where Nicole was probably fed a line and after telling you she will see you next week, Your Personal Trainer comes to a close.

Pretty poor looking scene technically speaking


So, kind of a craptacular scene in my book.  I'm a Nicole Aniston fan,  she has done some great scenes over at Naughty America VR and as of today, that is where I would still send Nicole fans for a decent VR vid.  Between the awful looking image—you can see the image is bad in the screens, but they do not show the horrible screen door effect present—and the poor looking lighting, Nicole is not in her best light so to speak in Your Personal Trainer and you'd be much better off with a movie like Bangin 4th where she really shines in my view.  Taking nothing away from Nicole, this scene just left me flat on the VR stuff. 

On the positives...........crickets............. hmmmmmm.  Nicole is Nicole so you have that, she's always solid.  Uhhhhhhhhhhh. I got nothing else, lol.

On the long list of negatives, where to start.  Bad image quality, bad set lighting or post color correction, shooting into oncoming light sources.  Action in the beginning shot a good 10 feet away from the rig, in can't-see-shit-land.  Mediocre PoV that makes it feel like you have a dude above your virtual lap.  Stuntdick that fucks with the mic and groans like a zombie when throwing rope.  Jerkoff ending that goes about 3 minutes too long.  An overall general lack of fire or porno pizzaz.  Single position, year 1 VR porn shoot featuring nothing but stock cowgirl positioning makes for a pretty safe and bland presentation in 2017. 

These are pretty much some of the kinds of issues that have personally kept me off of VRBangers content this last year and the visual quality here looks quite a bit like the Mia/Riley scene they shot a year ago.  Between only 4 releases a month, blowjob only scenes, scenes chopped into parts for drip feeding as well as technical issues, it feels as if VRBangers is still a work in progress and a bit off the pulse in my view when contrasted to some of the other studios.  They have some new production in the U.S. now that you can see in scenes like Sorority Hookup and the image looked fine in that, but it sounds like they also have another crew shooting as well and this movie here kind of feels like a B-team effort to me if I had to guess.  All respect due to Nicole Aniston, but I would give this 2 nuts down and it was literally fatiguing to watch in terms of eyestrain for me, at least the Oculus version I got and the scene itself overall, just felt pretty flat.  4/10. 

Your Personal Trainer from VRBangers!

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