Zoe Doll is Working Her Butt Off Butt BaDoinkVR Production Needs a Kick in the Pants!

Zoe Doll Featured in Working Her Butt Off from BaDoinkVR!

Review by DirtyD

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Studio:  BaDoinkVR             BaDoinkVR Full Review
Release date:  11/3/2016
Running time: 29:44
Starring:  Zoe Doll
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Found at end of review or Working Her Butt Off
Notables:  Zoe Doll
Negatives:  Poor continuity between takes, crooked male body alignment, mechanical sex, lacking intimacy & heat 
Review Score: 5/10
5 words or less:  Lackluster ass buster

"Working Her Butt Off"

After a super busy week, I am backtracking on a few of the releases from the last few days and definitely wanted to hit up Working Her Butt Off from BaDoinkVR featuring Zoe Doll.  1. It's an anal flick so count me in, and 2. It's Zoe Doll who has one hell of an ass, and turned in a great performance in BaDoinkVR's Heart Shaped Ass from earlier this year.  Where Heart Shaped Ass was a showcase for BaDoinkVR's new rig at the time and involved some interesting production techniques, from an experimental moving opening sequence, to the attention to detail bed festooned with red rose petals, Working Her Butt Off is a showcase for the bland, mechanical, unimaginative production that has come to be the hallmark of many of the Spanish filmed BaDoinkVR productions shot since around after the time of Latin Ass Shake and would up being a bit of a let down for me.  Production also made the decision to shoot this against an outside background at dusk, where the first scene is shot perhaps an hour before sundown, and the last scene in the movie is pitch black, so there is a drop in scene continuity on every edit, where it becomes darker and darker outside in the space of a second compounding the often awkward scene rhythm present in Working Her Butt Off.

1 working her butt off

Zoe Doll!

Highrise setup

Working Her Butt Off finds you in a small office setting in what appears to be a fairly tall building overlooking an amazing, presumably Spanish Gothic cathedral on a blue sunny day. You are sitting at a desk browsing the BaDoinkVR website on your laptop and Zoe, playing the clean-up gal, has shown up to tidy up the office.

2 zoe doll working her butt off

Background music

For the first THREE minutes, Zoe, rocking a set of headphones, sweeps and dusts before you while you hear the background music "leaking" from her headphones.  It's pretty dry other than Zoe being quite cute and dancing around a bit, sneaking you some ass cheek here and there.  Just as it is wearing a bit thin, Zoe knocks over a cup from your desk, and apologizes as she gets down on the floor to clean up.

3 working her butt off review

Weird edit / crooked male

In an edit that plays out really weird, you then find yourself to the right of your previous position, again sitting and watching Zoe as she finishes toweling the mess up.  The position the male is in is cocked off to one side haphazardly, and results in a very poor PoV where if you look to your center, your spread right leg is inhabiting that space.

4 working her butt off badoinkvr

Best section for me

Zoe checks out your laptop and asks if you like that kind of thing before going into a nice, slow strip/pussy rubbing routine for you, and this is probably the highlight section for me.  Zoe is close here and looks fantastic.

5 zoe doll badoinkvr

Probably the sexiest section for me

6 zoe badoinkvr
7 working her butt off zoe doll

Warp to laying down on mat

On the other hand, this goes on for about 5 minutes solid, putting us already 10 minutes into our 30 minute porn by the time there is an edit that places you down on the floor....on a warped in purple mat.

8 badoinkvr working her butt off

Cockeyed bro

"I am a dirty girl"

Says Zoe as she backs her ass up into your face for some more rubbing and fingering and again, the body alignment of the stunt cock is absolutely terrible, with the perspective being off to the side and almost over the right armpit, rendering any hope of PoV immersion fairly moot. The dick is about in the center of the image, but picture spinning the guys head like hands on a clock from the 6 o'clock position to say, 7:30.

Straight to the A, skip the play

Zoe doinks around with her bung for a few before you all of a sudden get the impression, "oh hey, are we going straight to the A?"  I mean, you don't get sucked off, touched or anything, just, oh.....guess it's anal time.....OK.  To say it comes off as dry, uninspired and mechanical is putting it lightly.

9 zoe

Straight to the A

Dick in hole

Dick goes in the hole around the 14 minute mark and it's honestly about as exciting as I make it sound.  I am normally an easy mark for anal: Cute girl, nice ass, willing asshole = no problems here.  But this is just like porn by numbers or something, there is absolutely zero creativity here. It is set up a cam, and point it a peeps fucking.  Which if that is all you are looking for, Working Her Butt Off will give you that from a slightly cocked to one side perspective.  I watch VR porn in particular for something OTHER than that personally, as that is fulfilled quite nicely by conventional flat porn already, with better angles and resolution.  

10 zoe doll anal

Getting darker, set lights increase in prominance

Outside light drops between cuts

Around 17 minutes in, Zoe shifts to forward cowgirl anal on an edit and the outside light dims another notch as she works you back in her ass for few more minutes on the floor.

11 zoe doll virtual reality

Pitch Black now

Next cut finds you standing at the window above Zoe as she sucks your cock and it has now gone pitch black outside, pretty much providing a constant reminder of how much time has actually elapsed on the set between cuts, and again, doing nothing particularly to convince you that you are having a virtual experience with Zoe.

More crooked alignment

You are again cocked off to one side for the fucking here, and between that and the blaring set lights seen in the window reflection, you start to question whether production gave a shit about anything here other than putting a dick in an ass for the day and turning in 40 minutes of raw footage.

12 zoe doll vr

Pitch black outside now, set lights blazing

Another weird edit

Pop shot is Zoe down below, followed by an awkward edit, and around a minute of close up on her afterward, which is at least an improvement over the old style of immediately cutting to black after pop that BaDoinkVR Euro favored for so long. In the end Zoe was great, but this production just sucked for me.

13 badoinkvr zoe doll virtual

Uninspired, mediocre direction/production.  5/10

This is what I have kind of come to expect from many Spanish side BaDoinkVR shoots for most of this year.   When contrasted to recent works by WankzVR, CzechVR, Naughty America and Virtual Taboo, or the recent US BaDoinkVR releases,  VR porn shoots like this are just not really playing on the same field.  I am a Zoe Doll fan, a fan of anal and a fan of VR porn and this one really didn't do anything for me except make me lament the state of the European side of BaDoinkVR production.  There is just ZERO creativity here or attention to detail, to the point that by the end, when you are staring at set lights in the window, there is no escaping the feeling you are standing on a porno set.  This movie lives and dies by Zoe's performance, she has to carry the entire thing, and though she is Working Her Butt Off, that is not going to cut it in late 2016 if production isn't carrying their end of the bargain also. It's an anal scene, it's Zoe Doll, it is shot in VEEEE RRRRR,... if that is all you are looking for, then perhaps this one will get it done for you. Zoe looks great as always but Working Her Butt Off provided zero harvestable timber for me and I would totally take the Heart Shaped Ass scene over this despite the inclusion of anal for it's more adventurous production, solid perspectives and increased intimacy with Zoe Doll.  I quite doubt this was the same production/direction that shot the previous scene or other quality Spanish BadoinkVR releases from early this year.  And the image flat out looks better in Heart Shaped Ass too! 🙂  5/10. 

"Working Her Butt Off" from BaDoinkVR

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