Which Outfit Turns You On More Featuring Aidra Fox from VRHush!

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Which Outfit Turns you on more? featuring Aidra Fox from VRHush!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  VRHush
Release date:  October 1, 2018
Running time: 39:09
Starring:  Aidra Fox
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 (for comfort) with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or here
Notables:  Aidra Fox, standing fuck, IR scene
Negatives:  Tilted setups (in the wrong direction)
Review Score: 8/10
5 words or less:  Aidra Fox always rocks!
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Which outfit turns you on more?

Wussup fappers! Getting back to some reviews after a month off and I wanted to check out the latest Aidra Fox flick over at VRHush this week. I think Aidra's smokin hot, really strong at the whole VR thing and VRHush just got done shooting a batch of new scenes so I was looking forward to seeing this one. I'd rate Which Outfit Turns You On More right up there with Payback in the Day from WankzVR in terms of coming from an Aidra Fox performance perspective and other than a few tech quibbles I thought it was a pretty solid feature in general overall.

aidra fox

Aidra Fox!


Which Outfit Turns You On More has Aidra modeling a couple of sexy's for you up front and you get some great looks at her as she shows off her smokin hot body during the opening section. I thought the chair she occasionally sits on was perhaps set a bit far back for VR, but otherwise the openings quite nice and Aidra looks awesome.

Which Outfit Turns You On More

Quite a bit of glare between the windows and the overheads costs some in the image quality department


Image quality is pretty average, in part due to shooting into the oncoming glare from the large windows in the back as well as the overhead ceiling lights combining to cost some pixels in the clarity department. Audio is decent with a little bit of background hiss.  

I was also noticing just the slightest bit of something a little odd feeling with the depth of the room.  Like, you can look around, the room lines are straight and clean, but something just felt a little odd to the image for me. I'm not sure if VRHush changed lenses/gear for this new batch of scenes but there was some noticeable distortion toward the edges of the frame for me, that I was not picking up on in the last couple of VRHush scenes that I have watched. 

Looks like the moths got to this one!


PoV's are pretty much split between lap time in the first half and standing action during the second half of the movie. The first PoV features a set-to-fail down tilt on the rig, so you get a bit of that too close to the dick view, as well as the loss of Aidra's head predictably when she sits down in your lap to fuck after the suckie suck, which is more what the cam was tilted down to focus on.

Naughty America style cowgirl framing

NAVR Cowgirl™

So the cowgirl, while featuring some great close up action with Aidra, is a bit reminiscent of a 2017 Naughty America VR shoot, where this was a fairly common mistake their crews were making and there is a fair bit of headcropping going on at times during the cow footage. This also has the unfortunate effect of placing Aidra right on the edge of the border where you can perceive the lens distortion and overall serves as yet another unfortunate example of how not to set up your VR rig for lap cowgirl.  I would link to a headless Mia Malkova pic now....but NA made me delete them all! 

Some nice sidesaddle action

This framing also prompts a rig reset after Aidra first mounts up as the crew likely see her break frame in the monitor, which bumps the PoV down closer to the dudes stomach after the cut and feels a bit worse than the initial setup in terms of PoV.  Gives you that kind of "buried in her belly vision" you get when the PoV is too low in a seated position like this.


On the editing tip, What Outfit Turns You On More is quite improved from the last VRHush scene I reviewed with Adriana Chechik, which felt more like a bunch of clips slammed up against each other in many respects, and lacked quite a bit in the continuity department. Here, transparent crossfades are smartly utilized for same position edits, and the entire scenes flow and rhythm in that department is greatly improved as a result. Longer black edits are used for position transitions and the whole thing just feels a lot smoother so shout out to editing for adding some polish. 

Standing PoV

2nd PoV is from standing and again, a bit too much down tilt employed on this shot, putting homie comically too far into the frame below at times, and leaning back at an impossible angle onto support from behind, kind of the way WankzVR used to shoot this shot say 18 months ago. 

Dat too-much-bro-down-below look

Shitty position to have to fuck from - back arch city

Some prime face to face time

Standing PoV

Standing action flips around from doggie and there's some really nice face to face time with Aidra in this section where you are right up close with her, looking into her eyes and that is pretty much the main show, as if you look down, the couple has a pretty hard time keeping centered in the shot at times on the alignment side of things.  Nice to see VRHush frequently use the more challenging standing setup regardless and if you just look dead ahead at Aidra, there are some top notch moments with the intimacy/proximity factor on high. 

Aidra's frequently doing the ape hanger thing here as well

Aidra pretty much kills her eye contact throughout the scene, so it's a one two punch up close, and a first rate virtual fuck from Aidra Fox.

Some pretty obvious distortion on this last tilted setup,....orrrrrrr.....mandingo just warped in!

Tilted cumshot setup seems to be distorted

The cumshot features Aidra down on her knees in jerk mode with the rig on a hard tilt, and this shot looked pretty distorted to me, with homies cock appearing to stretch in length substantially below and other abnormalities present in the image.  I've seen this centered strechy effect before on wangs, and not sure what causes it, but I can recall some old Virtual Taboo footage that displayed the same type of distortion.

Pearl necklace ending

Nice scene for Aidra Fox Fans


Overall, I thought What Outfit Turns You On More was an awesome 40 minutes with Aidra Fox for her fans, and if you appreciate her work, this scene is pretty worthy on that tip. Eye contact and the quick bit of kissing featured are solid and the whole scene had a nice flow to it and the totally unforced natural vibe from Miss Fox that I love.

Editing was nicely improved from the last scenes from VRHush that I watched and my only real gripe with this one would be the uneeded tilts employed on the rig setups, that cost it a couple points in the PoV department for me, as well as the slight (and at the end not so slight) distortion visible on the upper side of the lens.  In much the same way old Naughty America VR rigs did not look particularly good on tilt, this setup appears to yield similar results to my eyes. 

Otherwise, there was a solid focus on creating some really strong and intimate feeling moments with Aidra such as the excellent standing section or the close in cowgirl action for that matter, so just some polish points on the rig tilt could have made this one closer to a 10 for me.

Aidra Fox is one of my top 10 fo shizzle, and if you're a fan, check this one out at some point, it does well on the virtual intimacy front, Aidra looks amazing and I think most of her fans would be pretty happy with Which Outfit Turns You On More. 8/10 just for the tilts/head clipping/distortion. 10 for the Aidra Fox fuck factor.


Which Outfit Turns You On More? from VRHush!

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