Ginger Snaps & Lemonade! When MILFs Hand You Lemons with Dani Jensen from MilfVR!

Dani Jensen Featured in When MILFs Hand You Lemons from MilfVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  MilfVR
Release date:  3/16/17
Running time: 47:00
Starring:  Dani Jensen
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or When MILFs Hand You Lemons Preview
Notables:  Wardrobe, Counter fuck, Nice PoV's
Negatives:  Blue the Milfhound storms the set! Missing time segment in cumshot
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Ginger Snap!
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"When MILFs Hand You Lemons"

Writing up a review for today's new release from freshly minted WankzVR offshoot MilfVR, When MILFs Hand You Lemons featuring sexy redhead Dani Jensen. This would be the second movie I have had an opportunity to watch this week from MilfVR, the first being The Interview with Cherie Deville, and I have enjoyed both scenes, other than a fair fuckload of man hands being active in the Cherie flick. Zero man hands up in the shit in this movie though, and Dani Jensen serves up some fiery ginger snapper when you show up to bum some lemons off of her, making for a fun fuck in the kitchen and another solid scene from WankzVR/ MilfVR.

when milfs hand you lemons

Dani Jensen!


Setup for When MILFs Hand You Lemons finds you home from college for the weekend and on a lemon retrieval mission for mom at newly separated Dani Jensen's pad. She hasn't seen you in some time and just ditched her cheating husband, hence her new digs.

1-when milfs hand you lemons movie review


​Love the wardrobe choices

Dani is dressed in a sexy as fuck garter and bowed nylon setup with black skirt and heels, and as she opens up the fridge, bending over to grab some lemons, you get a sweet quick peek at her peach.

2 dani jensen

​Maybe the pre update Wankz rig?

She is standing a bit far off to begin with, as she walks back over from the fridge to wash off the lemons and I am assuming this movie was shot toward the beginning of the shootings at MilfVR, as it looks to still be the older pre update rig to my eye?

3 dani jensen milfvr
4 milfvr dani jensen movie

"Didn't you used to date...."

​My husband was a real jerk

Dani soon closes up the gap between you and looks amazing as she begins to unload her frustrated marriage woes upon you. Turns out hubs was boinkin the baby sitter whashername, and wait a second.....didn't you used to date.....ahhh, riiiiight.

6 dani jensen when milfs hand you lemons

​Let's have some fun

Dani offers you up a seat, your stunt body warps into view and she moves in to make the predicktable moves on you.  I'm an're an adult....let's get adult!

7 milfvr dani

​Wankz dog

Dani looks smokin hot and is about to lay down the full sales pitch when comically, as is prone to happen on a WankzVR porno shoot or 2, a dog finds his way into the background of the shot just as she is breakin it down like a shotgun.

8 dani jensen milf


"Blue! Calm down!"

Blue the poonhound is going full on bark mode outside, and you can hear him closing distance fast, when he pretty much walks right in the open door all herp derp causing Dani to have to think on her feet a bit and ad lib the situation in a comic break from the build up action.

9 milfvr when milfs hand you lemons

Just let me go deal with my dog right quick!

​Let me go deal with my dog!

Blue gets an escort off set but is still speaking his mind loud n' proud outside, causing Dani to actually have to walk off and get what perhaps was legit her real life dog? ha ha.

10 milf vr porn

Back to business

Where were we?

Blue gets some lovins and a bacon bit with a quaalude in it and Dani is soon back between your legs helping you out of your pants at around 8 minutes into the scene.

11 milfvr virtual reality
12 virtual milf

"Anyways....I'm just going to shut up and stick your cock in my mouth now!"

Dani starts in on some slow and sexy suckin and the seated perspective feels pretty good here. There are a few minutes of oral and titty time that follow, before Dani wets a finger and reaches between her legs, eliciting a single loud hiccup that had me giggling as she went back down on the skin flute.

13 dani jensen ass

Good lord

​World class ass

Blowjob goes for a good 5 minutes before Dani stands up, turns around and reveals her amazing ass as she removes her panties, and tells you her pussy hasn't had a proper pounding in months before having a seat on your cock around 16 minutes in.

14 dani jensen virtual fuck

​Awesome seated action

Bein an ass fan and loving standing seated cowgirl action in VR, I was pretty much a happy camper here, and there is plenty of slow grinding from Dani from this position as she buries every inch of dick in her ginger snap and even a nice leaning back on your chest section included as well.

15 dani jensen virtual milf
16 dani jensen milf vr
17 dani jensen tits

"I feel every inch of you balls deep, wrecking my little guts!"

Dani ditches the skirt around 20 minutes in and hops back on in forward cowgirl, and this is more grindy goodness from Dani Jensen with lots of titty time up in yo face.

19 dani jensen milfvr ass

Good lord!

"Why don't you bring your fine ass over here and fuck me on the sink"

Says Dani and her fine ass around 27 minutes in, ushering in the only PoV change of the movie, to a corner counter fuck that yields some pretty tasty action in a bit of a new position that I was digging.

20 dani milfvr

Good Lord!!!

21-dani jensen milf missionary

Full view close up missionary....sorry for the crop Dani

​Full view missionary 

Action resumes with some middle ground missionary that should keep most mish fans happy as you get both a nicely raised incline on Dani, combined with a clear view of the action below, making for a well balanced shot in the end, that feels good from a PoV standpoint also. The upright fuckin is hot here and Dani earns her pay on this one by holding her position, her leg shaking visibly at times.

22 dani jensen counter fuck

Nice shot here

"I want you to bend me the fuck over"

Dani turns around for some leg-up on the counter reverse action around 34 minutes in, and this was a pretty unique position for VR, and was probably my favorite PoV along with the standing reverse ride in the beginning.

23 dani
24 dani jensen virtual
25 dani jensen when milfs hand you lemons

"Use my little pussy to make you feel good OK? Just fucking use it!"

Lots of hot talk from Dani during this section as she tells you how deep your cock is inside her and the corner position here makes for a very tight feeling shot, focusing Dani up powerfully in front of you.

26 dani milfvr

​Dani gets a mouthful

The remaining action is all in this bent over the counter position with a hard fuck ending, leading to you dumping a nut in Dani's open mouth.......aaand then a quick edit, that resumes finding Dani looking a little red eyed, and saying that she didn't expect such a huge load to be flung down her throat, but she liked it!

27 dani jensen cum

Shit, goddam!

Scene winds up slowly from there with some wind up talk from Dani and When MILFs Hand You Lemons is in the books.

28 when milfs hand you lemons milfvr movie review

That was a whole lot of cum! Hic! 

​A hot VR kitchen fuck with Dani Jensen!


Wrapping this one up, I was definitely diggin my time with Dani Jensen in the kitchen here, as well as the pent up, I-havn't-been-fucked-right-in-awhile premise to the scene and felt like she carried this scene well, doggie distractions aside. Dani looked fantastic, and the wardrobe choice was a perfect for her for my tastes. 

On the positives, the PoV's were both strong in the VR sense, and I really liked both the seated section as well as the unique leg up on counter sequences and upright missionary action.  Dani kept things hot with lots of color commentary and did a nice job keeping things connected. 

On the negatives, some noticeable audio dipping for direction removal and the dog wondering in which was more of a comedy moment than a negative.  Something about Wankz shoots sure seems to get the local dogs interested. Must be the pussy eh?

I think any fan of Dani's will be pleased as pie with a chance to spend some quality up close and personal time with her in VR here and can't see there being too many complaints with this movie in general which delivers a solid intimate experience with Dani Jensen and another sexy scene from WankzVR production. I'm definitely looking forward to more MilfVR releases going forward, as it opens up the color palette a little for Wankz, and I think this could be a recipe for some great VR scenes this year. 10/10

"When MILFs Hand You Lemons" from MilfVR!

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