WankzVR Updates to 60fps and Proper Scaled Content in “Bathtime with CeCe!”

wankzvr bathtime with CeCe

"Bathtime with CeCe" Featuring CeCe Capella From WankzVR

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: DK2 with MaxVR player.

Review Score 7/10

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"Bathtime with CeCe"

*Preview Below*

 Well, the time has finally arrived for those of us eagerly anticipating the new wave of incoming WankzVR content arriving in May 2016, and talks from WankzVR of upgrades to scale and fps have had many of us looking forward to new, properly scaled videos from this promising VR porn studio that had a bit of a rough start out of the blocks in VR Porn.

The past month has been pretty tough, watching one scene after another being released by WankzVR, knowing that they were mostly unwatchable due to miniature world scale and some rather bad FPS issues in some of the videos.  I  just stopped teasing myself a couple weeks ago and decided to wait for new content after Earning Badges, and I was stoked to see the final 23rd release of the first batch come and go, so we could move on to the future with WankzVR!  So let's see what all the new changes at WankzVR have resulted in shall we?

State of the Wankz

​This 41 min movie starts out in a bathroom setting and it is pretty cool in the sense that you can see out the windows and trees are blowing around n shit outside.  The color is a bit washed out, as some of the movies I have watched from WankzVR before, such as Spring Break Anal's washed out appearance in the beginning 2/3rds, but 60 fps has relieved the videos of the juddering that used to be there and motion now looks nice and fluid.

Scale is....NORMAL!  I first tried MaxVR and it was a bit distorted on room lines, so threw it in Whirligig, and it sharpened right up, yielding straight lines and right angles on all the wall lines in the room.  So scale and fps...check fucking check! Let's check out Cece Capella.

CeCe Capella in WankzVR Bathtime with CeCe

A bit washed out on colors but everything is sized correctly and no distortion!

CeCe is getting ready to take a bubble tub and is stoked you are there with her and she spends a few minutes talking about the bath and teasing a bit.  CeCe has that right out of high school vibe and a truly great set of tits, along with a sweet smile and the new camera rig looks really clean up close, with none of the previous distortion.

CeCe Capella WankzVR

CeCe has a great set of tits!

After playing with her tits for a bit, CeCe breaks it down to her panties and stockings and plays around on the rim of the tub for a minute, rubbing her pussy a bit and rubbing her stockings.   My only complaint about this section here, is that the camera is too far back from the action, and WankzVR tends to shoot these types of shots that take things beyond a good range for current resolutions, but CeCe soon gets in the tub and asks you to come closer removing this issue.

wankzvr bathtime with cece

CeCe blows some bubbles

The first camera change sees you now on the edge of the tub with your dick out, and dam, don't those trees look cool out the windows! CeCe plays around with the bubbles for a bit before sudsing your cock up, and getting to work on sucking it.  I would probably have put the suds on after sucking the dick, but this does not seem to bother CeCe, at least until a bit later when she coughs... 🙂

cece capella doggie style

Doing CeCe doggie in the tub, and look outside!

The scale and everything is good here and CeCe gives some good oral luvins for a few minutes before placing you inside her doggie for a nice go from behind.

"How bout we take this to the floor and get a little bit... dirtier?"

You get a camera change here and you next find yourself nailing CeCe missionary on the floor with her head up against the tub.  CeCe looks hot getting fucked like this, but the camera here, almost feels like it is on top of your head, and it gives this scene a bit of a stretched perspective vertically.  Also, if you look down to see your cock going in and out of her, you run smack dab into the black border, so your head movement is a bit restricted here. 

cece capella missionary

Missionary is a bit weird on camera height

The floor missionary continues for a good 5 minutes or so and then you get a cut to a new shot, that finds you on your back and CeCe riding reverse cowgirl.  It has inexplicably gone from day to pitch dark out the windows, and the lighting is not particularly good down on the floor, with a harsh glare on CeCe that really washes out her face.

cece capella virtual cowgirl

The lighting down here is not the greatest

But CeCe is visibly more warmed up here and starts to fuck in earnest!  After a few minutes of cowgirl, CeCe pops off and starts applying a SERIOUS amount of spit to your shit, while jerking you off aggressively before sitting down cowgirl and putting in some serious grind time.  You know when a girl rides you on top and never even moves up and down on it, they just bury it as deep as it will go and grind that shit?  Ya, that with a ton of spit.  My favorite part of the movie, and you can tell it is also Cece's.

cece capella spit

CeCe lays down some SERIOUS spit on your dick!

You also get a really nice close up section in here, and Wankz's new rig does marvelously up close, yielding great titty shots here, and a nice intimate cowgirl that goes on until the end of the movie, where CeCe hops off and gives you a double fisted jerkoff to the finish line.  You shoot out like...2 drops of cum......and the scene winds down with CeCe rubbing the cum on her tits and getting back into the tub.  The end is nice in that it is allowed to wind down over 60 or 90 seconds before the black comes.

cece capella close up

These close ups are very nice

So shitgoddam.....it only took 24 tries, but WankzVR finally delivers a VR porn that is in proper world scale, at fluid FPS and overall looked pretty decent.  I think they will still need to address the washed out color palette and distance on some of their shots, but this is a huge improvement over miniature girls and dicks, strobe show fast movements, and the severely distorted images up close that were present in the first 23 movies.  CeCe Capella was hot and really got into some nice fucking in the floor sections and overall, it was nice to just enjoy a full WankzVR title, back to back, with zero adjustment needed.  

Would like to see WankzVR reduce some of the far away shots, and the camera placement needs some work on the male body in some of these scenes.  Lighting could be improved, and the night time floor section had quite a bit of glare cast onto CeCe's face.   But fuck....looking forward to the next few weeks from WankzVR, this is a great 2nd start!  7/10

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