Mia Malkova Delivers a Happy Ending at WankzVR!

Happy Ending cover from WankzVR

Mia Malkova in Happy Ending from WankzVR

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 9/10

"Happy Ending"

Happy Ending from WankzVR is a June 30th release featuring the goddess that is Mia Malkova and her world class ass.   Mia's ass, and everything else for that matter, are a work of art in my book and I have loved her VR performances in past Naughty America VR titles such as Bangin My Buddies Girl and the spectacular Your Daughters Friend from the I Have A Wife series.  I was really excited to hear that she was coming to WankzVR , as they have just come off of their best month since opening the doors, having blessed us recently  with several top shelf VR Porn offerings such as On Set with Riley Reid and Casting Couch VR.  So it was with eager anticipation that I fired up Mia Malkova in Happy Ending today.

WankzVR Mia Malkova Happy Ending

Holy shit! It's Mia Malkova at your door!

Meet Your Wankz Masseuse

The 28 minute scene opens with you answering your door and it is your wet dream Mia Malkova standing there, informing that she is there to deliver your Wankz massage.  Mia looks breathtaking as always and after a bit of easily spoken banter, she walks past you with her massage gear and the shot fades.

Mia Malkova WankzVR

WankzVR outdoor shots do not look the greatest, but how bout Mia!

Outdoors with WankzVR....Again

The scene resumes outside in back of the house, and this would be my only real hard critique of this one:  If you have been watching WankzVR movies the last few months, you know that most of the outdoor WankzVR shots look HORRIBLE, in terms of being overexposed and lacking definition.

This is on full display here when you view everything in the background, and it is really hard to say why they take this gamble with outdoor shots right now as WankzVR have a pretty good  record at this point of these shots utterly failing.  Some notable exceptions to that rule such as Fuck Me, I'm Famous, where light was very favorable, and the outdoor shots looked crisp and defined, and the latter section of Big Black Cock VRV VV  that also looked pretty decent for a WankzVR outdoor shoot. 

You can see below how the overexposed backgroud is competeing against the foreground image of Mia, and it is a TERRIBLE decision to shoot in VR like this in my estimation.  

Happy Ending Mia Malkova

Mia oils up

Pretty decent image up close

This movie, does not look great in the background, but the shoot is kept up close for the most part, and things look pretty good at that range.  If Wankz were to move this inside, without the harsh glare of the sun to overcome the image, they would wind up with much better looking shots in the HMD, which is all that matters, but for some reason, they love these sunny overexposed outdoor shots. To me, the payoff of being outside in VR is not worth the compromise on image quality. Other than that, this movie is pretty strong, so LET US FUUUUCK!

Mia Malkova in Happy Ending from WankzVR

For me....perfection

Mia Malkova Looking Amazing

While the background is shit, Mia Malkova...good lord.  She sidles up and climbs on your lap and leans in nice and close, and if you are a fan of Mia, she is simply exhilarating.  Wasting no time, she grabs some oil and starts to rub your chest down, which looks awesome in VR, and Mia is soon applying  oil to her own lovely body as well.

Mia Malkova VR


Primetime Asstime

Once oiling her breasts up, Mia begins to rub them the length of your chest, and yes ,life is pretty good here with Mia in close and her amazing eyes looking up at you. She next turns around and removes her swimsuit bottom before bringing her spectacular ass right up to your face for some close up time. The camera is slightly off center here, but I want to thank Wankz for give me a chance to bury my face in Mia Malkova's unbelievable ass and this section should make many Mia fans happy as she camel rides your oily chest in front of you.

Mia Malkova Ass

The Golden Badunkadunk

Oil glistens on ass cheeks as Mia starts to stroke your cock a bit, before turning around to tell you she is flexible, and asks if you would like to see some poses. She then goes into the splits facing away from you and places your cock inside her.

Mia Malkova WankzVR Splits

Mia is flexible btw

Dicks don't bend that direction

Mia rides you for a couple like this, but as any guy can tell you , this angle is a boner killer unless you are rocking supreme wood, and stunt cock here is most definitely not, so you get some bent dick action here.  I think WankzVR has used this guy before, and I can't say that he is my favorite stunt cock in the game, but back to that amazing ass anyway.

Mia Malkova Wankz VR Movie Review

Massage....Wankz style

Mia comes in for a kiss

Mia hops off and samples her pussy from your cock with some fantastic oral skillz and she looks just incredible here looking up at you, before coming in close for the first kiss of the scene.  Since kisses are all the rage lately, I would say this first one misses a bit in actually being too close.  It is going to take a little time to dial this kind of thing in , and I was feeling like I wanted Mia to back out an inch or 2 into perfection. The approaching shots though are really awesome with her coming up to kiss you. Overall, it wasn't quite the Riley Reid kisses, or probably not as strong as Megan either, but it was nice, and slow, and not a fast in and out peck or a forehead shot.

Mia Malkova virtual reality

This section is awesomsauce

Perfect placement on the pussy

The next section sees Mia putting her pussy right up in your face, and this is definitely a Goldilocks shot,  feeling more than edible at the range here and this was perhaps my favorite shot of the movie, in terms of being perfect in up close placement. The distance is precisely in the sweet spot and Mia looks amazing working her pussy in front of your face.  Don't let anyone catch you doing that with your tongue. 🙂

WankzVR Happy Ending

Thanks Wankz!

More great views of Mia's ass

Next up is some nice close cowgirl action and you get some great looks at Mia's tits here while she rides away.  The oil is the gift that keeps giving throughout, providing nice highlights off of Mia's amazing body. There is a really sweet bend over in your face and suck section next before Mia applies some more oil to her ass and fucks you reverse cowgirl.  If you love Mia's ass like I do, this is a pretty awesome display of it.

She gets off and samples her pussy from your cock again before leaning in for another kiss,  this one  probably being a bit stronger than the first one, and Mia's face in close is just intoxicating as she approaches.  Thanks WankzVR!

The scene ends with a nice doggie section and as far as WankzVR doggie shots go, this one is fairly solid, with the camera feeling pretty close to the right height vs. many previous WankzVR doggie attempts, and once again, you get the full effect of watching Mia's gorgeous backside here.

 Happy Ending Movie Review

Pretty sweet doggie shot

Nice Cumshot

Mia turns around and jerks you off into her mouth as she lays on her stomach looking up at you below, and I like this position much better than being on my back, it feels more natural to me to cum like this, and she looks sexy as hell waiting for your jizz below. You bust a large nut into Mia's waiting mouth, and she gets up and approaches closely, licking cum from her fingers and showing you the large load on her tongue, making for a pretty strong ending for this one.

Another solid June release from WankzVR

Wrapping it up, as a Mia Malkova fan, I would rank this one as the strongest VR option for Mia right now, with Naughty America's Your Daughters Friend still pulling a strong second.  I really liked all the oil she used for both camel riding and highlighting her awesome curves, and the pussy in mouth section was extremely strong and present.  I would have rather this one had been shot inside for a cleaner image, but Mia looked great up close. 

Dude is not going to win any awards for stunt cock but it was capable in utility I guess.  On the strengths, I loved being able to bury my face in Mia's ass for a time and the pussy eating was VR perfection along with some nice kisses that I would rate as good medium attempts at kissing right now.  The close ups, just prior to kissing distance, were by far the most powerful for me, and, this is something many of us have noted with these close up facial shots.  For a predominantly on your back scene, Mia kept things interesting, and having her rub her oily body all over was pretty hot indeed.

9/10:  Bad lighting/overexposure reducing image clarity is something I think WankzVR should work on, and honestly, stick to indoor shots until it is resolved. If it is the level of clarity achieved in Fuck Me, I'm Famous, it's great but scenes like this one do not benefit form the outside, sunny location in my estimation.  Other than that, Mia Malkova fans rejoice, we have a winner here with Mia Malkova in Happy Ending!

Mia Malkova in Happy Ending from Wankz VR!

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