Nina North Struggles to Keep Air in a Flat Tire on Her Date Night at WankzVR!

WankzVR Review Date Night Nina North

Nina North in Date Night from WankzVR

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 5/10

Nina North in Date Night

We will be looking at sexy Nina North in Date Night today, a 28 minute, July 5th release from WankzVR.  Wankz VR has been on a roll of pure win with many of the releases over the last month, with the last release Happy Ending with Mia Malkova getting another perfect 10 in our book, but Date Night goes to show, that performance (cough) is half the challenge when filming good VR Porn.  Or any porn in this case.

Basic scene by WankzVR standards

This is a pretty basic scene by WankzVR standards, with just a single workout room location and only one camera change.  Nina appears wrapped in a towel after a rigorous workout, and soon reveals a great looking pink ensemble hidden below the towel wrap. She is super cute and has a nice, tight little bod and looks quite alluring standing before you.

Nina North in Date Night from Wankz VR

Nina appears, looking lovely

Eye contact is off to the left eye

Miss North leans in for some nice kissing and you begin to notice right away, she is fixated on one side of the camera, which is pretty rare for WankzVR girls, who are typically pretty centered with eye contact.  Unfortunately, this lasts the duration of the movie, and not sure what happened here, but it serves as a pretty significant distraction, and made me feel like I was watching a HoloGirlsVR production at times.

Nina North WankzVR Review

This looks great beyond the fact Nina is looking into your left eye here, more evident in HMD

Running lines

Nina is running her porno lines, and I can't say that they come off very convincing, it is a pretty flat performance, she says all the right things, but she doesn't particularly sell it and all the dialog came up pretty short for me, as in not adding to the scene or vibe particularly.

Jerk Off

At this point in the movie, if you look down, you are already jerking yourself of in your underwear, and this theme of jerking yourself off will be here for the rest of the movie, and makes for very poor 1st person POV VR.

WankzVR Nina North Review one

Dude has already got his hands on his dick

You get some really nice up close time with Nina here, but for me, between her staring at my left eye, and the colder dialog, it was not terribly inspiring.  All the shots are there, nice and close, kissing, etc... but this shows, it's not simply a matter of that.  Performance is key in good VR Porn.  A bit more on performance (cough) in a moment.

WankzVR movie Review Date Night

Pulled aside panties always nice

Nina busts out your totally unimpressive cock for some oral action, and I was skeptical of my stunt dick here from jump.  It turned out to be with good reason, as I would say in my estimation, this may be the worst stunt cock performance I have seen in VR, and there have been some shit shows like Adrian Dimas in Superheros Premeire.  And the letdown that was Big Black Cock VR from Wankz.

Wankz VR Date Night Movie Review

Pretty much your view during the first cowgirl section

Come close up cowgirl

Nina hops on your average Joe for some reverse and then forward cowgirl, and she looks hot enough fucking your shit.  The forward cowgirl is smotheringly close, so the fucking here in this section is not too bad and this represents the zenith of male performance in this particular flick.  Forward cowgirl was nice, but felt almost gratuitous after a stretch.

Nina North Date Night VR Porn

Great up close pussy shots

Beautiful pussy shots

The cowgirl is followed up by some stellar pussy on your mouth time, and the shot is pretty much dialed to perfection, you will have no trouble wagging your tongue in the air here if you so desire and Nina's pussy looks like a little slice of heaven up close.

Nina North Virtual Reality WankzVR

So close you can see chicken skin!

Some great ass in the face next and no complaints there....other then you see our boy start to have to take care of himself here below for the first of many times to come, and this becomes an increasing distraction as the rest of the scene progresses and homie tries to keep air in his tire.

WankzVR Nina North

If you  have to use 2 hands to hold it up, it don't count bro

2 hand support do not a boner make

By the time Nina hops off to get back to fuckin, this guy is going full 2 handed wank, like full on toss off mode too.  You know....there is the give it a few strategic squeezes technique, and there is the toss off like a 12 year old technique.  This guy used the latter, and so it is not just this guy jerking himself off on my dime, but he is fucking doing it in the most pathetic way a man can do it to boot. 

Pretty much any hopes of doing any business on my end were dashed by this point, and irritation only grew from here.  Nina has to do mouth to mouth on this fuckin wet noodle at this point, and you wonder how these guys get the gig sometimes.  There are pills and shots....this guy needs to be freebasing that shit if he wants to split tail on film.


Nina prays to every god she can for help keeping this dick hard while homie squeezes some blood into his 5 inch lady slayer

Limp dicks don't make for hot porn

You get some on the floor cowgirl next and for me, just pretty meh.  It's people fucking alright but it is not particularly passionate, intimate or convincing and that is no fucking surprise as by the time Nina hops off the cock, the dude has to go into full two handed jerking to make it even appear that his limp shit has any life in it,... it is literally soft and Nina is back having to give mouth to mouth to a dying dong. 

I always feel for the girls that have to work twice as fucking hard and pretend to be turned on when guys fucking FAIL on scenes like this and the rest of the movie becomes an exercise in propping the guys flaccid dick up.

Nina North

More tossing off while Nina thinks "wut wrong with this hot pussy fool?"

Is it over yet?

There is a nice final section of reverse cowgirl with Nina sticking a finger in her tight little asshole, but I was pretty much over it at this point, between the edits and soft condition of this guys shit, and I was just like pfffffffftttt by the time he pulls his completely limp cock out of Nina at the end of the scene heading for cumshot.....which at this point, who gives a shit.  You know they are going to have to cut, and let this guy jerk himself off for 5 minutes....or 30.

Wankz VR Virtual Reality Porn Review

That would be the state of the Wankz after it just left da pussy...this guy might wanna go wait tables for a living, sorry bro, Peter North you ain't.

Nina salvages the limp biscuit ending

So cumshot, whatevers......the good part is Nina backs up afterward and fingers the cum in her ass, so Nina.....way to pull SOMETHING out at the end here and salvage the scene.

Nina North finger ass

Nina steps up and salvages the moment fingering the cum into her asshole

I left this one in disgust....TOTALLY fucking failboat porn cock, and this guy should look for other work or use performance enhancers. Not like this guy is fucking hung to begin with so not sure why he is laying pipe for a living.  Yes, I get pissed when my VR porn cock don't work and I can't fuck the pussy good 🙂

Meh...and don't hire this guy again WankzVR!

Wrapping up with Nina North in Date Night: The sex was pretty lame, due to our wet noodle here, the dialog was flat, the eye contact was fixated on my left eye for much of it, and for me, this one was a write off.  Nothing in this you can't get better in other offerings, unless you are really into Nina, and want to fuck her with your limp cock...then this may get it done for you. There is no denying Nina is cute af.  

There are definitely some great shots, in terms of the footage, the pussy and ass closeups were very nice, and the kissing came off fairly well and placement was pretty solid there.  The cowgirl in the first section was close and intimate, but began to feel kind of too much after a bit, I think more because the sex and connection was not really there and my Date Night just felt kind of dead.

Date Night was pretty much a porn by numbers scene for me, with uninspired performances, the guy...who knows why. Nina?  No surprise there, DERP.  Hard to soar like an eagle when you have to fly with turkeys.  5/10 PURELY for some of the camera shots. You don't have a M/F porn movie without a hard dick. Step one.  Dirty D's Dick is Decidedly Down for this WankzVR production!  

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Nina North in Date Night from WankzVR!

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