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WankzVR guide Riley Reid

What You Need to Know About WankzVR Movies in Summer 2016...the Good, the Bad, and the Mindblowing!

Alright bro...this one's for you. You just got your GearVR on, got your Oculus, Vive or your phone rocking, and you are ready to get your dick wet with some VR porn, and you keep running into this WankzVR name.  Or you are looking for a new VR site to try out and are wondering about Wankz.  You may be here, right now looking at the movie and website reviews, wondering if you are actually going to pay for porn.  And  the answer to that question grasshopper is yes... you are going to give WankzVR your money, and you are going to be happy you did so, or you are going to be missin out.  Just sayin 🙂  WankzVR are not the current favorites at Oculus NSFW sub-Reddit without reason and if you enjoy hot fucking American girls in VR, then there is simply no better sub to be had in Summer 2016.

Just take my $$$

So... you are going to give WankzVR your money, that's almost a given...  Now let's focus on what you can expect to get for that money at the moment and just cut to the chase so you know what the fuck to bother downloading when you get in there, cause there are clinkers to watch out for, but once you know what's what, you will be on your way to some premiere VR fapping.

WankzVR Guide melissa moore

Early WankzVR movies: Slow your roll bro

So ya, you be looking at all them tasty posters, Sydney Cole, Alaina Dawson, Melissa Moore, Riley Reid, Katrina Jade... and going fuck yes, I'm sooo in on this shit! Fuck no bro. Sorry to shit on your dick, but the first 22 movies at WankzVR are pretty much broke as fuck...if you consider midget scale, strobe-o-scope-ic 30fps, and serious issues with distortion to be broke as fuck. You can fuck with em on a good player with stereo separation, play around with zoom, height, etc, but for the most part, you are likely to be pretty disappointed with them, as we all were at the time.

Dirty Bartenders WankzVR Guide

Everything up to Dirty Bartenders with Katrina Jade and Dallas Black.../biteshand....are pretty much borked my friend. It was quite honestly, a fail of epic proportions that had many of us just shocked, and it is really something that we are standing here today calling them the Kings of VR Porn when you think of the struggles WankzVR had out of the gate. The thing that was really frustrating with these early efforts from WankzVR, is that besides the glaring technical issues, and the lack of shots that really played to up close VR strengths, was the quality of the porn.  There was no denying that from go.  You could tell, if WankzVR could get it right with VR cams, they would just fucking destroy.

WankzVR Guide Bathtime with CeCe

Post reboot blur

WankzVR next rebooted and updated their camera rig, changed over to 60FPS and the next 5 movies saw the issues of scale, distortion and low fps fixed, but also unfortunately introduced a noticeable blur on one side of the rig, which resulted in a fairly annoying glaze over one eye that is readily apparent in movies such as Bathtime with CeCe or Girl Next Door

Wankz VR Guide Girl Next Door

Maximum Exposure, Big Black Cock VR and I believe Music Producer and Hollywood Housewives also suffer from this issue along with other shortcomings such as glaring overexposure in scenes like Girl Next Door.  The movies are largely watchable, but with an odd sensation in one eye, like you need to wipe some film away.  These movies were better technically, and the actual porn and production was excellent,  but they were still not there yet in the VR sense.  Some of the camera heights were awkward and WankzVR was still finding its VR feet at this point and many of us were wondering, almost 30 movies in, when WankzVR was going to right its Virtual Reality ship and live up to its potential.  And then this shit happened....

The reasons you are going to get out your credit card or bitcoin

WankzVR Guide Leah Gotti

Casting Couch VR

It all starts right fucking here...the first true WankzVR classic and a watershed moment for VR Porn in general.  After watching this movie, those of us that had hung tough on our subs since the early movies finally went YES!  Motherfucker!  THAT is what I'm talking about!  DO MORE OF THIS WANKZVR!

After the first, almost 30 movies with various issues, WankzVR turned TankzVR on its ear and released their first bonafide VR gem: Casting Couch VR with Leah Gotti.  This movie...this movie bros.  You need to own Casting Couch VR.  If you are even remotely into Leah Gotti, just get this shit cause all the other VR movies she has done don't get anywhere near this one.  Casting Couch VR was a new level in VR Porn, with increased intimacy, WankzVR's first attempts at kissing which missed but were present nonetheless, and some downright amazing fucking from Leah Gotti ending in my absolute favorite creampie in VR to date.  You may as well just fucking start with this one padawan, the origin of the legend of the Wankz can be found right here with Casting Couch VR!

WankzVR Guide Alex Grey

My Best Friends Girl

WankzVR followed up Casting Couch VR with My Best Friends girl featuring spectacular Alex Grey in her VR debut and this one was also a new level of VR goodness from WankzVR.  Featuring lots of close ups and some on the spot kissing as well as a hot and sweaty couch fuck, this feature was a solid followup to Casting Couch VR and showed that WankzVR had indeed changed course a bit.  They were focusing on much closer shots then in their first 30 movies—that frequently showed the girls at considerable distance, in terms of effective viewing in current generation HMD's.  I seemed to notice a slight dive in scale on this one, that was a bit better to my eyes in both CV1 and GearVR vs. Oculus DK2, but this is another amazing choice from WankzVR with one of the hottest starlets around, Alex Grey.

WankzVR Guide Fuck Me im Famous

Fuck Me, I'm Famous!

Fuck Me I'm famous was the first WankzVR movie to apply the closer is better principle to a 2 girl scene and Eliza Jane and Anya Olsen steam it up in this video for sure.  Featuring some really unique shots like the girls in your lap with Anya raising her leg back by her shoulder while Eliza snacks below and a nice profile eaten from behind shot, Fuck Me, I'm Famous raised a bunch of dicks with a double dose of up close virtual reality from WankzVR.

Riley Reid WankzVR Guide

On Set with Riley Reid

So the first WankzVR movie with Riley Reid was pretty cute, and there were indeed some nice sections, but it was distant, broken as mentioned before and just flat out pales in comparison to the holy shit moment that was On Set with Riley Reid.  WankzVR and Riley Reid gave up close in VR a whole new meaning with aggressive kissing sequences, super close up pussy and ass shots and multiple squirts from Riley leaving most of us that had been watching VR porn for the year prior going...see...we told you that shit would work in VR.

And work it did. Easily a top choice for first download along with Casting Couch VR, on set with Riley Reid is another defining moment in VR Porn history and a knockout performance from Riley.  Other VR porn studios started paying attention after this movie came out and you can see the results now with offerings like Real Teens VR from Naughty America, which seeks to mimic and exploit much of this type of content—close ups, kissing, intimacy, better VR shots— that viewers of VR porn had long asked focused, but no studio other than VirtualRealPorn—which seemed to do it mostly by accident every great once in awhile, in 15 second helpings—was giving them for the longest time.

WankzVR Guide Megan Rain

Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in Bed featuring Megan Rain is another must have movie from WankzVR, and a favorite of many Wankz subscribers.  Filled with lots of kissing, extended close-up shots and a great performance from super cutie Megan Rain, Breakfast in Bed has many of the qualities of the best WankzVR has to offer right now and by this release, it kind of felt like WankzVR was opening up a sizable lead on the VR porn pack in terms of production being more in tune with consumer demand.  This is another top choice from WankzVR and one of our favorites here.

WankzVR Guide Mia Malkova

Happy Ending

Mia Malkova's ass, covered in oil, at WankzVR.  Nuff said bitch.  If you love Mia Malkova, this one is fucking hot.  She oils up, puts it in your face, does the splits on your dick and dat fucking ass in Virtual Reality!  It's an absolute must have for Mia fans and a top pick overall from WankzVR.

WankzVR Guide Jenna Reid

Private Tutor

I didn't know who Jenna Reid was until watching this one, but I sure as fuck know who she is now!  Bratty Jenna lays out an amazing VR performance here, with some stellar teasing and fucking, and a dirty mouth that is funny shit.  This one turned out to be one of WankzVR's strongest movies so far and really shows how much performance can bring to a VR porn movie.  It is a new breed of porn actress that really shines in VR, and I would consider Jenna one of the strongest I have seen to date at connecting with the viewer in VR.  Make sure to grab this one at some point, it's a gem.

Kristen Scott WankzVR Guide

Strokémon Go

Kristen Scott, like Jenna Reid above, kills it in StrokĂ©mon Go, making this another must have scene from WankzVR.  A fun Pokemon Go setup, good pacing, as well as a really transparent performance from Kristen make this movie a blast to watch and the cowgirl fuck is one for the books, we only wish this one had been a bit longer in duration.  The only complaint in this offering is the guys hands—if that bothers you there are a lot of them— but otherwise, another stellar offering from WankzVR and Kristen Scott.

And many other fine choices to be had at WankzVR

There are many more fine movies to be had at WankzVR, but if you are just starting out, and there is not a girl in particular on your mind you are beelining for, hitting any of the above should give you a nice taste of what WankzVR is all about and why they currently have so many fans.  Quite simply, no one else is doing it this good, this often, right now in VR Porn.  Twice a week, every week, WankzVr pretty much drops the goods now.  Trailers for all of the WankzVR movies with proper scale and 60FPS can be found in our virtual reality porn preview section.  

While you can largely forget about the first 23 movies, the videos that have been filmed since Casting Call VR are without a doubt some of the best available in VR porn right now and there just simply isn't a sub I would recommend more in Summer 2016.  Now go download some WankzVR! You can find our full WankzVR Review on this page.

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