WankzVR Keeps Things Close in “Fuck Me, I’m Famous” with Eliza Jane and Anya Olsen!

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"Fuck Me, I'm Famous" from WankzVR Featuring Eliza Jana & Anya Olsen!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with AutoplayVR player

Review Score 8.5/10

"Fuck Me, I'm Famous"

Fuck Me, I'm Famous is a June 10th, 30 minute release from WankzVR featuring the strong combo of Eliza Jane and Anya Olsen in the roles of super fans wanting to jump your famous dick. I have been wanting to check out Eliza Jane in VR and Anya Olsen was new to me and did not disappoint, with both girls turning in solid performances here.

Anya Olsen WankzVR

Perks of being famous, girls fighting it out over you!

Keeping It Close

The main change up in this particular movie from past WankzVR offerings is the fact that the bulk, if not all of it, is filmed right in your lap, which for many of us, is a welcome improvement over elaborate past WankzVR setup shots, that were frequently filmed far beyond the comfortable range of viewing on current HMD's, and this is a change for the better I hope to see continued in future Wankz movies.

Fuck me im famous Wankvr

Eliza displays Anya's goods!

Fame has it's perks

The scene starts off with you playing the role of a celebrity and first Eliza and then shortly thereafter Anya, are pestering you to sign this, that and the other while having a good natured cat fight in your lap, and this works very well in VR.  They are both very close, and it serves to warm up the scene much better than the typical WankzVR distant setup.

Anya Olsen Eliza Jane Review

Anya chokes it down

After quite a bit of setup outside, you transition into the house for the fucking and the scenes are all up close and solid inside, despite being limited to one position.  So pretty much cowgirl action and sucking sections.  Both girls give great rides here and the sex is overall pretty steamy.

WankzVR Eliza Jane Anya Olsen

Preeeeettty much fucking epic!

Amazing Shot!

The standout moment for me, was before the fucking began, and you still have your pants on, Anya puts her leg up beside your head while Eliza chows down below and that was my favorite scene in the whole movie.  Unfortunately, there is an edit during it so we lose some of it there.  Really hot to watch that in your lap though in VR!

Anya Eliza WankzVR

Get in there gurl!

Overall, this was a really solid scene from WankzVR with little to complain about from either a VR perspective or technical one.  For me, I found the scale, as in the last several post blur releases from WankzVR to be a bit on the smaller side, but I have not seen many others comment on this, and your miles on your device and player may vary.  If in doubt, simply grab a trailer and test on your platform.

Eliza Jane WankzVR

Really good up close cowgirls in this one, though camera is a bit low for my eyes

The camera placement, as in recent releases, I found to be a bit low, as if in the chest, rather then the head.  Color looked good inside and clarity was solid.

Anya Olsen Fuck Me I'm Famous

More close up action

Was not running well in Whirligig with DK2

The only other issue I had on Oculus DK2, was as with the last 2 or 3 releases I have seen from WankzVR, the movies are chugging for me in Whirligig, where past WankzVR titles have not done this, forcing me to use AutoplayVR as my solution.  So I am not sure what I am seeing there, but if you run into similar chugging/locking up and stuttering on Oculus Rift, and still have the option, AutoPlayVR has been a decent solution for me on DK2/ .8 runtime.

Eliza Anya Fuck me I'm Famous Wankzvr

Great cumswap at the end with lots of messy kissing

Great job at keeping it close WankzVR

On the positives, the scene succeeded in keeping the action where we want it, in our laps, and the sex was hot, if not limited to one position/setup. Both girls were really sexy and offered up enthusiastic performances and big points to Anya for that leg up section....that....was VR gold.  8.5/10

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"Fuck Me, I'm Famous" from WankzVR

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