WankzVR Continues to Struggle with Image Issues: a WankzVR Review Update!

WankzVR Maximum Exposure with Trillium and Nickey Huntsman

WankzVR Rolls Out New Fixes to Scale and FPS | Brand New Issue Uncovered.

Review by DirtyD

WankzVR Update 5/7/2016

Earlier this week, we reviewed Bathtime with CeCE, the first new May 2016 release from WankzVR featuring fixes to game breaking issues that affected the first 23 WankzVR releases, namely: miniaturized world scale, low fps and distortion.  Many of us have been waiting patiently and hoping that WankzVR would quash the bugs with these new updates, and as we stated in our review, the issues of low FPS and scale along with distortion have been largely conquered it would seem judging from Bathtime for CeCe.  

CeCe Capella Bathtime cover

But with the release of Maximum Exposure with Trillium and Nickey Huntsman, another fairly serious issue that many of us are noticing in these first 2 new offerings from WankzVR is being highlighted on forums such as Reddit and even being acknowledged by WankzVR themselves.

Some Issues Still Lingering From Before

We will get to discussing this new issue in just a second, but first lets take a look at what WankzVR managed to fix and what remains to be improved from the way WankzVR was filming before.

The worst issues affecting WankzVR's first 23 movies were miniature world scale and the fact that the movies were filmed at 30fps. This has been squashed, with the new movies coming in at 60 fps and world scale being as good as any other at this point.  Distortion, was also a pretty bad issue in early WankzVR vids, and this as well, has been largely remedied it would seem.  All of these improvements take WankzVR movies from being early novelty offerings with top US talent to full on VR porn contenders.

A couple of other things widely commented on in early WankzVR releases were both the washed out colors and the fact that they film a great deal of the shots too far in front of the camera, which allows the screen door to pop and takes the footage out of the VR sweet spot for both immersion and resolution while also enhancing the lack of color definition inherent in their setup.

Aspen Ora Spring Break Anal Colors

This shot from Spring Break Anal is a prime example of WankzVR's washed out color palette and distant shooting style.

And these issues are both still very present in the new release I caught this week, (I have skipped out on the 52 minute, 11gig, Girl/Girl Maximum Exposure offering as Les action from afar is not my thing and most studios are not filming good Girl/Girl scenes in VR.  Early scene comments did not indicate WankzVR had excelled in any of these areas particularly).

Color is still washed out and much less vibrant than offerings from all the other competitors, and is in fact, probably the worst color palette in VR Porn at the moment in my estimation, matching the same color problems present in the first 23 releases in this department.

Secondly, as many VR studios learn in the beginning or are still trying to figure out, things have to be filmed closer in VR, and shots that are set with the girl much beyond 4 feet out ,are not very effective, other than functioning as scene/plot devices/setups.

New Issue

CeCe Capella in tub WankzVR

You can see the issue with the blur clearly in this picture, by looking at the plant on the tub rim in the background, contrasted to the left corner or trees on either side of CeCe's head in the window view.

The new issue that many of us have become aware of, is that one of the cameras/lenses is noticeably blurred in both of the new releases as can be seen in screen shots shown in this reddit thread as well as this thread here.  You can also spot these clearly in my review screen shots for Bathtime with CeCe here, but interestingly enough, in my shots, the blur appears clearly on the right side of things where some of the images on reddit are opposite side.   Look at images on the left side of the tub compared to plant on the right side of the tub above for instance to see this effect.  In a response from WankzVR in the aforementioned thread, the indication seems to be that at least these first 2 scenes have been shot displaying this new issue, and from the sounds of it, there may be more to follow, which is a really sad second misstep in a row for WankzVR if it extends beyond a few titles.

CeCe Capella bathtime floor wankzVR

Again, look at the image on the right and then on the left side. You can see CeCe's face blur as it is crossing this area here.

Overall, the technical changes at WankzVR were effective in dealing with the worst of the issues affecting the early movies, as they were previously mostly unwatchable, and if they can squash the blur bug and improve upon shooting distance and color fidelity/lighting, they will likely have many happy subs, as the scenes are otherwise solid.

Here is hoping that WankzVR didn't book a weeks worth of shooting and filmed it on this new rig with a blurry side before checking to see if they had any issues on the new equipment and setup.  You would think a company that just released 23 broken VR porn movies would be quality controlling things to death, but somehow, this one slipped through the cracks it would appear.  Other studios have also had similar issues with loss of focus to one side such as HoloGirlsVR in Miss Triss.  

2017 Update

​2017 post update:  This post was written right at the time WankzVR got their tech issues solved in May of 2016, and these represent what were to be the very last of the initial releases with bugs with WankzVR pretty much going on to redefine VR porn during the rest of 2016.  Check out our current WankzVR review for the state of the Wankz in 2017, and you can find trailers for the entire portion of the WankzVR catalog that was shot after the initial batch with tech problems—some 80 movies now—in our WanzkVR Preview section.  

WankzVR have recently rolled out upgrades in February 2017 that include a 61% increase in pixel density, enhancements to dynamic lighting and a tweak to the 3D effect, that is fairly noticeable to me with things like titties and assflesh, that seem to be more.....titty and ass like! 🙂  Also, check out our WankzVR Movie Guide for Nubs with Chubs to get the details on many of the early VR porn classics that WankzVR went on to release in the months following this post in Summer 2016 such as Casting Couch VR.   

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