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1. Number of Movies: 5/5 - 268 movies at the time of our VRBangers review update in June of 2019 with titles ranging from shorter 10 to 15 minute clips up to full length scenes pushing nearly an hour in length. The quality ranges drastically on range of the catalog, from downright terrible, to downright decent.  

2. Sub Pricing: 4/5 - $24.90 monthly, $49.50 quarterly, $98.55 Annual make for pricing that is right up the middle for VR porn subs in 2019. VRBangers run a permanent "discount" offer on their sign up pages, that can be activated simply by moving to click off of the page, which will then trigger a popup that will grant you an intro monthly sub for $15.00.  

3. Update Frequency: 5/5 - VRBangers has been releasing scenes pretty regular at 2 times a week in 2019. 

4. Variety of Pornstars: 5/5 - Casting is one of, if not the main selling point at VRBangers for me. There is a wide range of top tier talent to check out for fans of both U.S. and European girls alike. They even have some scenes for fans of Japanese content as well. 

5. Variety/Kink/Niche: 5/5 - At 260 scenes....the variety factor is there, with a wide range of content producers having been utilized over the last 3 years. There are 22 anal movies as of April 2019, 30 Asian themed, girl/girl, the occasional foray into cosplay and 14 "orgy" or reverse gangbang scenes featuring up to a dozen performers in one case.

6. Tech:  2/5 - Tech, .... I would give Bangers a generous 2 over the 3 year catalog. Early 2016 scenes that I viewed, were just plain garbage in my eyes with Bangers opting to go the trendy but feckless 360 route, rather than the more sensible 180 route the smarter studios were choosing to go with.   VRBangers early forays into 180 didn't look great either and the tech side of Bangers kept me away as a viewer for quite some time. 

Bangers in 2019 feature one of the better looking images and like to tout it as being "6k", but this is largely marketing speak on the technical specs side of things, and their current footage is interpolated (well done) from 30fps native to 60 fps. This rig was introduced in 2018 and also came at the expense of proper scale to my eyes, with current movies still looking around 5% too large for me or there abouts.

So while the image quality looks clean in 19', I would still choose other studios setups for their proper scale. * This scale observation has been made by quite a few viewers and VRBangers have had no direct response to it that I have seen in terms of plans to address it. 

7. VR Production:  1.5/5 -  Production, much like tech, has been the other primary shortcoming for me at VRBangers over their 3 year history with multiple content providers and shooters being utilized. Over the entire 3 year history....I gotta roll about a 1.5 here, as I honestly feel like it has been some of the worst out there, in terms of catering to the tastes of viewers or adopting feedback from the culture.  From a lack of intimacy, to wonky feeling PoV's to footage shot too far from the rig, the first 3 years at VRBangers was really flat on production technique, and relied heavily on casting to sell the scenes. 

This production shortcoming appears to be on the uptick in 2019, with a change of shooter and direction, so it is positive to see VRBangers break out of a rather stale, typically single PoV type scenes that they churned out for much of 2018. 

8. Searchability:  5/5 -  Overall, no issues with the VRBangers website for me, it is fairly straight ahead to navigate and offers a nice variety of tags and menu filters to help zero in on particulars. 

9. Extras/Networks: 1/5 - A members forum is about it for added extras. There is both an interactive game, as well as an Ap to download, but I have not any insight into either feature to offer.

10. Download Speed:  2.5/5 - Downloads at VRBangers in 2019 are some of the slowest I have experienced from the major VR porn studios, looking at typically 1 - 2 hours for a max resoulution 11 gig file in March and April 2019.

VRBangers Review Score


VRBangers Discount: VRBangers have run a continuous discount offer for years now. To access this offer, simply attempt to click off of the VRBangers subscription page when you visit, and a "discount" popup will then appear. They have offered us an "exclusive" readers discount on several occasions, only to just offer up this exact same discount in the end, which is why you don't find a VRBangers discount listed on my site currently. 

VRBangers review

If you have any issues with your VRBangers subscription and/or 3rd party billing service, I recommend hitting up the VRBangers rep on reddit.

Quick Points

  • Files for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, GearVR, PSVR
  • Launched in 2016
  • 260+ Movies for download as of May 2019
  • Streaming available
  • Traditionally some of the weaker production in VR Porn in terms of content focus and PoV's
  • Started off with 360 VR
  • Casting is a strong point
  • Inconsistent catalog on tech and production
  • Did not get a review here until 2019 due to many of the above variables and inconsistencies, as well as attempts to purchase ranking on my site
  • Feedback on new scenes in general has been positive in 2019 from fans, probably the best it has been in VRBangers history.



*Clean Looking Image in 18' & 19'


*Early movies are 360

*Early 180 movies are poor techinically speaking

*Inconsistent crews/multiple content providers

*A large portion of the past catalog is fairly poor on both tech and production imo

*Hypey - have hyped releases and then split them over 2 months to gain rebills

*Larger looking scale in 18' & 19' for me

VRBangers Site Details

VR Bangers website details

Launched in 2016

VRBangers got started around January of 2016 and made the unfortunate decision to focus primarily on 360 VR out of the gate in a year, when most VR porn viewers would have told you 360 VR porn was shit. And they would have been right. While other studios set the bar with 180 videos in 2016, VRBangers effectively hobbled their chances in the early footrace by going with a more marketing friendly "360", cause bigger is better right?

By Fall that year, VRBangers had heard back from viewers and began to incorporate more 180 degree productions in to their release schedule, but these early movies were quite bad in comparison to what some of the other studios were putting out at the time, and would rate as very poor by today's standards in 2019. 

Mixed Content Providers

VRBangers was also using at least 2 content providers in 2016, one in Europe and one in the United States, and this lent the early catalog a mixed bag flavor when it came to tech, production and consistency.  For me... I didn't see anything in 2016 from VRBangers that was not an instant delete. 


The first half of 2017 featured primarily European content at VRBangers with a smattering of U.S. shoots, most of which were still pretty poor of what I sampled during that era.

Late Summer/Fall 2017 saw a much hyped scene in Sorority Hookup that saw a shift toward more U.S. content and a change in direction for production. However, VRBangers also baited and switched this scene upon release, choosing to cut it into 2 pieces released 5 weeks from one another, leading a person that had subbed over the hype the month before to have to rebill their monthly sub to catch part 2 of a scene, which was not all that long to begin with. On reddit, they stated pre-release that there would be a surprise. After release, when asked what the surprise was... they said cutting it in half was the surprise, lol. 

Other titles in 2017 such as Your Personal Trainer failed to impress me on most basic merits and once again I found myself reluctant to recommend VRBangers to my readers and did not do a website review.


2018 brought another change in flavor to VRBangers on the production as well as tech side, leading to a year of mostly single setup, single PoV scenes, that felt a fair ways off of the pace from the multi setup scenes that most of the other studios were incorporating.

Blow Dried with Ella Nova was released early in the year, and wound up being one of my favorite performances in 2018, but I chalked that up largely to Ella Nova and a forgiving seated PoV that worked really well for the set and setting.

New Rig - Image Quality

2018 saw what looked to have been multiple new rigs in use at VRBangers, one in particular lending a noticeably larger scale and over-saturated looking orange spray tan look to the girls that could be spotted in scenes such as 12 O' Clock Training Appointment with Vanessa Cage

The other seemingly different setup used in titles like Blow Dried and Selling Her goods with Kimmy Granger, exhibited a nice looking bump in image quality, and was likely a Z Cam judging from promotional videos at the time. (This was later as much confirmed on reddit as well as the fact they were interpolating the footage up from native 30fps in post to get their 60fps finished videos. This interpolation looks quite good to the eye in terms of the finished result.)

Most everything I saw later in the year, exhibited overly large scale to my eye, and that was an auto killer for me for the rest of 2018. As well, production style tended toward single setup scenes that really relied heavily on the particular girl to elevate it. I will say that feedback in general, picked up from many viewers for VRBangers in 2018 but I was once again, largely unimpressed with anything on the production side from shooter Ike Diezel.


2019 sees VRBangers mixing up production once again, and the movies I have caught this year to this point have had a distinctly different style than last years features. There are some things I have liked, as well as things I haven't but overall, I think it's good that VRBangers is changing up the recipe in 2019 and are likely getting some of their best feedback of the last 3 years from viewers.

Worth A Check It Out For A Month Sub At Least

Overall, it's taken 3 years to get a VRBangers review on my site, (they literally offered to pay me "boss tier" pay to rank them number 1 on my site last year) but I feel like I can recommend at least a one month cherry picking sub at this point in Spring of 2019 with the amount of titles available, quality casting and seemingly improved change of direction in 2019.  I feel like they are at least in that Naughty America VR kind of mid tier of quality casting & often off the mark production vision. 


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