Sizzling VR Anal! Amirah Adara is Your “Personal Trainer”

Amirah Adara virtual anal Personal Trainer

Amirah Adara in Personal Trainer, a Virtual Anal Video!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: DK2 with MaxVR player.

​Review Score 10/10

Personal Trainer from VirtualRealPorn

​Every once in a few movies, VirtualRealPorn absolutely hit it out of the park, and today we will be looking at one of those home runs with VRP's awesome virtual anal video, "Personal Trainer" featuring the lovely and exotic Amirah Adara.  This scene succeeds on all levels— set, girl, clarity, color, scale and intimacy, and earns an editors pick here at 3D Porn Reviews.  This is a 180°, 30fps movie that runs a little over 16 mins, and takes place in 2 scenes, beginning in a locker room and then moving to a large shower stall.

Starting Your Workout

As the movie opens we see Amirah looking tight n right in a sexy tight workout outfit, and she wastes no time with cheesy lines, opting to get right to the point.

amirah adara

Amirah looking like she has something in mind

​Amirah is exotic and speaks with a sexy accent and when she speaks, it is natural and sexy, and it serves to add to her allure. After teasing for a bit, she drops down and begins to suck you off and she is a great cocksucker, making lots of eye contact with you and spending just the right amount of time working you up with her mouth.

Amirah Adara oral

Amirah is sexy as hell!

The oral section is perfect in length and soon Amirah is looking at you like it is time to get serious. Sit back, cause shit is about to get real!

Business Time

In an incredibly sexy move, instead of disrobing, Amirah simply pulls her tight shorts to one side and places you inside her. Top notch!  I really like the partially dressed section here, and feel it adds an extra bit of steam to the scene.  I mean seriously, look at her there!

Amirah Adarah shorts

Super close here, hard to capture the sheer sexiness of this move!

This section of the movie is perfect first person VR Porn.  Amirah is right in your face, and the intimacy is real.  She is not too close as to make you strain to look down and not too far as to reduce immersion.  A perfect 10 and Amirah looks drop dead gorgeous up close and personal.

Next, you get a bit of reverse standing action before Amirah dismounts and tells you you are going to fuck her in the shower!After the cut, you find yourself standing behind her in a large white tile gym shower and she is looking goooood!

Virtual Anal Bliss

​This is where the anal guys are going to be happy happy! Amirah spits on her fingers, lubes up her asshole and guides you right in that amazingly tight ass, and the view is first class!  She looks sexy as hell in this section and the stand up anal is again, just about as perfect as you can get it right now.

amirah standup anal

Seriously fucking hot!

Distance, scale, everything is working here, and you will by hypnotized at your cock moving in and out of her perfect butt!  She handles the size with ease and you can tell she is enjoying herself here.

amirah adara shower anal

Deep inside Amirah's sweet ass!

Towards the end of the scene, Amirah gets off your cock and goes over to the side shower and soaks down her white top, showing off her veiled perky natural blessings before dropping down for you to jack off in her mouth.  The cumshot is sexy, with Amirah taking everything offered in her mouth, and looking quite happy to do so, while giving you plenty of eye contact.

amirah adara cumshot

Amirah takes your cum

Post Workout Cooldown. 10/10

At this point, you will probably be ready for a Dudewipe, followed by a smoke and a nap! Seriously, this is a hot scene. Personal Trainer ranks as one of our favorite movies available for download at VirtualRealPorn and one of our favorite virtual anal clips to date. 10/10 VR porn perfection!  

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Personal Trainer from VirtualRealPorn!

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