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Updated for June 2019

This is a Virtual Taboo classic review at this point. Virtual Taboo underwent a buyout from Xhamster in 2017 and I have not been keeping up with the movies at all since that transition, having been a big fan of what the original indie studio and direction was doing. There are some current  updates below like scene counts and pricing, but I cannot speak to the quality of scenes in 2019.

Virtual Taboo "Classic" Review Score


Number of Movies

Subscription Pricing 

Frequency of Updates

Variety of Pornstars

Variety/Kinky Stuff/Niche


VR Production



Download Speed

Virtual Taboo Classic Review

  1. Number of movies: 5/5 - As of June 2019, around 304 movies are available for download at Virtual Taboo.  Movies in 2016 were shot by the original indie Spanish production team.  Movies from 2017 were produced by both the classic team, as well as production brought in by new ownership.  2018 and newer movies are no longer being produced by the original production company, so there is a variance in style from the early catalog to the recent. 
  2. Sub Pricing: 2/5 -  August 2017 Virtual Taboo have raised prices for the 2nd time, to a completely non competitive $29.95 Monthly rate, a high $59.00 Quarterly, and a super steep $99.99 Annual price point they are currently advertising as -73% off in December 2018, lol.  They also offer pay per clip at the rate of $9.99 a movie.  Dropping them to a 2 here as this is one of the worst pricing models in VR atm. 
  3. Update Frequency:​ 5/5 -  As of January 2017, Virtual Taboo have moved to 2 updates per week.  However, they have done this at the expense of bringing in 3rd party content. 
  4. Variety of Pornstars: 5/5 -  A mix of hot Spanish and Russian girls with mainstream VR pornstars like Blondie Fesser, Silvia Rubi, Alexa Tomas, Anissa Kate, Zoe Doll, and Amirah Adara in the classic catalog as well as many well known European stars in 2017-18. 
  5.  Variety/Kinky Stuff/Niche:​ 5/5 -  Virtual Taboo had some really strong lesbian scenes, intimate for the time solo scenes and really cool 3rd person stuff featured in their early catalog.  They also had a legit JOI with American legend Proxy Paige as well as a full Latex Catsuit video with Julia Roca,  also some anal fisting with Proxy Paige.   The direction has been focused rather heavily on step-porn since Virtual Taboo took on new ownership in 2017.
  6. Tech: 4/5 -  Overall, tech is quite solid over the entire Virtual Taboo catalog from 2016.  Image quality is quite nice, and given Virtual Taboo's independent beginnings, it was pretty impressive what they manage to pull off in 2016 for a start up VR porn studio with no prior experience.  
    • Virtual Taboo took on investment in late 2016, and the new owners have began to supplement the classic crews work with another content provider, who's tech I am not as fond of in early examples.  
    • Being a big fan of the original crew and flava at Virtual Taboo, I did not watch many scenes in 2017, and have yet to watch a movie in 2018.  I will likely check out some scenes this Summer.
  7. VR Production: 4/5 -  Virtual Taboo Spain offered some of the better adult VR production at their start, paying attention to consumer feedback and making attempts to focus VR strengths in their productions.   The classic crew, had a unique style and turned out some excellent early VR porn movies.  
    • Again, when it comes to the new content being supplemented at Virtual Taboo, I cannot say the same and feel as if those new crew/s had a bit to learn about shooting porn for virtual reality headsets when they took over and have not viewed a title in quite some time now.  Feedback seems fairly positive in 2018. 
  8. Searchability:​ 5/5 - A new site layout in 2017 made the website quite easy to navigate and search.
  9. Extras/Networks: 1/5 -  Photo sets and free videos available for download  It appears the free movies have been removed from Virtual Taboo's Website 
  10. Download Speed: 4/5 -  Virtual Taboo has traditionally been average to good for me on download speed.  I cannot say for 2018.
    • Scaling/ Distortion: All of the classic movies look excellent in terms of  scale issues.  Some of the first few scenes have a slightly smaller appearance, but overall scale is good.   I was able to use the stereo separation function in MaxVR to bring these early scenes into perfect scale for me with very little adjustment.  Some slight distortion at very very close proximity in some of the earlier vids may be seen as well.  Overall, tech is quite solid and consistent over the bulk the original Virtual Taboo catalog from 2016.  
    • 2017 has seen content from at least one other provider being supplemented and these movies have different technical characteristics to them, and to my eye are not as accurate when it comes to things like room scale.  
    •  Overall Immersion/ VR Sense: Classic Virtual Taboo Spain movies feel present and have good immersion.  Some of the earlier videos are filmed from a bit of a distance, but later releases were a bit closer up or had more close up sequences .   
    • The above is speaking for the original Spanish Virtual Taboo production team.  A new content provider/s was/were being used to supplement releases in 2017 and now full time in 2018, and I cannot offer the same commentary on their production style or quality as I was not terribly impressed with what I saw of it early on, and the direction of the studio shifted significantly.  
    • Due to the new content, and new direction, I have not viewed any movies from Virtual Taboo in several months now.  The old Spanish production crew is no longer with Virtual Taboo in 2018, and I have not personally viewed any content from Virtual Taboo in 2018. 
    • March 2018:  The original owner/director at Virtual Taboo, Marcos Lopez left the studio due to the changes. 

Virtual Taboo Review Score


Credit Card/Gift Cards/SOFORT  Pay-Per-Clip 

April 8, 2017:  Virtual Taboo have made changes to ownership and our long running Virtual Taboo discount has been removed for the time being. 
  • Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Android, IPhone , HTC Vive and more 
  • Pay-per-Video option 
  • 220 movies as of October, 2018.  Featuring VR stars such as Blondie Fesser, Silvia Rubi, Alexa Tomas, Julia Roca, Proxy Paige, Tina Kay, Onix Babe, Viola Bailey's, Nancy A and Penelope Cum.
  • Long videos, some 40 mins plus.
  • The only place to find Kira Queen and Proxy Paige in VR. 
  •  Multiple female POV vids.
  • Updating twice a week as of January 2017
  • New pricing has gone into effect at Virtual Taboo in February 2017.  New ownership is also in effect.
  • Summer update: Pricing has once again been raised at Virtual Taboo on monthly and 3 month tiers.
  • I have not viewed any Virtual Taboo movies since about Summer 2017 with the new content providers having been focused more that year instead of the older crews productions. 
  • March 2018:  The original crew is no longer at Virtual Taboo



* Started out indie

* Some early VR classics

* Awesome lesbian scenes

* Early catalog was quite original/unique

* Some VR exclusives such as Proxy Paige

* Took on new ownership in 2017

* Change in direction and content

* Step-porn as a regular new emphasis

* Overuse of white sets washes out new productions

* Original ownership/director no longer with the studio

* Expensive

Virtual Taboo Review: Site Details

Virtual Taboo are an established entry into the VR Porn arena, currently offering 197 full length movies at the beginning of July 2018.  A VR studio with indie roots, Virtual Taboo proved that you didn't need a big studio budget to film capable VR porn, you just needed a bit of common sense, internal testing and the willingness to listen to feedback from consumers, all of which Virtual Taboo did to great effect in 2016, frankly making some of the more well funded studios look bad by comparison that year, in terms of getting their basic tech elements down early.

Read our Q&A with Virtual Taboo lead Developer Marcos Lopez here for more info on Virtual Taboo

Great mix of European Women

Classic 2016-17 Virtual Taboo featured a diverse mix of Spanish and Russian girls as well as the occasional Brit like Tina Kay and Carly Rae and also shot American legend Proxy Paige's only VR scenes to date.  Their older solo scenes were among some of my favorite early VR solo's and the lesbian scenes were also quite good....you must watch the Lesbian Taboo series if you watch nothing else at Virtual Taboo. 

Virtual Taboo released a consistent batch of VR porn movies in 2016 featuring well known European talent such as Blondie Fesser, Silvia Rubi, Ally Breelsen, Kira Queen, Julia Roca Alexa Tomas,  Viola Bailey's, Onix Babe, Tina Kay, Carly Rae and American Proxy Paige.  

Was One to Watch in 2017

I really enjoyed most of the 2016 Virtual Taboo releases, which began experimenting a bit more with close ups and intimacy over the Summer and even delving into some fetish content going into the Fall, with the studio winding up the Winter of 2016 with some strong releases that represented some of their most sophisticated productions to that point. 

Early 2017 saw Virtual Taboo increasing to 2 movies a week, expanding upon their VR production techniques by incorporating more detailed setups and scene construction and the production team seemed to be in a nice place to build on all they learned after a successful 2016.  

Ownership changes in 2017

The ownership changed at Virtual Taboo in 2017 and one of the first changes made was the addition of movies from another 3rd party production team not related to the original team and those videos looked a bit different in style and camera tech and I can't say that I was much of a fan of this particular content myself when it was brought into the catalog.

As well, titles of movies shifted abruptly to rather redundant keyword stuffed "step" themes for almost every movie release, so the original indie flavor of the studio changed quite a bit in 2017.  The core Spanish production team was still in place, they were just no longer the main content provider. 

Greedy price hikes

Virtual Taboo raised prices twice in 2017, and are currently one of the highest priced subs as a result, with a fairly absurd $29.95 a month price point with no network support or anything else to offer, making deals at WankzVR, Naughty America, Czech VR and BaDoinkVR a whole lot more palatable by comparison, with only really Reality Lovers being priced in this tier. 

Have not watched anything lately myself

Virtual Taboo's Spanish side of production had done some of the better work in VR since starting as an indie in 2016.  They took on investment and ownership changed over to Xhamster, which has taken the brand well off course from where they started in terms of original focus and vision.  The core Spanish crew is no longer with Virtual Taboo as of 2018 and it has been some time since I have personally checked out a title having known Marcos the original producer quite well.  I used to run Virtual Taboo's Twitter account and help out with a few other things, so I was kind of firmly in my bro's camp when they got bought up and direction changed over to keyword driven porn.   

Check out our complete classic library of Virtual Taboo Spain Samples with the link below.  We stopped hosting Virtual Taboo trailers in 2017.

Find the classic Virtual Taboo trailers in our video section

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