Hot 3rd Person VR Porn from Virtual Taboo with “Virtual Cuckhold Experience”

Lana Sweet

Lana Sweet in Virtual Cuckhold Experience!

Review by DirtyD

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Review Score 8/10

Virtual Cuckhold from Virtual Taboo!

Virtual Taboo are a new European studio that has just started releasing videos in early 2016, and what we have seen so far, we have been impressed with! Today, we are going to take a look at Virtual Taboo's "Virtual Cuckold Experience" starring the lovely Lana Sweet.

Virtual Cuckold Experience is a single shot 180 degree, 50 fps scene clocking in at over 40 mins, so it is quite a bit longer than movies that most other studios are releasing at the moment. This gives you more than enough time to get comfy and into the movie. Scale is excellent for 3rd person point of view and there were no real issues with any sections of the movie with odd distortions or similar issues.

The scene is a MFM scene, with one male watching the action of the other 2 and occasionally being used as a seat or being slapped on the hand when attempting to reach out and touch Lana. I would call it more of a voyeur scene than a traditional Cuckold scenario.

Starting Off

And a good voyeur scene it is. Lana starts off with some oral favors and she is a great cocksucker who has a marvelous cock to suck in this scene. Watching her give head is sexy and doesn't get old, and over the course of the 40 minute scene, we get to watch her suck her stud off from many different angles.

Lana Sweet Virtual Taboo

Lana sucks cock in front of you

The first 10 mins of action is all various oral shots and they finally get down to business about 12 mins in with some doggy action and Lana's ass looks hot as hell while she is being fucked from this angle.

Most of the fucking takes place off to the left and is probably a tad bit further then a VR scene should be filmed, but the action is hot and the camera angle is good.

Lana Sweet ass

A bit far but still hot

We get some missionary, doggie, and cowgirl, where once again Lana's awesome ass is on full display. Some forward cowgirl and spooning, and we have pretty much run through all the classics and the couple looks great in all of them. 

lana gives you a view

Lana puts her ass in your face

At one point Lana comes and sticks her ass right in your face while she sucks the guy off, making for a nice moment.

Front Row Center

​At around 34 mins, Lana comes and stands right in front of you while being fucked from behind and this provides some nice closeness and intimacy, providing one of the hotter moments in the scene.

lana takes it in front of you

Lana gets fucked in front of you

She then gets down and eagerly sucks the guy off to a huge cumshot, which she greedily scoops into her mouth, and next palms into her pussy before standing up and aggressively fingering herself to the point that her legs are visibly shaking, making for one hell of an ending to this scene, I have to say!

lana rubs cum into her pussy

Lana rubs his load into her pussy!

Solid Choice 8/10

Overall, the movie was hot, and provided a cool 3rd person perspective with lots of good profile shots. I am not sure it really succeeds on the Cuckold level, but there is certainly plenty of hot fucking and I never found myself getting too bored of Lana or wanting to fast forward over the course of 40 mins. Would like to see Lana Sweet in more videos in the future! 8/10.  You can find our full Virtual Taboo review here.

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Virtual Cuckold Experience from Virtual Taboo!

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