Virtual Taboo’s Intriguing New Solo Video featuring Macy

Macy Solo Fun cover from Virtual Taboo

Macy Solo Fun from Virtual Taboo!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup:  Oculus Rift CV1 and Steam Whirligig

Review Score 9/10

"Macy Solo Fun"

Macy Solo Fun (sounds like me when I try to speak Spanish!  Just kidding Virtual Taboo 😛 ) is a June 17th release from Virtual Taboo featuring sexy natural Russian Macy, in her first feature video for VT.  This is a simple 12 minute solo movie that for me at least, gets into some pretty interesting territory by the end of the clip, and perhaps points at some new areas of focus with VR Porn.

Introducing Macy

Macy, is a beautiful natural Russian gal with a tight little body and easy way about her and it is nice to see just a natural woman, you know?  No clown makeup like some Naughty America vids, and it is good to see the other end of the spectrum here, instead of obligatory false eyelashes and smoky eyes and I think that serves this video well in the end with its intimacy.

Macy Virtual Taboo Solo

Macy is a natural cutie

Not much to color comment on here as far as the scene progression, Macy gives her body a nice sensual rubdown while slowly disrobing and leaning in for the occasional kiss, some of which are a bit quick and a few inches to far out, and then a couple kisses that are very close, slower and much more effective.  She also offers her fingers wet with pussy juice up to your mouth a couple of times in the earlier section, and this is certainly effective in VR.  The scene progresses to some nice dildo play with one of Virtual Taboo's unique Pussy Bats,  and then kind of winds up someplace else new for me.

Virtual Taboo Macy solo Fun

Macy gives you a glimpse

What I really liked about this clip

What surprised me about his clip the first time I viewed it was that at some point, when Macy was going at it with the dildo, and that action was a bit low to focus on, being that close to her....I just became fascinated with watching her FACE while she was masturbating. This kind of caught me off guard a little bit and is an example of how VR can crack into some really cool new experiences and surprise you from time to time, as to how various things affect you at close proximity.

By the end of the scene, I honestly felt like the close ups on her face while she was busy below, was PLENTY.  Like,I would have been happy with that, like 4 inches closer.  You could ALMOST feel her breath every time she would gasp.  You could ALMOST feel the heat coming off of her.  And it was really erotic to just watch her facial expressions and breathing while she got herself off.  If the movie had been longer, a tiny bit closer yet,  and you were to let a girl get really into it....huzzah.

Macy Virtual Taboo Solo

Macy offers you a taste of the honey pot

By the end of the video, I kind of forgot about downstairs, and that is pretty much an odd thing to say about a porno and I think it really points to an exciting, visceral future with adult videos and VR technology.  There are ways to exploit this that we are just starting to scratch at 2 years in and then someone makes contact with the ball like WankzVR did last week and everyone collectively shits themselves.

Macy Solo Fun movie review

Macy's rocking natural rack

Touching on new elements

I think many of us feel like, hey....we already have great 2D porn.  If we wanna go through the hassle of putting on an HMD, we want something new.  Something fresh to go with our new toys.  And a movie like this, shows me, it does not even have to be overtly sexual, in the traditional sense, where you need that hardcore visual stimulation.  There is more to be had in VR to where I could just kind of let that fixation go in this one and enjoy the experience of watching Macy up close, pleasure herself.  It was new for me in VR and exciting in that sense, like, hinting at magic right over the crest of the hill.

Macy Dildo Virtual Taboo

Most of the dildo action is futher back or lower in the shot....but I didn't wind up caring by the end

Exciting month for VR Porn

This month has really been the most exciting I can recall in VR porn for quite some time.  We have seen some great efforts to address the call for close ups from WankzVR, HoloGirlsVR,VirtualRealPorn and this effort from Virtual Taboo.  For this reviewer, this movie represents its own unique breakthrough in focusing just the face in the end, reducing the scene to a very simple, yet powerful presentation in VR.  If that was built on, it could be really great.

Macy Virtual Taboo VR Porn

By the end, I just wanted to watch Macy's face close up.

A couple of strong, short, kissing moments

On kissing, I am finding that pecks kind of feel like token kisses in some of these early VR attempts and then the up close ones, like a couple here, and in some other excellent releases of late, where the girl approaches slower, and spends some time up close, start to feel like kissing behind the roller rink when you were a kid.  There is something provocative about early VR kissing, like doing it all over for the first time or something, your brain is kind of fucked by it, like WHOA, she all up in my space and I have tingles!  It is fun to just watch these early attempts go down, where it is still such a fresh novelty, and some are like, oh, not quite, and some are like, dam, more of that, that FELT cool.

This was hot to me in a totally different way

So I really enjoyed this one, for reasons that I normally don't focus on and for showing me a different light into areas I might actually find provocative at close range in VR.  On one hand, it is just a simple solo clip and it may not be your cup of tea, but on the other hand, I think it is exactly the type of experimentation we need from VR porn studios at the moment, who have really not bothered to push the up close envelope for the last 2 years, and some will be stoked by this.  9/10.  Would have liked to have seen it even closer, we are within inches of the Goldilocks zone here, otherwise, this was a nice effort by both Macy and Virtual Taboo.  It was erotic without ever needing to be dirty.....that kind of says something.   Find more details about VT in our full Virtual Taboo Review.  View our review for Macy's Hardcore scene at Virtual Taboo, Russian Room Service.

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