Virtual Anal Superhero Action in “Superheros Premiere 2” from VirtualRealPorn!

Superheroes Premiere II VirtualRealPorn cover

"Superheros Premiere 2" starring Sienna Day and Anna Polina

Review by DirtyD

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Review Score 7/10

"Superheros Premiere 2" from VirtualRealPorn

"Superheros Premiere 2" is an April 2016 release from VirtualRealPorn starring VRP favorites Sienna Day and Anna Polina.  This is the second installment of this themed series from VRP, with the first movie featuring Girl/Girl "Superhero" action and dildoing.  In this installment, we see our sultry superheros take on a nasty villain with their balloon knots and a pink bat cave explorer, so let's get right into it!

Superheros Part Deux

This 21 min scene starts off with Supergirl, Sienna Day, dressed in a Superman tee sitting with you on the floor of a spacious apartment or living room that is lit in typical rosy pinkish VRP hue.  Sienna is talking to you and rubbing your cock while referencing the last video in the series and it is not long before she is joined by Batgirl, Anna Polina, in a sexy black catsuit.

anna polina and sienna day superheros

Our sexy superheros greet each other

Anna immediately liberates her tits, looking sexy as hell with them pointing out of the catsuit and it is not long before both girls are bobbing on your knob.  The sucking in this section is hot, with both ladies taking turns pushing each others heads down on your cock and Sienna making every single inch of it disappear.  Both girls then strip off their outfits,  displaying their ample racks and Sienna is rocking a nicely trimmed muff.

anna and sienna team up on your cock

Anna and Sienna team up on your cock

"You Want This Dick in Your Ass?"

Anna then asks Sienna if she would like your dick in her ass and Sienna is stoked at the prospect, but tells you she is going to come sit on your face first.  She turns around 69 style and puts her ass right in your face for Anna to then oil up and this section is really good with streams of oil cascading down Sienna's deliciuos ass in 3D.  Anna grabs a large pink dildo and gets busy inserting it into Sienna's tight little bung and this shot works amazingly well for a minute until Sienna backs up a tad and you begin to feel like Anna is smacking you right on the nose with the dildo!  But this shit is hot nonetheless 🙂

anna dildos sienna's ass

Anna stretches Sienna's tight litte asshole

The girls do a little ATM action with the dildo and Sienna says she likes tasting her ass juices off of it before going in for a kiss with her fellow superhero.  Anna is the first to mount up and take you in her ass, and you get some decent, if not clumsy anal fucking in the next section.  Between the angle of the dangle and the minimal size of your stunt cock, it is all the ladies can do to keep things in place or even get things started, which makes for a bit of clumsy fuckin with your dick constantly popping out.  A major detraction, when coupled with the bent cock and my only real gripe with this otherwise steamy scene.

Anna Polina anal

Anna is first to take you in her ass

But enough about this guys shortcomings, the girls look great and demand focus, and Anna gives you a nice ride for a few, while you get to stare at your cock working in and out of her sultry ass.  Sienna follows next and takes you in her backdoor in cowgirl, but again,  has a hard time keeping the smaller tool in place and an even harder time working it inside.  Every time the cock slips out of her ass, it lends the scene a really bad, stop/start quality and it fails to really build any significant steam as a result.   Still, Sienna is sexy as hell and I love watching her fuck, I just find it a bit frustrating when my VR avatar can't get the job done.  

sienna gives an anal ride

Anna gives Sienna a hand

Sienna climbs off and the girls suck your cock clean before Anna climbs aboard for some forward cowgirl anal action while Sienna plows her assole beside you with the dildo, then offering it up for sexy Anna to suck.

Anna and Sienna give you a double show

Anna and Sienna give you a double anal show

The girls suck you off to an awesome cumshot which they then show you and share in a nice cumswapping sequence, before the scene fades to black and Superheros Premier part 2 is a done deal!

anna gives sienna your cum

Anna gives Sienna your cum before the girls swap it

I was initially pretty stoked for this one, being a fan of Sienna Day's previous work at VRP and a lover of all things anal, but I was let down by my stunt cock in this one, rendering much of the fucking not very effective for me.  When the guys cock slips out due to lack of size every 15 to 20 seconds, forcing the girl to spend another 15 to 20 seconds putting tiny Tim back in the hole again.....ya, it kind of sucks all the momentum out of things.  The saving grace, is both ladies look amazing throughout, and it helps to keep the focus on them rather than your substandard member.  Would recommend this one to Anal fans that can live with popping out all the time,  and fans of Sienna Day and Anna Polina.  7/10 for some really hot moments and a few not so hot spots attributed to the male talent, the girls were top notch.  See the trailer for Superheros 2 below.


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