Real Men Fuck Like Frogs! Victoria Pure in Red Stockings from SexBabesVR!

Red Stockings Featuring Victoria Pure from SexBabesVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  SexBabesVR
Release date:  April 10, 2018
Running time: 32 minutes
Starring:  Victoria Pure
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 (for comfort) with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review
Notables:   Victoria Pure, Frogman PoV
Negatives:  Frogman PoV
Review Score: 7.5/10
5 words or less: Real Men Fuck Like Frogs

Red Stockings!

     Sup guys! Just got done watching Red Stockings featuring Victoria Pure from SexBabesVR and wanted to write up a quick SexBabesVR check-in review.  SexBabesVR movies are looking pretty sweet these days, and I've been hitting them up a couple of times a month this year to see how the production end of things is coming along in terms of things like PoV's and other VR particulars. Victoria Pure is pure slutty goodness in Red Stockings, but like some of the other SexBabesVR movies I have seen recently, there are also some funny looking/feeling PoV's such as the Frogman stance featured here that kind of take away from the overall scene flow in the end for me. 

Red Stockings Victoria Pure

Victoria Pure!


Setup for Red Stockings finds you in a bodyless PoV next to Victoria Pure, who spends the first few minutes in close proximity to the camera as the movie gets started.

Victoria Pure

Kisses kind of look like this

Kisses are misses

Victoria is a fast girl and fairly aggressive in vibe so it's pretty much "hey there handsome", aaaaaand right to open mouth kissing! There's lots of kissing right off the bat, but most of it takes place a few inches too far from the rig, making for a whole lot of glossy lips and tongue in your face, to the point I wanted her to stop doing it after a bit, lol. No offense to miss Pure, but this isn't a terribly natural virtual kissing effect here. 

Audio and Video

Audio sounds quite crisp with a nice stereo image and the set lighting and video quality are quite excellent, with natural looking skin tones and clean definition throughout the frame.

Victoria Pure Red Stockings movie

"Lick it......Lick!"

The cam pulls a slight drop forward next as Victoria loses her bra for some simulated titty lickin, and there are a few of these smooth moving transitions incorporated nicely into the opening section.

Basic movement

The SexBabesVR moving setup is fairly basic and allows for movement on the vertical axis in terms of both height and vertical pan, and they have been incorporating this effectively into their scenes for quite some time now.  I would probably have to rate it as my second favorite take on moving VR porn rigs atm—behind Czech VR's older moving steady setup— for proving some smooth and effective breaks to the basic static shots we are accustomed to getting right now.

Red Stockings SexBabesVR

"Do you smell it poocee?"

Victoria next removes her panties, has a seat, and the cam moves fluidly down to join her where she's mopping up her pussy with her undies and offering them up to you for a sniff.

Victoria Pure VR
Victoria Pure virtual reality

"And lick my pussy"

The cam descends a bit lower still for some simulated pussy eating next and I can't say I am huge on the faking-getting-licked type approach with Victoria laying it on pretty heavy here, but you've got a couple mins of this if you dig it.  The angle is pretty nice with you being able to look up at Victoria above and the distance is perhaps a little further out than the full on airlingus effect, but pretty close to the mark overall.

Victoria Pure VR porn

"And now.....I want suck your cock!"

Victoria next motions towards the bed and the setup transitions over to a flat on back, rib platter shot for some oral favors.

SexBabesVR Red Stockings movie review

Rib Platter

I call it the rib platter shot because the guy is laying flat with his arms back, causing his ribs to rise up into the bottom of the frame as most of us have seen a time or ten by now. SexBabesVR has tilted the cam up here a little, which improves things a bit on the PoV, but this still pretty much your standard poor feeling flat on back PoV, where the guy feels fairly high in the frame, even if you are laying completely flat while watching. 

Victoria Pure virtual


Oral action here is split up with a down between your legs opening followed up by some standing bend and suck with Victoria's naughty bits in your face.

Victoria Pure feet


The red stockings are focused for a brief minute as Victoria takes your cock between her feet for some quick footplay. 

Victoria Pure VR fuck

"Now, it's time..............time for fucking!"

Fuckins get going with some pretty aggressive forward cowgirl from Victoria, featuring a decent amount of overhanging footage with her being closer up to your "face" before the action switches later to reverse reverse cowgirl.

Victoria Pure cowgirl
Victoria Pure virtual cowgirl
Victoria Pure reverse cowgirl
Victoria Pure ass
Victoria Pure in Red Stockings at SexBabesVR

Frog Stance

Froggy Style

The scene moves to the final PoV setup at around the 20 minute mark, and I'm gonna call this one Froggy Style, because that's pretty much the way this guy is sitting, with his legs folded underneath himself in a totally awkward looking/feeling manner.

frog pov

Who fucks like this???

From a PoV standpoint, it's pretty comical feeling and not unlike another SexBabesVR scene I watched a few weeks back with Lola Myluv featuring similar positioning only with the guy actually bearing on his fists for support behind him and it just begs the question: Who actually fucks like this? And is it really that hard to film a semi seated PoV? 😛  This kind of setup just winds up being pretty skimworthy for me with too much dude emphasis in the frame to get with it as a first person PoV. 

Frog fuck
Victoria Pure handjob


Froggy style runs the last 10 minutes of the scene and the cumshot features Victoria jerking you off onto her tits and licking up every last drop over the course of a slow cooldown before turning vibe and kicking your ass out at the very end of the scene!

victoria pure cum cleanup
Red Stockings from SexBabesVR movie review

Now go!

Nice performance from Victoria Pure 


Wrapping up Red Stockings, I thought it was a solid sexy performance from Victoria Pure, and felt like it was a pretty average feeling scene otherwise, with nothing really ringing my particular VR bells too hard.  

On the positives, the movie looked great in terms of the visual quality and the audio image and detail was also quite good.  I like the incorporation of the bodyless PoV up front coupled with some basic camera movement, and I thought there was a decent focus on proximity and attempts at keeping things a little more on the intimate side. 

On the negatives, the kissing felt/looked pretty awkward with positioning being a couple inches outside of the virtual gold zone and unfortunately VR kisses either hit or fall flat on their face in end effect, with the bulk of them falling well outside of the batters box here. The upward tilt on the flat on back cowgirl setup helped mitigate the poor feeling PoV there some, but it is getting pretty old for me after 4 years seeing the stock flat on back setup when there are simply better ways to shoot that position for VR.  And then the FrogMan stance......I dunno what to say about that one. /shrug! It's kind of trademark SexBabesVR lately, and I can't help but cite it as an example of overdoing/overthinking things for VR. Put the guy on an incline in some sort of seat for the same type of footage, and have a much better feeling PoV in the end and make your talent more comfortable when fucking = more natural feeling scene in my view. Natural translates in VR.  

Overall, I would say Red Stockings was a pretty average feeling VR scene for me in the end featuring some above average video and audio quality.  SexBabesVR offer some great casting and some clean looking productions, I think they are still just some ways off from having their PoV's in the same virtual neighborhood as say Czech or WankzVR and it would be nice to see them make some gains in that department in 2018 as it is one of the only real shortcomings they have at the moment in my eyes.  7.5/10, mainly on PoV's and kissing. 


Red Stockings from SexBabesVR!

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