To MILF or Not to MILF Featuring Vanessa Cage at MilfVR!

To Milf or No to Milf from MilfVR

Vanessa Cage Featured in To MILF or Not to MILF from MilfVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  MilfVR
Release date:  8/9/18
Running time: 50:00
Starring:  Vanessa Cage
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 (for comfort) with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or To MILF or Not to Milf
Notables:  Sweaty, solid PoV's, natural flow, sexy dialog, tanlines
Negatives:  Set crash jump scare
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Hot scene with Vanessa Cage
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To MILF or Not to Milf?

Doin up a scene review today for the latest MilfVR release, To MILF or Not to MILF featuring Miss Vanessa Cage. I caught Vanessa earlier this year at VRBangers in a day glow orange, larger than life scale scene that didn't really do her justice or leave much of a lasting impression on me but I thought Vanessa really shined in this feature by contrast, and MilfVR did a great job bringing out her vibe and personality for us.

Vanessa Cage

Vanessa Cage!


Setup has your girl Vanessa returning home from some sort of audition callback. I'm not sure if your old lady does the porno's..... but someone, somewhere is willing to pay her 26 year old ass to play the role of a MILF in some sort of production.

Vanessa Cage MilfVR
Vanessa Cage in To Milf or Not to Milf

"Do you think I could play a MILF?"

Vanessa's not really sure about pulling the whole MILF thing off so she decides to try out her acting skillz on you and exits the room for a moment to slip into something a little more MILFy. 

Vanessa Cage VR

Black lace

Returning after a cut in a sexy black lace getup, Vanessa has a seat in your lap so she can bust out some MILFy lines. 

Vanessa Cage virtual reality

What flavor of MILF would you like?

Miss Cage is basically going to role play several varieties of MILF for you during the scene, from Neighbor MILF to Teacher MILF, Step MILF, etc. and her dialog delivery is pretty much on point, relaying an attentive warmness with a nice dash of naughty while still keeping things relaxed and natural in vibe. 

Vanessa Cage Milf

Warm vibes from Vanessa

Vanessa's got a warm presence here that comes across nicely in this scene and I was like wow.....this feels like a totally different girl then in her VRBangers scene from earlier this year.

Vanessa Cage titty fuck

Tit fuck time

Titty guys get some titty time next, nestled up in between Vanessa's two toned knockers and she's got a hot n' sweaty sheen going pretty much from the get go.

Vanessa Cage breasts

Breastcentric cowgirl

Funbags in your face cowgirl action follows and Vanessa's early sheen has turned into a fully dripping drench by the time she gets done riding your shit here.

Vanessa Cage reverse cowgirl

Reverse twerkin on yer gherkin

Reverse action follows at around the 22 minute mark and Vanessa twerks it an' werks it nicely for the ass fans.

Standing Doggie

Action transitions to solid feeling standing doggie setup next featuring more tasty views of Vanessa's thick badunkadunk. 

Vanessa Cage doggie
Vanessa Cage virtual missionary

Nice mish setup

Missionary's up next and the couch back here is about the perfect height needed to bring Vanessa's face up nicely to the cam for a strong VR face effect whilst you are still able to peep the action further down below in the frame.

Butterfly finish

The movie winds up with a further out, perspective butterfly missionary type shot accompanied by a hot sauce deposit on Vanessa's waiting stomach and titties.

Cumrag cleanup

Vanessa asks you to help get her cleaned up and in warps a box of cumrags!...... which have kind of become a running joke on the WankzVR boards ever since last years X-Mas giveaway fun and make for a comical ending for this one.  

Hot VR scene for Vanessa Cage fans


Wrappin up To MILF or Not to MILF, I thought it was a hot n' sweaty VR scene for Vanessa Cage fans and there wasn't a whole lot on the negative side for me to nitpick about really. Vanessa's look and performance was on point, as were the technical elements of the movie in terms of audio, video and PoV setups. About the only blemish was an unexpected bit of set noise—that may scare the shit out of you in your fap daze— prompting a quick comedy ad-lib response from Vanessa, but other than that the scene flowed as naturally for me as the sweat running down Vanessa's big ole' titties.

Personal highlights for were the hot n' sweaty sex—which I think can add just a little bit of extra presence in VR— as well as Vanessa's playful dialog throughout, which she did a really great job with.  PoV's felt good to me overall and I even found myself thinking at one point.... huh.....the audio actually sounds pretty decent here for Wankz.

I was kind of like meh after watching Vanessa's VRBangers scene earlier this year, and I'm glad I got to see another side of her vibe here, where she comes across as warm and engaging, leaving me with a totally different impression of her this time around. I dunno if I would grant Vanessa Cage legit MILF status just yet, but she did a cool job here playing up the role and I thought To MILF or Not to MILF was a fun 50 minutes in virtual reality with her. 10/10.  


To MILF or Not to MILF from MilfVR!

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