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Elsa Jean Featured in Twisted Sisters from Naughty America VR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  Naughty America VR
Release date:  2/10/17
Running time: 35:53
Starring:  Elsa Jean
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or Twisted Sisters Preview
Notables:   Elsa Jean
Negatives: Crooked or off PoV's
Review Score: 8/10
5 words or less:  Nice one for Elsa Fans

"Twisted Sisters"

​Just checkin out the new Elsa Jean VR feature from Naughty America VR, Twisted Sisters, and doing a bit of a scene recap. I love me some Elsa Jean and it's been some time since her last appearance at Naughty America VR in Spring Break which was one of my favorite releases from NA last year so I was looking forward to this one. While Twisted Sisters offered up some nice looks at Elsa Jean and a fun plot setup, it left me a little flat in the end with some lackluster PoV's in the VR sense.  But overall, for an Elsa Jean fan, they will probably want to check this one out, as she looks amazing as always and turns in a great performance. 

An evening with Elsa Jean

The opening finds you hot dropped into the scene with Elsa Jean speaking to you right in your face and doing the at home for a movie with girlfriend kind of setup and you can tell by her movie suggestions and outfit, she's pretty vanilla.

Twisted Elsa

Sweet Elsa opts to grab some popcorn and heads off for the kitchen when Dirty Elsa walks in in a sexy black leather getup and tells you what a prude her sis is, before wishing you luck on your evening dramady and heading out for a smoke.

​Was my sister here?

Elsa 1 returns with a big bowl of popcorn and detects the stinky stench of her sister, telling you to just ignore her. A quick discussion of movie choices and she remembers she forgot the soda and heads off for the kitchen again and this is the last you will be seeing of Sweet Elsa beyond some voice from beyond type comments later.

​Opening is pretty fast

Slutty Elsa reappears and has a seat next to you to munch on some corn, before getting down on her knees to slob on your cob and this whole opening exchange takes place in the space of about 2 and a half minutes before the sexin's start. While the setup idea was cute, it kind of comes off feeling really rushed, even for a Naughty America scene, when contrasted to other longer setups and it might have been nice to have perhaps doubled the time here for the sake of scene rhythm.

​Not the best perspectives in this one

Elsa gets to work and looks great with the black leather & blonde thing happenin while she mouths your cock...but the PoVs in this movie, pretty much all of them, were really lacking for me, with this initial one being twisted to the left, to where you have to turn a bit, and it makes the whole thing feel wonky and out of alignment.  Like, if center was 12 o'clock ahead, the action is say like 10:30, 11:00 in your horizontal FoV. 

"​I can't find any soda!"

Around 6 minutes in, Elsa 1 yells from the kitchen that she can't find any soda and is running to the store, and the action cuts to find you layin on the floor flat on your back with slutty Elsa standing above you removing her clothing. The PoV here is kind of that guy-laying-flat-below-you type view, with the cam up in the air what feels like 16, 18" or so, but you clearly laying flat below it.  

​Plump pussy

Elsa gets naked and goes into a standing bend and suck section that offers some choice views of her ass and plump pussy up close while framing the action down below nicely and this sequence also winds up with some hot pussy and asshole licking coaching from Elsa.

​Love Elsa Jeans long frame

The fucking gets going with some tasty squatting reverse cow and I pretty much never get tired of that view of Elsa Jean. Long legs, tight heart shaped ass, long torso, I love it.

​Some pretty tight kissing 

A pause in the fucking for some well placed kissing that hits the mark solidly and close up titties follow before Elsa samples her juices from your shaft and gets back on for reverse cow round 2. The action switches to forward cowgirl next and the next 6 minutes were fairly pedestrian, but you do get some nice looks at Elsa Jean here.

​My favorite section

An edit at 26 minutes in finds you in standing doggy, with a PoV that feels much too low down your chest, but despite a comical feeling perspective, the views of Elsa when she gets up on all fours on the table in front of you, are worth the price of admission alone in my estimation and this was by far my favorite section of Twisted Sisters.

​Seated cowgirl

The final position change comes at 31 minutes into the movie for some seated cowgirl, that from a PoV perspective, wasn't working for me, feeling low and twerked some, but once again, some nice shots of Elsa doin her thing.

​Hard start, hard end 

We are less than 90 seconds to the end of the movie now and you can pretty much sense the cut coming as homie don't look particularly motivated yet, and after a cut, you are now kind of splayed back for the pop haphazardly before the cam, and Elsa Jean doing a nice jerk and swallow routine before you, after which the plug is almost immediately pulled on Twisted Sisters, leading to a fairly cold snap ending. 

Not a bad movie for Elsa Jean fans 8/10

Wrapping up Twisted Sisters, I would say it was a good one for Elsa Jean fans if you just want to watch some nice footage, there were many tasty sections, and I really enjoy Elsa's style of running lines with just enough corn and camp to suit a porno plot. I loved the black leather that contrasted Elsa's blonde look early, and the doggy section on the table was an asslovers delight as far as the view. On the tech side, Twisted Sisters often felt twisted to me, with more than one camera perspective being off center of the male and I never really felt at home in the VR sense of inhabiting the male avatar on the screen. Audio as well was quite one dimensional lacking any real positional info, and overly compressed with a touch of background hiss. In the end, the stuff I like best were the brief opening plot mechanic that could have perhaps been allowed to flesh out a bit more, some nicely on point kissing from Elsa, and pretty much that epic doggy view. If I was looking for a quality VR romp with Elsa I would likely be rolling something like Thanksgiving Dinner or even her amazing eye contact in Spring Break but Twisted Sisters offers some nice visuals, and if you are into Elsa Jean, it's certainly worth a download, she puts in some nice fucktime here and it's pretty solid on those merits.  8/10.

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"Twisted Sisters" from Naughty America VR!

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