Triple Scene Recap with Lily Adams, Vanessa Cage and Alina Lopez!

Twelve O'Clock Training Appointment cover from VRBangers
Lick that Stick cover from WankzVR

Alina Lopez, Lily Adams and Vanessa Cage at WankzVR, BaDoinkVR and VRBangers!

Review by DirtyD

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Studio:  WankzVR, BaDoinkVR, VRBangers
Release dates:  
Starring:  Alina Lopez, Lily Adams, Vanessa Cage
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 (for comfort) with Free Whirligig
Trailers: Following Review
Notables:  Alina Lopez, Lily Adams
Negatives:  Supersized Vanessa Cage, One sided Lily Adams
Review Score: 5-9
5 words or less: Root canals suck 

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     Sup bros n' ho's. Bouncin back from a root canal this week and wanted to mix it up some and hit on a few of the movies that I have watched in the last couple days instead of doing a longer scene write up today. I was waiting for the new Lily Adams at BaDoinkVR, curious about the Vanessa Cage scene at VRBangers and stoked for the Alina Lopez scene this week at Wankz so I'll do a quick recap on all 3 here instead of my usual long winded porno dissertation.

Lily Adams at BaDoinkVR

Lily Adams!

To Paint the Lily

First up, To Paint the Lily featuring Lily Adams from BaDoinkVR. Now.... I saw Miss Lily post a video to her Twitter sometime ago with her in an airplane bathroom fingering her asshole, and I have to admit.... I've kind of had a hard spot for her since, so was hoping this would be a decent scene technically speaking from BaDoinkVR, having only gotten a little taste of her recently in the WankzVR Christmas Bonus special where she was kind of looking hot as fuck .

Lily Adams To Paint the Lily

One sided eye contact

Lily looks and does great n this GFE styled movie but as many of us have come to expect at BaDoinkVR, eye contact is a one sided affiar here and it's perhaps one of the worst cases I have actually seen on display at BaDoinkVR.

Lily Adams VR cowgirl

It kind of hurt my brain, lol

It kind of almost hurt my eyes in a way, trying to follow her off screen eyes, and this is not a critique on Lily, but on the director that is telling her to look at one camera or the other deliberately.

Lily Adams
Lily Adams asshole finger

Perhaps some changes coming on eye focus

There was some commentary in the scene thread on reddit that this would be the last we will see of this at BaDoinkVR so time will tell if they get the simple message that having the girls look in the middle of the 2 cams is the way to go in VR.

Lily Adams fingers asshole

Nice action

In terms of action, the scene's quite nice, and basically a recycle of the Stephanie West scene from a couple weeks back, down to the too-low standing, corner of the bed doggie PoV. Lily's great, visibly wet and even spends some time fingering her tight little butthole for you as a bonus.

Lily Adams VR doggie
Lily Adams missionary

Pretty standard early 2018 BaDoinkVR scene

Overall tech was your average BaDoinkVR scene of late with slightly washed out visuals, improved audio and about what you would expect for PoVs, nothing new there, meaning, they could still use some work in my estimation such as the doggie shot here. 

Lily Adams movie review

Like a 7 or an 8 with the eye contact thang

Eye contact was the big negative in To Paint the Lily for me, and it's kind of an important element in VR so I would likely rate this one like a 7 or 8, no fault of Lily's, I thought it a pretty solid scene otherwise, low feeling doggie view aside.

Vanessa Cage

Vanessa Cage! Orange and Supersized!

Twelve O' Cock Training Appointment

Next up was Twelve O' Cock Training Appointment from VRBangers featuring Vanessa Cage, whom I was unfamiliar with before this scene and she's packin a whole lotta everything here!

Vanessa Cage VR porn

Good  ole' Bangers

I was pretty stoked on the Ella Nova scene a couple weeks back at VRBangers and am curious to see if that proves to be a one-off home run, or an indication of things to come at VRBangers this year, so I was interested to watch this one to see what the flavor was.

Vanessa Cage at VRBangers

Whoah dam

As soon as I fired it up though, I could tell the scale on this particular rig was totally different from the Ella Nova scene and Vanessa Cage looked absolutely beefy in terms of scale here. We're talking man hands bruh, think year one Naughty America VR scale if you have seen any of those old classics. 

Vanessa Cage VRBangers movie

Full on man hands scale

Roll the dice at Bangers on tech quality

So ya, really not much to say after that for me, I skimmed a bit, but don't find myself watching things that are visibly out of scale like I would have back in 15' these days, so it was out with Training Appointment and on to the next one for this fapper.  This has always been one of my frustrations with VRBangers, you just never know what you are going to get quality wise with the various content providers they use, and it's a bit frustrating to get trolled with tech inconsistencies from week to week, especially if you are paying.  5/10, I can't really take scale this size seriously in 2018 and can't really offer too much commentary on Vanessa's performance here as a result as I didn't particularly watch it. It's for me, an overscaled, flat on back session with a rather large looking Vanessa Cage.  No nuts were cracked in my fap shack.

As a side note, the orange spraytan type glow was also rockin pretty strong here too as you can see in the image above and I have noticed this effect in other VRBangers features such as the Nicole Aniston scene some time back.

Alina Lopez
Alina Lopez WankzVR

Lick That Stick

Last but not least, was Alina Lopez in Lick That Stick from WankzVR, which if not for the root canal I had on Tuesday, I would have likely done up a full on review for this movie. Out of the 3 movies here, it certainly delivered on the VR goods the best and Alina Lopez was a tasty treat to watch.

Alina Lopez VR porn
Alina Lopez virtual reality

Solid scene overall, Alina's great

Pretty much a solid line drive from cast and crew on the VR shot stuff other than the last PoV,  with Alina coming across really well and even the WVR dog making a background cameo. 

Alina Lopez virtual fuck

Some image issues

The only real drawback for me, was again, as with many scenes from WankzVR in the last 3 months, what seemed to be a rather soft looking image, along with some discernible color aberrations in some sections. Where I can normally pick out hazy looking focus, color issues I am generally not as sensitive too as some viewers, and they were screaming out at me in a couple of the shots. 

Alina Lopez counter fuck

Hoping to see things clear up soon at WankzVR

Phil from Wankz took to reddit this week to comment on the situation and there have been recent highlights such as the well received scene last week from MilfVR featuring Cassie Del Isla where the image apparently looked pretty solid, so hopefully WankzVR will be able to iron out these focus issues before too many more scenes with fine ass pussy are affected by it.

Alina Lopez at WankzVR Lick That Stick

Tooled up seated PoV

The only other negative nitpick from me in Lick That Stick would be that this final seated PoV above is cockeyed at times, and Alina also comes very close to breaking frame on the close up in your face cowgirl when facing towards you.

Alina Lopez movie review

Alina Lopez is definitely worth checkin out

Otherwise, if you are into Alina Lopez, this one is certainly worth checking out and it sounds like we will be getting another look at her and Valentina Nappi at WankzVR on the 9th. She's got amazing eyes, strong dialog skills, a wonderful tongue as well as a ripe little booty and I thought this was a nice 45 minutes in virtual reality with her. My favorite shot of the scene would probably be the intimate feeling counter fuck WankzVR pull from time to time and I would rate Lick That Stick overall about a solid 8.5 or 9 overall on the Wankz-o-meter. 

To Paint the Lily, Lick That Stick and Twelve O'Clock Training Appointment!

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