Lily Labeau…Holy Shit! Trading Up from WankzVR!

Trading Up Featuring Lily Labeau from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

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Studio:  WankzVR
Release date:  3/7/17
Running time: 60:00
Starring:  Lily Labeau
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or Trading Up Preview
Notables:  Lily Labeau, intimate scene, natural performance, 
Negatives:  PoV slips down for a section, low kisses, I want tacos now
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Casey who?

"Trading Up"

Writing up a review today for Trading Up featuring Lily Labeau from WankzVR. Trading Up is the 3rd movie in the Parting Gift storyline, with WankzVR Rebound Squad having seen you drown your sorrows in Janice Griffith and Naomi Wood's sweet pussies last week, and this weeks installment finds you fuckin around with Casey's best friend Lily Labeau who has apparently had her eye on you for some time. I wasn't familiar with Lily before this scene but holy fuck balls Batman... I won't be forgetting her anytime soon as she turns in one of the most natural, unaffected performances I can recall seeing in VR here and Trading Up winds up being one of my easy favorites this year.

trading up

Lily Labeau!


Setup for Trading Up finds you chillin with your ex's best friend at her place, and the scene starts off with Lily telling you how glad she is that you came over, and how she knows your ex Casey can be a bit of a beeotch.

1 trading up wankzvr

​Nice opening PoV

You find yourself in a seated PoV rather similar to the start of Tail Gate Tag team with Lily makin the slow advances on you and I was drawn in by her presence right away here as she approached and began talking.  1. She is absolutely beautiful with a really soft and gentle presence and 2. From her opening line to her last line, I pretty much never doubted her performance and there was no problem getting into this one for me from jump. You could tell she was naturally just going to kill it right away.

extra lily

Lily is telling you what your ex is saying about her new fuck, how big his dick is, etc, which sets up some nice competitive tension and she goes about slowly making her sales pitch here, starting things off by rubbing your cock through your pants.

Eye contact is a bit left/right to start with, but otherwise, you can't really get more engaged than Lily is here with every word sounding natural and unforced. Even when she is getting a line from direction, she spits it back out in the most relaxed fashion and it really feels like you are spending some virtual time with her in this scene.

She leans in for a kiss and perhaps one of the only small negatives in Trading Up are that the kisses land consistently low as with many recent WankzVR scenes in terms of where the girls are being told to target, and you get more of a low eye socket kiss here but everything else about Lily's presentation of them is right on in this movie.

2 trading up wankzvr movie review

WankzVR....Now with enhanced brestesesses!

​More realistic titties

Lily busts out the titties so you can cop a feel and you really get a sense of the recent improvements to Wankz's 3D and image here, as tits and ass just look more like tits and ass then they ever have at WankzVR in my opinion. 

3 lily labeau

There is a new like, enhanced effect of volume and detail that makes viewing or squeezing an asscheek or titty more visceral somehow, and I have been loving this new enhanced effect in movies like Be My Valentine and this one.

4 lily labeau wankzvr
5 lily labeau trading up

"Let's go to my bedroom"

Lily loses her panties and gives you some sweet looks at her body and a bit more cock rubbing before suggesting you retire to the bedroom, with the intro all in all running about 8 minutes of highly excellent setup time.

6 trading up lily labeau

​Down to the bedroom

The transition to the bedroom finds you reclined nicely on a bed, with Lily approaching from below and there's a bit of panty play up front with Lily asking you if you would like her to put them back on again for you.

7 lily labeau wankzvr trading up

"Do you have a panty fetish?"

It's hard to relate how intoxicating I found Lily to be in the virtual sense and I was just drawn in hook line and sinker with her the entire way here. There is very little porny vibe in Trading Up, it's a more natural feeling scene.

8 lily labia

The night was moist...

9 lily labeau asshole

​Brunch is served

Before the panties go back on, you get some airlingus time on Lily's clearly wet pussy as well as delicious ass eating with a side of tasty asshole winking, WankzVR style.

10 trading up wankzvr vr porn

Lily busts your cock out around the 15 minute mark for some bend n suck action before putting her panties back on and resuming work on your dick from down below for several more minutes.

11 lily labeau oral
12 lily labeau cowgirl

​Slow, steady buildup

Some slow panties to the side reverse camel grinding and Lily finally places you inside her around 22 minutes into the movie, and it did not feel slow or drawn out pacing wise getting up to this point, with a nice, even and natural buildup to the fuckin.

13 lily labeau virtual fuck

​Natural feeling fuck

And the subsequent fucking here, is pretty choice. Way less porny rapid bounce, and way more feel-every-inch-of-every-stroke type action that makes for a more natural feeling virtual fuck and when Lily appears to rub one out shortly after the fucking starts, it comes across as pretty authentic.

14 lily

​Bring on the bush

Forward facing cowgirl is next, and being a fan of earth mama muffs, I was diggin on the hairy beaver action here, as well as the fully embedded feeling of Lily's grinding fuck approach. 

15 lily labeau vr porn

​More like you would fuck your girl

The cowgirl action here, where Damon is just doing that back arch thing you do with a girl sitting on top of you so you can give her every inch of that dick, would normally be kind of a bland porn shot, because there is not much of the ole' in out going on, it's just all in.  But in this case, in a VR scene, it feels really fucking authentic, like...that is what you do with your fucking girl on top of you. It just feels way less manufactured or contrived and more like just watching Lily really grind one out on your shit. 

16 lily labeau virtual reality

​Dashboard souvenir

Some dirty panty play breaks up the action around 30 minutes in as Lily mops up her pussy with her undies and places them inside her mouth before presenting them to you as a memento for your car and resuming with some tasty fully naked cowgirl fucking.

17 lily labeau vr
18 lily labeau missionary

"You need to fuck me hard"

Lily tells you you need to fuck her really hard and there is a scene cut that finds you in some amazing close up face only missionary for the next few minutes and it's close up.  For those that love proximity missionary shots that don't rely on seeing the penetration below, they don't get much better than this one, and Lily looks amazing here.

19 lily labeau virtual missionary

There are various sections of light choking, and head holding from Damon that help in positioning and drawing Lily closer to you, and while I am not sure about hands coming out of my neck in virtual space, there is some added effect with positioning of Lily's head here that makes it interesting. You just get the sense that your hands and head could not occupy that close a space together, as Damon's actual head is further back behind the rig PoV, but this is a really engaging piece of VR nonetheless, offering  up some seldom seen effects. 

20 wankzvr lily

​Upright missionary

Raised up missionary follows the close up action, granting a nice perspective balance and it's all great footage with Lily who genuinely appears to be enjoying herself.  This is however the only section of the movie where the PoV slips to an unnatural position, and you find yourself a bit too close to the dick here until a height reset comes in a few more minutes.

21 wankzvr trading up

​Ass up blowjob

Ass up on the bed oral follows the missionary and this is always a delicious view with the full on oral accompaniment here from Lily sealing the deal on a great shot.

22 lily labeau doggy

Doggy after height reset

​Mixed doggie

Doggie is next, and the rig reset does not come till about halfway through it, so the first section you are too low and too close to your dick, but the second section after the reset is pretty choice for perspective featuring more slow and easy work-every-inch fucking from Lily.

23 lily labeau trading up
24 lily labeau trading up wankzvr

More ass up sucking followed by raised up in front of you doggie before you forcibly push Lily back down onto the bed for some hard home stretch plowing from behind.

25 lily cumshot
26 wankzvr lily labeau cumshot

The Dice man cometh

An asslap I'm-about-to-blow-my-shit signal is given and Lily rotates back around under you in a nice piece of choreography to take your load from a cool, unique position and the scene is allowed to come down for a good 4 minutes afterward, where Lily offers you up fingers from her wet pussy to lick and teases you with offerings of future buttsex. Lily lastly tells you she has one more surprise in the form of taco's ready to eat upstairs, and Trading Up draws to an end!

27 lily labeau wet pussy

Pretty epic scene from Lily Labeau and WankzVR


​So, in the end, I was lovin my hour spent with Lily Labeau in Virtual Reality and Trading Up wound up being one of my favorite scenes in recent memory, one that I would put up with the likes of other WankzVR classic performances such as Nikkita Diamond, Kristen Scott and Leah Gotti in terms of drawing me in immediately and never letting me go the entire scene.  Half a great VR fuck scene is the girl, and Lily Labeau absolutely kills it in this one. 

​On the positives, the scene had virtually zero porno vibe to it, while still remaining plenty hot.  And it's not like Lily didn't have some dirty shit to say, it was just presented by production and her in a really natural fashion, that made every word ring a bit more true and this vibe really lent itself to the scene overall.  All the fucking as well was more like watching someone enjoy themselves rather than be used as a prop, and this winds up generating a scene where you feel like you spent some time with Lily in virtual space with her as your guide for the hour.   Also another strong stuntcock performance by Damon Dice on his end. 

​On the negatives, the PoV slips down a bit during about 5 minutes or so of footage putting you pretty close to your dick and most of the kisses as well slip down a bit lower than intended but those are really about my only 2 small nitpicks with the scene. 

​In the end, not much more to say about Trading Up except WankzVR does it again, and I would love to see more scenes with Lily Labeau in the future, as I thought she was pretty fucking spectacular here.  I would recommend this scene to anyone looking for a great intimate VR porn experience and actual fans of Lily Labeau should be fucking pumped on it. 10/10

Trading Up from WankzVR!

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