Tori Black Lights It Up In Virtual Reality at BaDoinkVR!

Tori Black Featured in Tori Black Friday from BaDoinkVR!

Review by DirtyD

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Studio:  BaDoinkVR
Release date:  11/24/2016
Running time: 22:45
Starring:  Tori Black
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or Tori Black Friday Preview
Notables:  Tori Black
Negatives:  None
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Tori Black in VR bitch!

"Tori Black Friday"

Taking a look tonight at the new Tori Black VR solo feature just released from BaDoinkVR for Black Friday.  I was pretty stoked to see this announced earlier, as Tori is one of those girls from before VR came about, like Sasha Grey, that I would love to see in VR, and had figured, much like Sasha, chances were probably pretty slim of seeing it happen being that she does not really do scenes anymore. But BaDoinkVR managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat here and holy shit, it's Tori fucking Black back in Virtual Reality and she is fucking sexy and killin it as always!

1 tori black

Holy shit! Tori Black in VR!


Tori Black Friday is pretty much a solo/masturbation/dildo/JOI type feature, so I am not going to do a full on walk-through for it as this movie is about Tori bringing who she is to VR and that's what makes it great.  Needless to say, with Tori, it's plenty hot for a solo movie.

Tori Black VR porn
3 tori black friday

Tori Black show

It is pretty much, set up a camera and let Tori take over, and take over she does proving why experience in working with a camera really pays off in VR and showing why Tori Black is one of the biggest brands in Adult in the last decade.

4 tori black friday badoinkvr

Tech looks great

Tori is sitting on a sweet, black leather, like, lay-back couch kind of thing, and looking hot as always rocking sexy pink negligee. Technically speaking, there is little if anything to complain about with the scene production here, so it's pretty much sit back and enjoy the scene for any Tori Black fan from here out.

5 tori black movie badoinkvr
6 tori black joi

Some really nice eye contact

Tori gets goin on the "thinking about you while you are gone" kind of thing, and you notice right away how striking her gaze is in VR. While some of the eye contact can be focused on one side here, she maintains dead on eye contact with the camera the entire movie, and really "connects" in that sense, showing what some experience and confidence can bring to the table in a VR movie.

7 tori black friday vr

Effective dialog delivery

The constant dialog from Tori throughout the scene is easy, dirty, sexy and scores quite well on effective JOI type merits. Tori never runs out of commentary, rarely stumbles over it, and just flat out sells the shit out of it for 20 minutes.

tori black dripping pussy

Tori's pussy is just dripping here

Dripping wet

Tori slowly strips off and grabs a pink dildo that she sucks off right in front of the camera before getting to work on her pussy with it, and the first time Tori comes off of it, she is absolutely dripping all over the place.

8 tori black vr porn
9 tori black virtual reality

Pretty solid JOI elements

On the JOI tip, I would throw this in with another one of my thought-I-would-never-see-in-VR-girls, Proxy Paige's JOI at Virtual Taboo as being fully legit in having a girl with enough camera time and presence to really take over and own the scene for 20 minutes or so with JOI type narrative for VR.

10-badoinkvr tori black friday

Natural pacing

Pacing through out is perfect, with a nice amount of tease built in up front, accompanied by a vigorous finish, and I personally had no issues whittling some wood to this shit, and I am really not one for solo vids for the most part.  This scene is plenty hot for a solo bros and it's all pure Tori.

11 tori black virtual porn
tori black

Lots of movement/positioning

Tori is constantly changing position here as well going from close ups, to perspective, to profile positions, and this helps keep the scene moving and makes things interesting visually.  She also manages to keep her eyes focused on you the entire time, keeping the connection going there as well and adding to the power of her presence in the VR sense.

12 tori black friday review
13 tori black virtual joi
14 tori

Coached ending

If you manage to make it to the end, there is a nice finishing section where Tori coaches you to jerk your shit all over her pretty little face, while jerking off her dildo right in front of you, and she pretty much sells it here in no uncertain terms.

15 badoinkvr joi tori black


Tori Black in VR! 10/10

So I was pretty excited for this one as a fan of Tori Black, and I really can't see any fan of hers being let down here. The chances of seeing her in a B/G scene at this point are likely remote, and this was about as hot a solo movie as I could have hoped for.  From top to bottom, Tori shows why she is one of the biggest names in adult and she pretty much effortlessly owns this shit here.  I really can't poke a hole in this movie, there were no negatives other than Tori occasionally directing her gaze more to the right eye than center, but her looks are so powerful when dead on that it's not a big deal.  Technical aspects were great, with a crisp clean image that does well with fast motion and matched by some detailed positional audio that helps to help fill out the room space in VR.  Tori's performance was fire, never missing a beat on dialog, providing just enough aggression for a solid JOI and really just fucking selling it in the best sense possible for VR and I am really stoked that BaDoinkVR managed to get her for a scene for us.  I would love to see Tori do more VR in the future, but if this is all we ever get, it's a great one! 10/10.

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"Tori Black Friday" from BaDoinkVR!

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