Tina Kay Featured in I Just Can’t Get Enough at Virtual Taboo!

Tina Kay Featured in I Just Can't Get Enough from Virtual Taboo!

Review by DirtyD

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Studio:  Virtual Taboo
Release date:  10/21/2016
Running time:  22:35
Starring:  Tina Kay
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Found at end of review or here
Notables:  Intimate beginning, improved image clarity
Negatives:  Head leaves frame in cowgirl, close up bro hands
Review Score:  8/10
5 words or less:  Song stuck in head now

"I Just Can't Get Enough"

Checkin out the new Virtual Taboo release today starring saucy Brit Tina Kay in some much appreciated backdoor action at Virtual Taboo. Almost 40 movies in, they are finally tapping some proper ass, and Tina Kay makes a great choice for their first B/G anal scene.  Virtual Taboo are the only studio to feature a Tina Kay anal scene in VR right now, so this movie should make her fans quite happy, as you get some intimate time with her as well as getting to hit that sexy ass of hers.

1 i just cant get enough virtual taboo

Waking up with Tina Kay!

Good Morning!

Setup for I Just Can't Get Enough finds you asleep in bed in your hotel with Tina on your shoulder as she wakes up and rouses you so you can get crackin and make checkout time. Tina is in close proximity, with her hair right up in the camera and feels quite present overall as she starts chatting to you in her English accent. Eye contact is nice, but directed more towards the right camera than on center for most of the movie.

2 tina kay


Enough time for a quickie

Tina has a great energy, a wonderful contagious smile and she is soon noticing your morning wood lurking below and goes down for a few licks. Seeing as how you both woke up horny, Tina makes the decision to stall checkout for a quick morning fuck.

3 tina kay virtual taboo

Hands up

Tina gets going slobbin on your knob,  soon swinging her ass up in your face while she keeps working below, and being a tall girl, it's up there a bit.  Homie takes the opportunity to cop a furtive feel here, and with the height of Tina's ass, the effect was like having a guys forearms on either side of your head which isn't really my thing in VR, but I know some guys like these kinds of shots.

4 virtual taboo tina kay

Hands up close

Tina next lowers onto your chest still facing away from you for what would have been a really sweet view of her ass up close, but you are going to have to share it with hands directly in front of your face, fairly diffusing her commentary for you to get in there and lick that shit.  Tina's ass does look fantastic though.

5 virtual taboo i just cant get enough

Flat view across chest

Fucking starts off with some cowgirl, and the perspective is pretty much the flat across the chest shot we see quite a bit in many vr porn movies that winds up feeling like watching the action from a camera mounted on a guys chest and I find I much prefer when bro is inclined a bit and the view is more from slightly above the flat plane of the chest.

6 i just cant get enough virtual taboo

Out of frame a bit

The fucking is decent here, with Tina leaning in close above you, but her height works to a bit of a disadvantage and her head winds up leaving frame for some sections in cowgirl.

8 tina kay vr porn

"You want my ass, don't you?"

Around 12 minutes in, Tina lays back and works you inside her ass for some nice lean-back riding action, accompanied by lots of British tinged color commentary. The fucking is all pretty solid, but felt fairly distant in the same breath. Tina keeps things going the whole time with plenty of dialog however, which helps when she is completely facing away from you for periods and you can't see her eyes.

9 virtual taboo anal


Next shot is doggie, which has Tina up on her knees and waving that tall ass just about out of reach for stuntcock to get into, with the angle being slightly leaned back and away from the action for bro, kind of like some of the leaning back Wankz doggie shots.  For me, it results in a bit distant feeling perspective that loses some presence, but the A time is nice here just the same.

tina kay anal virtual taboo

Rapid ending

This section runs for around 5 mins before Tina spreads her ass for you to jerk your spunk onto and the scene comes to a rather rapid end after the cumshot and some final wisecracks from Tina.

11 i just cant get enough tina kay virtual taboo

Nice to see an anal scene at Virtual Taboo.  8/10

Wrapping up I Just Can't Get Enough, it was nice to finally see a bit of B/G anal from Virtual Taboo and Tina Kay was fun, full of energy and I love hearing British girls say shit like spunk.  Virtual Taboo implemented a new post processing technique with this movie and the result appeared to be a slightly crisper image, which is great they were able to squeeze a bit more clarity out of their current setup.  The wake up section was probably my favorite, with the anal action also being good for ass fans.  Between a flat laying down shot and a leaned back doggie section, the sex felt a bit disconnected for me in the "being there" sense, but the opening was very present.  Tina Kay was great and this scene should make her fans quite happy as it offers the only chance to see her in some anal action in VR right now.  Also looking forward to checking out Tina's solo scene at Virtual Taboo in the coming weeks as she just has a fun vibe on top of the sexy that I enjoy. 8/10.  View our full Virtual Taboo Website Review.

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"I Just Can't Get Enough" from Virtual Taboo!

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