Deluxe Seated Cowgirl with Whitney Wright in the VR Experience from WankzVR!

The VR Experience with Whitney Wright from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  WankzVR
Release date:  6/9/2017
Running time: 52 minutes
Starring:  Whitney Wright
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following Review or The VR Experience Preview
Notables:  Sweet PoV's, Great seated cowgirl, hot n' sweaty, Whitney Wright's eyes 
Negatives:  Close missionary a schootch too close for me, 
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Nice scene with Whitney Wright

The VR Experience

    Reviewing The VR Experience today, the new release from WankzVR starring Whitney Wright. Whitney Wright first popped up on my radar a few weeks ago at Naughty America VR in Afternoon Anal Affair where I thought she was really cute in her scene, but with things having been a little rocky at NA lately, I was stoked to see that she had also been booked by WankzVR who have been by contrast, rolling strikes in recent weeks. The VR Experience is more of the single location, simple, stripped down kind of WankzVR flavor, and Whitney Wright gives a wonderfully sweaty performance with one of the best feeling seated cowgirl grinds I have seen this year.

whitney wright

Whitney Wright!

"What are you doin in here, jerkin off or something?"

Setup for the VR Experience has you chillin behind the desk in your man nook, and Whitney Wright has stopped by the house to see your sis, who has flaked out and is nowhere to be found, leaving Whitney with some time to kill and leaving you with some much needed human interaction.

2 whitney wright vr porn

Cool action figures bro

"​Aren't you a little old to have toys?"

Whitney starts peeping your collection of action figures and toys, busting your nuts about that shit bein a little pink team for a guy yer age, while you make with dispensing of the pair of dude wrestling figures that you've got bro'in out in your hands.

1 whitney wright wankzvr

"​Is this one of those weird virtual reality headsets?"

Whitney's hot little ass is peeking out from her short shorts as she inspects your desk in front of you, and after taking a quick seat on your lap to cozy up to you for a second, she spots your Oculus Rift on the desk and asks whats up with it.

3 whitney wright virtual reality

​Short leash

The Rift is tethered of course, which sets up some comical interference with action figures on the desk at a couple of points, and perhaps the GearVR model would have been the one to roll with here, but full on dork points for using the Oculus Rift!

5 the vr experience

​Would have been cool to have WVR footage running on the monitor

Having a live VR player running with WankzVR movie footage both on the monitor and in the mask for Whitney to react to seemed like a bit of a missed opportunity here but Whitney does a fine job of orienting herself to the mask and reacting. 

6 the vr experience wankzvr

"Ohhh god, this is making me sooo turned on"

Whitney trips out on the mask while tripping her foot across your crotch for a few before ditching the headset so that she can pull off her shorts. She then suggest that you come over and eat her pussy while she finishes watching the porn that you had on and hops back onto the desk, legs fully spread and seemingly defying the load rating on the aged office furniture.  

7 whitney wright wankzvr

"Come here, taste it"

Action starts sensibly with some virtual pussy eating and things are positioned nicely so that you can either gaze closely at Whitney's glistening pussy directly in front of you, or slightly up and back at her reclined torso and face framed between her legs.  This full view helps break up constant up close action and provide you with some alternative focus in case you start eye straining, much as you would look up in real life while it also adds some nice depth to the shot.

8 whitney wright missionary
9 whitney wright virtual fuck

​Hittin' dat shit

Pussy eating transitions nicely into standing missionary from the same positioning at around 12 minutes into the movie with some hallmarks for me being great eye contact with a starting-to-get-sweaty Whitney, an accurate feeling PoV, and a bit more slam bam than we generally get with VR porn males, so if you like to see some harder fucking, and the associated nuttslappin soundtrack, this is a good VR scene for that.

10 whitney wright virtual missionary

​Close up missionary

Super close up facial focus missionary follows, and I would have to say for me, this setup sits just and inch or 2 too close given the duration that the segment runs for, and was a bit fatiguing for me to watch personally where I am typically well tolerant of up close footage in VR. WankzVR have experimented a great deal with different distances for us on this shot for the past few months, sometimes using pillows or the males hands to help close the distance to the rig, and for my eyes, this one was just a little hard for me to focus comfortably.

11 whitney wright wankzvr vr experience

​Kind of in a middle zone for my eyes

I think it was because the PoV kind of juuuuust straddled the doubling line for me, while not being close enough to write that effect off as normal the way I would say a kiss in VR. My instinct was to pull back an couple of inches to bring Whitney into perfect focus and depending upon your eyes, you may struggle with this less than I did.  Overall though, I am a big fan of closer up facial sections like this being incorporated for a few minutes for variation as well as focus on other feminine elements/ subtleties that can translate well at that distance in VR.

Whitney has great eyes, and she can work with them well at close range in these sections and while this is not really a "GFE" style movie, it falls in line nicely with fucking-your-sisters-friend kind of vibe.  Overall, it's a pretty natural performance by Whitney and she's really quite sexy when she loses herself in the scene at moments when she is not having to pull lines or transitions.

12 whitney wright virtual doggie
13 whitney wright vr sex

"I want to bend over this desk, and have you fuck me from behind"

A transition to standing doggie occurs next where again, the PoV feels quite decent and the action is harder than normal without being too bro heavy, with even the hair pulling section here feeling rather neutral.

14 whitney

​Things get twisted for a couple

Whitney hikes one leg up onto the desk for a nice looking view for a few, but this also results in really the only off feeling PoV of the movie as the couple twists naturally over to the right some here and dude has to move over from center a few inches.  

15 whitney wright virtual

​Set to fail

Action breaks for some oral in first standing, followed up by seated positioning at around the 29 minute mark, and I was fearing here for the back of Whitney's head as I often do when the girls are set up to suck a dick beneath a table or desk lurking behind them.  

16 whitney wright

Farrrk! Mah back!

And sure enough, this questionable setup bites poor Whit a bit later in the scene as she takes a hard shot to the lower back for the team while going to stand up.  She shakes it off like a champ, but it leaves a mark and had to hurt and will likely remind us all of similar forgot-about-that-shit back/up there moments. 

17 the vr experience wankzvr whitney wright

​One of my favorite cowgirl rides this year

And with that painful prelude, Whitney shakes it off and hops on for some of the finest seated VR cowgirl action I have seen at WankzVR this year or ever with this section getting my nod for my favorite PoV of the movie, featuring an awesome feeling perspective and a sweaty Whitney in full wet kitty grind mode.

18 whitney wright virtual reality porn

"I squirted all over you"

This excellent forward cowgirl runs for a good duration before swapping to more sweaty wet action in reverse, with Whitney both standing in between, then later straddling over your legs for some nice squatting type rear views. 

20 whitney wright vr sex
21 whitney wright sweaty
22 whitney wright wankzvr movie

"I cant wait to taste every single bit of your cum"

The scene ends up with Whitney positioned between your legs for about a 3 minute blowjob and a fast disappearing cumshot that Whitney then licks up from her hands and arms.

23 whitney wright porn


"​I'm gonna go change before your sister gets back"

There are a few more minutes of VR talk to wrap up the movie, featuring some final freshly-fucked sweaty views of Whitney, and the scene wraps with her leaving you her panties as she heads off to change before your sister returns home.

24 whitney wright


26 whitney wright panties

A solid Whitney Wright VR Experience


Wrapping up the Whitney Wright VR Experience at WankzVR, I really liked this one, and thought the cowgirl section alone was one of the best of the year.  I enjoy Whitney's vibe and thought WankzVR gave her a nice simple setup as your sister's horny friend that worked well for her, and it would be cool to see more movies with Whitney at WankzVR in the future.   Maybe she's had the mask for awhile, she watched an anal video, she's feeling're friendless in the man nook. 

On the positive notes, I thought all the PoV's felt pretty great with the exception of the slightly twisted leg-up doggie action, and the transitioning between the various positioning felt natural going from one to the next.  The pacing of the scene worked well and overall the action was pretty hot, albeit capped by kind of a lackluster climax that didn't really feature much in the way of tension at the end.   Whitney was strong other than some off camera moments, as was the stuntcock here who managed to get a hard fuck in while not imposing himself on the action really, which is kind of a tricky balance.

On the negatives,  the close up missionary section proved to be challenging for me to watch in terms of comfort despite being accustomed to and enjoying close up footage in VR, and I think it has more to do with it just bordering right on the double vision line for me, making it kind of hard to choose a focus.  I do like that they keep trying various depths out here, and this was the first case of me going, OK, tad too close there.  You may find this footage similarly difficult to focus or it may not bother your eyes at all, I suspect we will all vary a little their with our eyes. 

All in all, I thought it was a fun, sexy scene with Whitney Wright and if you are a fan of Whitney's or a fan of wet n' sweaty VR sex and seated cowgirl grinds you will likely be happy with this particular VR Experience.  10/10

The VR Experience from WankzVR!

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