Rubbin One Out with Cassidy Banks! The Rub Down from BaDoinkVR!

Cassidy Banks is Featured in The Rub Down from BaDoinkVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  BaDoinkVR
Release date:   June 8, 2017
Running time: 31:00
Starring:  Cassidy Banks
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following Review or The Rub Down Preview
Notables:  Nice pacing, Chill Cassidy, Big uns
Negatives:  Poor Audio
Review Score: 8/10
5 words or less:  Nice one for Cassidy fans

The Rub Down

    Writing up a quick scene review for The Rub Down with Cassidy Banks from BaDoinkVR tonight. BaDoinkVR seems to be mixing things up a bit lately, feeling to me like they are trying to work a little more presence and intimacy into scenes like this along with trying to expand on their PoV's some.  There has also been a visible change in video clarity (a step back for my eyes) in the most recent titles I have viewed such as Cumming Home, and audio in this particular movie is pretty darned bad, as you can hear in the preview, so some changes there as well.  All considered, I enjoyed Cassidy's easy performance here, and though not particularly a titty guy, I can vouch for this being a pretty solid VR option for funbags in the face fans.  

the rub down

Cassidy Banks!

​Time for a rub down

Setup for The Rubdown finds you tensed up and in need of a little relaxation, and Cassidy Banks as your masseuse with the helping hands. The setting itself is kind of pretty blah for a BaDoinkVR scene, and a touch claustrophobic, reminding me a bit of some of the tiny little rooms VirtualRealPorn shot in last year.  On the audio environmental tip, it's pretty bad. have a head cold, and then add a slight warble to that, and you have an approximate for the audio quality here, so room definition is blunted by a fair margin and at times I had trouble distinguishing what Cassidy was saying. 

1 the rub down badoinkvr

​Laying down PoV is not the greatest

You lay down in this narrow little room, Cassidy gets to work rubbing your chest, and the first PoV is fairly typical from your back, with a slight, but not quite enough up-tilt on the cam to diminish staring at your dick as the center of the FoV.  The rig needs about another 20 degrees of tilt to provide a natural PoV center here, and BaDoink/VRCosplayX have in fact been doing this quite a bit lately, but for whatever reason, it was not employed in this particular setup.  The familiar sense you might get here if seated or even inclined near flat, is the feeling the dude is floating straight out and above your lap in virtual space, and it is hard to line up your junk convincingly, as he is a bit to high in front of you.

​Cassidy has a cool, relaxed vibe

Cassidy Banks has a natural and easy vibe and other than the audio dulling her presence some, she stays close to you for most of the movie, often working from the side, instead of from in between your legs. 

2 Cassidy Banks

​Sexy handjob buildup

Towel comes off and cock cums out for some extended handjob action as one might desire for a setup like this, and Cassidy spends the next couple of minutes lubing up Johnson with both oil and spit.  Giving things her full attention with both hands, she does a nice slow job of teasing here by keeping her head close, even spitting on your cock, but never actually mouthing it for the first few minutes, creating some sexy build up in tension at the start.

​Kisses are kind of middlin

Cassidy leans in for a few kisses around 5 minutes into the scene, and they are kind of mid grade VR kisses, not bad, not always on, and probably a 5 or 6 on the smootch-o-meter for me, with Cassidy doing her part fine with other elements like eye contact.  The kisses are fairly quick as well in terms of coming and and leaving kind of thing. 

3 cassidy banks vr porn

"​Can I *garbled audio* Tease/Suck your cock?"

Cassidy finally puts an end to the build up and gets up the guts to ask you if she can suck your cock at around 6 minutes into the movie. 

4 cassidy banks virtual
5 cassidy banks virtual reality

​Bigass titties

Miss Banks releases the hounds around 8 minutes in, first teasing them nicely in just her bra while leaning over to continue sucking and finally bringing them right up close for your attention when she ditches the stitches.

6 cassidy banks virtual blowjob

​Sucking from the side

Some titties on yo leg sucking and I liked how they kept the action to the side here, rather than have her approach from below like we typically get in this position, improving the presence about as much as you can ask for in an on your back oral shot, and there are also some moments of Cassidy coming up to approach the rig as well sprinkled in.

7 cassidy banks titty fuck

​Towering tittyfuck

You get some titty fuckin at around 10 minutes in, this perhaps being the worst PoV of the video, as the stuntcock fully has to arch his shit up in the air to get to the funbags, and if he didn't feel too high in the frame for you before, he certainly will now.  But, you gots some deluxe titty fucking in the sky goin on as well, with Cassidy enveloping things nicely.

8 cassidy banks pussy
9 cassidy banks vr pussy

​Close ups

A couple of minutes of close ups follow next with Cassidy having a seat on your chest for first a bit of mid distance pussy rubbing, and then some full on hound dog distance, coached pussy licking that lands into the zone pretty well.

10 cassidy banks virtual fuck


Cassidy cops a squat in forward cowgirl to start off the fucking, right at about the midpoint of the scene and you get a few mins of she-seems-slightly-too-high.....but-look-at-them-babies-swing action where nothing defies gravity, only moves in response to it.  Full on clappers.

11 cassidy banks titties

​Some decent time for tit guys

Cassidy brings her lovely lady lumps right up in your face where you want them a couple times during this section and action is more grind than bounce as she works the short pole here with expert range control.  Overall, from a tit lovers perspective, it is probably more of what you will want to see focused in big titty cowgirl VR footage and less long distance lean back cowgirl.

12 cassidy banks tits
13 cassidy

Upswing in motion

14 cassidy banks the rub down

​PoV improves to standing

Action switches to standing missionary with a bit of a down tilt at the 19 minute mark or so, and the PoV feels improved for this position.  It could still move forward some, but there is about the right amount of dude going on in the frame, he is vertical, and placement feels pretty solid downstairs, making for a decent feeling section here.

15 the rub down badoinkvr movie
16 cassidy banks virtual porn

​Nice effort from Cassidy to keep it closer

Some of the standing action is typically distant feeling when Cassidy leans back all the way, but she does a great job of closing the distance by raising herself up for parts too, that helps increase the presence of the shot and overall, I got the impression production recognized that this can be a cold shot and tried to increase the presence of it here by having her raise up some.

17 cassidy banks doggie

​Again, nice positioning from Cassidy

Similarly, for the following standing doggie section, Cassidy improves her presence by twisting herself around on her side some, and while the cam still needs to come up over her ass a bit here ultimately, you can watch her react to getting fucked nicely the entire time here.

18 cassidy banks virtual doggie

​Decent doggie

As well, she mixes things up by raising one leg, and overall, it makes for a decent feeling standing doggie section. For some reason, I find bent over a surface for support standing doggie like this or on a desk for example, seems to sell pretty easy in the mask for me even if the PoV is off some.

19 doggie style cassidy banks
20 cassidy banks badoinkvr

I wound up liking this section for what they tried to bring to it, as well as Cassidy's work here keeping things connected and its a nice combo of watching her enjoy herself as well as acknowledging the viewer.  Bumping the cam up some is about all that is needed. 

21 cassidy banks virtual
22 the rub down badoinkvr

​Bit more jerk time

A little more kissing from a stand and jerk is next, kind of finishing up where you started off with focused attention from Cassidy's hands, before she drops to her knees to bring you on home.

23 cassidy banks

​Cum on tits

Cum goes on the titties but of course, and Cassidy stands up to display the mess you made and utter some muffled dialog before blowing you a kiss goodbye and sealing the deal on The Rub Down.

24 cassidy banks the rub down

​Extra at the end

The scene ends up with a quick scene tag of Cassidy shot before the action like BaDoinkVR/VRCosplayX has been doing lately, with Cassidy asking you to give feedback if you enjoyed her scene, and I kind of like these as easy exit points from having the mask on for 30 minutes. It kind of kicks you back into normal gear, bridging the gap between cumshot and normalcy nicely and it feels right taking the mask off afterwards, like the experience wrapped up completely and it is time to go.

25 cassidy banks badoinkvr movie

​Nice Cassidy Banks Movie 8/10

Overall, I liked The Rubdown for what it seemed they were trying to bring into the standard BaDoinkVR mix in terms of things like improving presence by keeping Cassidy closer such as oral action taking place from the side, keeping twisted around in doggie, and bringing her generous assets in close enough a few times to likely keep the titty guys happy with the focus.

On the positives, I thought Cassidy was really natural here, not too porny, and I enjoyed the way she paced the scene slowly with even the handjob sections coming off well. She makes great use of her striking eyes in the scene and it was a shame the dialog was frequently garbled enough that I was struggling to hear her lines clearly. 

On the negatives, that audio is pretty bad indeed, so not sure what happened here, but it's not the better-than-average audio quality I have seen in many BadoinkVR movies over the last year, so kind of a blemish there in the aural department.  As well, the flat on back cowgirl view suffers from the standard issues, especially the titty fucking section, and I was bummed they didn't at least employ the harder tilt-up on the rig to improve that perspective.  That method has been incorporated to nice effect in many recent scenes from BaD/Cos, but they instead opt for a quite shallow tilt here.

It kind of feels like BaDoinkVR are working in some new directions, trying out some new elements and camera angles, and I think if you like Cassidy Banks, or big-uns, and don't mind some muffled audio, then this is a pretty decent scene, where you get a nice bit of time with her, and she has a fair bit of presence in sections. The use of transparent transitions also kept any needed edits low on the radar while keeping the flow fairly seamless, and all in all I would give this one an 8/10.

The Rub Down from BaDoinkVR

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