How Many Dips in Holly Hendrixes Asshole to Get to the Center of Your Pootsie Pop? The Repairman! WanzkVR!

Holly Hendrix Featured in The Repairman from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  WankzVR
Release date:  10/21/2016
Running time: 45:00 minutes
Starring:  Holly Hendrix
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or The Repairman Preview
Notables:  Lollipop...lollipop...oh lolli.. lollipop,  Solid anal action, No-bro-hands-up-in-yo-grill, Holly Hendrix  
Negatives:  Broken-ass-matress, Distant doggie 
Review Score: 9.5/10 -pts for noisy mattress 🙂 it's a 10
5 words or less:  Fucking dirty bastards...

"The Repairman"

Checkin out some anal action with Holly Hendrix in The Repairman today from the dirty birdz over at WankzVR. Holly Hendrix is a badass, and Wankz are pretty badass so I was curious to see what this concurrence of badassery + some butt fuckin might yield today, and was not disappointed.  Holly Hendrix turns in a hot one and WankzVR show off their out of the wrapper thinking again in a scene thats sure to drain your anal lovin nutsack and perhaps leave you with a vague virtual sense of grape #12.

2 wankzvr holly hendrix

Come inside, there's work to be done!

Welcome to Holly's house

Scene opens with a door greeting shot, and Holly is on the phone with Pops and you are there playing repair dude, presumably having been hired to fix the leaky mooseknuckle valve.

1 the repairman wankzvr

Holly Hendrix!

Come on in

Holly, dressed in shorts and a tank top, is rockin a grape lollipop and sucking on it provocatively in front of you, while assuring Daddy on the phone that she's being a good girl and that everything will be fine at the casa.  Holly leans in for a kiss right off the bat and half whispers some sweet nasty in your ears, while giving Dad the blow-off, before ushering you inside.

3 the repairman holly

Holly has other plans for them snaps

Holly has a plan

Action resumes at a large kitchen table and I was happy to see this, as that usually means Wankz be having some girls up there doing some dirty shit in short order.  Holly has the cash Daddy left for the repair job, but has a better idea...she keeps the cash and you tap that ass!

4 wankzvr the repairman

The offer is on the table

4 holly hendrix vr

Think we can fit this in my butt?

Holly wants to show you something she can do

Remember the lollipop? Remember what I said about tables and desks and Capt Wankz getting dirty shit to go down on them? I submit to you the next couple mins of pioneering VR smut, cause dat pop bout to enter Holly's butt 🙂

5 holly hendrix wankzvr the repairman

Fuckin Wankz

Not much color commentary to add here. You gots Holly, you gots a grape lolli, you gots ass in yo face, you gots grapejuice and you dam sure gots your money's worth again this week at WankzVR! Grape googly moogly.

6 holly hendrix anal
7 holly hendrix wankzvr anal

How many dips does it take to get to the soft center of a pootsie pop?

Apparently, it is more than a half dozen, as Holly gives you a virtual candy show to remember, re-purposing Mr. Purple for some action he probably never saw coming leaving the factory this summer. Talk about a lucky sucker. First you drive, then Holly takes over on the stick.

8 the repairman virtual anal

Time for something bigger

On to the bedroom

After 2 minutes of action that would make Paul Little proud—right down to the fuck-me heels— and make a wife file for instant divorce, Holly breaks off her tops and recommends that the two of you retire to the bedroom so you can stick something bigger than that lollipop in her butt.

9 holly wankzvr repairman

Full bob on your knob

The slightly raised laying down perspective feels decent and Holly wastes no time getting to work on your cock, and this girl ain't no tip licker, she goes ham sandwich on that shit for the next few.

11 holly hendrix pussy

"You've got a nice big're really going to stretch me open"

Holly puts her shit up in your face for you to lick next for some classic up-close Wankz action where you get some great forward and then backward views of Miss Hendrix, the latter while she fingers her asshole for you.

12 holly hendrix finger ass

Holly wants it riiiight there

"Hello,.... Mattress Ranch?"

Fucking starts off with some reverse cowgirl which presents a great view of Holly's back end and it also presents the entry of a busted-ass-mattress that sounds like it's fucking 60s vintage, lol. Perhaps the Repairman should have been consulted before the filming of this scene.

13 holly hendrix cowgirl virtual

Anyone got some lube.....for the bed?

Holly gets to fuckin and the mattress gets to singin, and it's kind of right out of a 70's motel room or some shit, lol. Thankfully, the fuckin is hot cause porno comedy factor ramps up a bit here. Like, ...where did this bed come from, and why has no one shot it dead yet?

14 holly hendrix virtual reality

eeeeennnnkkkkk, eeeennnnnkkkk, eeeeeenkkkkk....

A couple of minutes of squeaky hot fucking and Holly hops off to taste her pussy from your cock sidesaddle before resuming with some more reverse action.

15 wankzvr the repairman

Forward cowgirl follows next for a few more minutes and then Holly declares it's time to put your big dick in her ass. This is about 25 minutes into the movie, leaving around 20 mins of solid anal action to follow.

16 holly hendrix wankzvr

In like Flynn

Holly mounts up in cowgirl and has no problem working you in her tight little ass adding plenty of color commentary along the way as she gets to riding your dick for a few minutes in forward.

17 wankzvr the repairman holly hendrix

Holly spins around for some reverse action next and this is some tasty anal fucking to be sure, lasting a few minutes and finishing up with some A2M.

18 holly hendrix virtual anal

"Your cock felt so amazing in my ass.....I really want to feel it again"

Round 2 of forward cowgirl follows with more hot fucking of Holly's tight hole before it's time to bend her over for some doggie style.

19 virutal anal fuck holly hendrix

Decent doggie, bit of shiftage

Doggie is not too bad in this movie, perhaps a bit leaned back on the part of how bro was set up, looked pretty uncomfortable for him, but overall a nice anal doggie shot. The only other negative is the fact the fucking gets pretty hard, leading to both shifting a bit on the bed spread and some drift occurs here, leaving homie having to lean into the shot quite a bit to keep pole in the hole and this is one of those moments where grabbing the hips to keep her close probably won't bother anyone in the anti-man-hand clan. 

20 holly hendrix doggie

About as close as the doggie action gets

Nice view of Holly's ass

Holly looks hot as fuck givin up the ass here and most anal fans should be plenty happy with the scenery I would imagine. It would have been nice to have her lean back into the shot a bit at some point, but there is some good turn around eye contact in sections.

21 wankzvr anal holly hendrix

Pillow-raised lean-back missionary makes for the last position in the movie and perspective again is not too bad on this shot with more hot fucking.  You can get a sense in the screenshot how much more vertical it could probably go.

22 holly hendrix cum shot

Love that ass back there

Cumshot ends with Holly laying back, ass up on bed and jerking you off on her face, while her sweet little ass looms in the background providing some nice inspiration.

23 holly hendrix lollipop

Something to remember Holly with

A parting gift

Cooldown....goes something like;  Grape lolli returns, dip into cum filled mouth, dip into cummy asshole a couple times and finally, submitted for you to taste before the scene wraps up. Don't ever say Wankz is Vanilla.  Clearly they're Grape.  

24 holly hendrix taste

Grape- cumfart, mmmmmm!

Some down and dirty futt buckin' and you get a sucker at the end! 9.5/10

Winding up the Repairman, WankzVR hooks it up again with a solid scene with Holly Hendrix, one that is sure to please her fans and those who like tight petite girls as well as some nice VR anal action.  Holly carried the scene with ease, nailing her kisses and lines with nary a look off to direction and it was a pretty awesome VR debut for her.  Alva kept it hard and hands free and other than some slightly shifting doggie and less than spectacular positional audio in the opening whispering type segments, tech was pretty on point with perspectives.  As usual, WankzVR brings some fun story with some dirty fucking and when they get a performer like Holly, that rarely results in a dud.  9.5/10  -.5 points for that fuckin broke ass mattress 🙂   Find our full WankzVR Review and Rating here.

"The Repairman" from WankzVR!

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