The Housemaid, A Steamy Anal VRP Classic with Sienna Day and Carolina Abril!

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"The Housemaid", starring Carolina Abril and Sienna Day, from VirtualRealPorn!

Review by DirtyD

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Review Score 10/10

"The Housemaid"

Our review today will delve into the back catalog at VirtualRealPorn for one of our editors picks, The Housemaid, with the dynamic duo of Carolina Abril and Sienna Day.  Both Carolina and Sienna are two of the more recognizable stars in VR porn right now, having both shot a good half dozen movies apiece for VirtualRealPorn and BaDoinkVR.

These girls are two of my personal favorites in Virtual Reality porn right now, and I love Sienna's dirty British accent while Carolina is just cute and hot as can be.  Both also play very well to VR cameras, with Caroline being a bit more reserved, and Sienna not being afraid to tell you whats up.  Over the course of 25 minutes, this one features 2 girl/you action, some hot strapon sex, straight sex with both girls and finishes up with some awesome anal courtesy of Sienna so lets take a look at this diamond in VirtualRealPorns stash!

sienna day and carolina abril

Sienna jerks you off while Carolina looks on

Good Morning

The movie starts with you waking up in bed next to Sienna, who immediately gets a phone call from Carolina, your housekeeper, who indicates she is dropping by.  Sienna wastes no time in grabbing your dick for a quick suck and in a couple minutes, Carolina is at the door.  The room is open and light and both girls look beautiful.

Sienna asks Carolina if she would like to try your cock and join in with her, and Carolina is happy to oblige, hopping up on the bed and taking your hard cock into her mouth.  Sienna comes up and whispers some hot shit in your ear and the effect is really strong and before you know it, both girls are bobbing on your knob.

sienna and carolina suck

Tell me that don't look good

Sienna grabs the back of Carolina's head next and tells her to see how much of your dick she can take while pushing her down on your cock, while Sienna talks dirty to you in her English accent. Both girls begin to disrobe while Carolina continues to suck your cock off and you also get some really hot kissing between the two of them here.

Sienna hops of the bed and retrieves some toys from a nearby dresser in the form of a strapon and neck collar and Carolina jumps right into the strapon rig.  Carolina then straps the collar around Sienna's neck and begins to whack her ass with the leather handle end of the chain coming from sienna's collar, while Sienna continues to work your dick with her mouth.

​Strap on Action

carolina gives it to sienna from behind

Carolina looking sexy fucking Sienna

Carolina moves behind Sienna and pulls down her panties, stopping to snack on her pussy for a quick second before mounting her doggie with the strapon, while holding Sienna's collar chain.  You are pretty much going holy fuck about now! Both girls look totally fucking hot, and are totally fucking into it.

Sienna then asks Carolina if she would like to ride your dick and Carolina smiles and instead repositions herself directly behind Sienna in front of you for a bit more fucking with the strap on. Both are looking sexy as hell and Carolina looks like she is having a ball fucking Sienna, totally getting into it while shooting you sizzling looks from the back.

​"I Wanna Fuck"

Some more hot kissing with the girls and Carolina ditches the strap on and says she wants to fuck.  She comes over and gets on your cock and starts to fuck you while fingering Sienna's pussy off to the side, and holding her collar chain in her mouth.  Sienna is talking up a dirty storm right in your ear and Carolina looks hot as fuck grinding your cock.

carolina rides on top

Fucking Carolina cowgirl

Lots of kissing, rubbing and steamy talk from Sienna here while Carolina seriously fucks your shit.  Sienna pulls your cock out so she can taste Carolina's pussy juices off of it and Carolina spins around and mounts up again, giving you a prime view of her tight little ass as she grinds away.

carolina reverse cowgirl

A sweet view of Carolina's amazing ass while Sienna lends a hand

Sienna is back close to your head again telling you she can't wait to suck Carolina's pussy juices off your dick and you can just about feel her hot breath in your ear.  Carolina begins to get seriously wet here and your cock is soon glistening as it works in and out of her, with Sienna adding her spit to the mix as well.

sienna day on top

Sienna rides while Carolina fucks herself in the background

Next, Sienna decides she would like a fuck and hops on, while Carolina retrieves the dildo from the strapon rig and comes over on your left side, where she begins fucking herself with it while rubbing on Sienna's pussy and shooting you looks that are HOT AS HELL.  Seriously, by the end of this section I had a bit of a crush on ole' Carolina.

Sienna looks marvelous on your cock and leans up for some great close ups of her tits in your face and it is a perfect contrast of Carolina's tight little body to the left and Sienna's amazing curves in front of you.

Time for Some Anal

Sienna then kicks it up a final notch as if things were not hot enough already and tells you she wants your dick in her ass, and she squats down and takes it right in.  This section is great if you like tappin the booty and these girls work great together, when one is getting fucked, the other is helpin out.  Sienna then spins around and you get a great view of your cock working in and out of her asshole while she takes it deep.

sienna day anal

Sienna takes your cock in her ass

sienna day anal ride

Deep inside Sienna's butt

Things wind up with Sienna getting off of your cock and talking dirty to you while Carolina is working your dick in her mouth.  Both girls take turns sucking you while Carolina jerks you steadily.  Finally, you dump a load while Carolina sucks your balls, and both girls lick up what misses their mouths and have a few kisses, as well as making sure the last drops of cum are milked and sucked from your dick.  The girls get up and head out the door, and The Housemaid is a wrap!

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A 10 star classic from VRP!

This one has long been one of our favorite VirtualRealPorn movies, and remains a high water mark there for us.  Both girls are amazing in this scene and both know how to play to the camera with eye contact.  Carolina looks ornery as hell in a too cute to be package and Sienna is really natural with the camera and always a pleasure to watch fuck.   You can tell that both girls were into the scene and it comes across in the end.  10/10 and we consider this a VRP classic!


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