Triple Sphincter Workout at The Quietest Gym in America with Karla Kush, AJ Applegate and Riley Reyes!

Karla Kush, Riley Reyes and AJ Applegate in 'The Gym' from Naughty America VR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Release date:  1/11/2019
Running time: 53:00
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 (for comfort) with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Negatory, lol
Notables:  10 minutes of silence to start, The ladies, Some decent anal action
Negatives:  10 minutes of silence to start, paint by numbers feeling scene, flat, disconnected feeling
Review Score: 6.5/10
5 words or less:  Another head scratcher from NA

'The Gym'

What's up dick slappers?!

Well.... it's been a good 6 months or so since downloading a Naughty America scene for me and with the recent news of Scott being back in the mix and a few months left yet on my largely useless annual from last year, I decided the triple balloon knots of Riley Reyes, Karla Kush and AJ Applegate was about as good a reason as any to check up on the chili sauce at NA in 19'.  The girls were hot n' willing in The Gym, and it's a not a bad scene for anal fans, but I also found myself laughing at the same old goofy shit I usually get a giggle out of at Naughty America in the end and overall, I wasn't feeling too swole after this one bros.  

Since the ole NA legal dept isn't too hip on me clippin their shit anymore, I figured I would entertain yall with some illustrations so it's not just a wall of text!  

The cam setup on the opening sequence is set about knee level and bearing dead ahead, causing you to have to crane you neck up to look at Karla's sweet cheeks above.

Cold Start

Action gets crackin in The Gym with an oddly placed shot taken from behind Karla Kush's... knees, as she gets to steppin on a walk-in-place exercise machine.  The gym is totally silent, it's just Karla.... clothed,  and the rig is set vertical, looking right ahead, so you are centered about on her lower thighs, not on her ass. You basically have to crane you neck up to see her booty walking above you and by one minute in- I was like......."I love Karla”s ass, but this is stupid, lol".  Leave it to NA to tilt rigs when the shot obviously doesn't call for it — lap cowgirl — and not tilt it for shots that obviously do call for an upskirt setup! 

Crickets......(creak creak)

By minute 3 (all of which were silent save for the occasional creaking of the walker) I became convinced I was looking at the signature concepts of the same person that had come up with the 4 minutes of black idea to start the NA PSE's off with in 2017. Welcome back Scott Man!

AJ's shot is about low calf level, shooting dead ahead and again......... I wasn't particularly feeling this floor's eye view

Rinse and Repeat

Sure enough.......after 4 minutes of silent kneecap walking from Karla, the action cuts over to AJ, for an even goofier camera setup. The cam is set here pointing at about AJ's calves, feeling like your vantage is juuuust above the scuzzy warehouse weight room floor.  AJ begins to drop some bar squats on top of you and again, I was like......"this shit is fuckin goofy." And I am alllllllllll about dat ass folks.  Target audience here. 

1:30 into AJ......still silent, so we are now 5:30 into the scene, without a sound other than lighting hum and equipment creaks. 2 minutes into AJ.... "she's got a nice thic ass......this is fucking retarded!"  Another minute of light flickers, light buzz and no imagination. 

Riley's Kettle bell stance fares about the same as the first 2 setups

If It Ain't Broke...

Next up, kettle bellz with Riley......from the same retarded shin high, dead ahead vantage point. Cue the silence! At this point, I'm watching for comedy factor, and.... I still wanna jack off so hoping to get some backdoor biz done after — what some quick napkin math has me betting on......... about 10 minutes of silent, clothed setup. 

Slightly Better Than Watching Paint Dry couldn't have had all 3 girls working out together, chatting, etc? Had to shoot them one at a time in total silence?  I mean, there is zero flow or cohesion here, it is just 3 clips butted together. This shit is dry like popcorn farts, lol. least bounce back and forth from one girl to the other every 30 seconds.  Something.  I mean, zero plausibility,  zero flow,  zero engagement of you.....nothing.......just 10 minutes of limpcore footage shot at a bad angle.

9:30 - Silencio on the Set!

Me muttering "this is absolutely unbelievable", ffwd engaged for a 1 minute advance. Zero immersion here.... I can get a snack, smoke a bowl.... I don't really give a fuck, lol.  "Oh, hey kitters!" (glad i didn't have my dick out!) I was literally already zipper up 8 minutes ago, forecasting 10 minutes of fiddle fartin around here. Classic NA. do you suck this bad after 3 years in the game? You couldn't light a single LED with the amount of creativity deployed thusfar in this pos. lol.  Words from an assman.  Like seriously bros......put a nice ass in front of me......I am not likely to grumble much.

10 Minutes To the Tick

10 minute mark on the dot and the opening setup mercifully winds up having amounted to 3 segments,.......all of them in silence. Then......finally at the 10 minute mark......what doya know..... a shot with all three girls working out! lulz. It lasts for all of 30 seconds before finally.....fully awkwardly.....they begin talking to each other at the 10:30 mark as they wind up their silent workout and head for the locker room. Thankfully........things get better from here! Shhhheeeeeeeeeeesh. 

Action moves to the locker room

Locker Room

Action resumes in the locker room, and this was really the only part of the movie with any type of organic flow for me I think.

Riley's asshole's the first to get stuffed with a plug with AJ seated on the left and Karla on the right

Bag of Buttplugs

The previously silent women all start suddenly clucking like hens by stark contrast to the opening now, as Riley begins telling the other 2 girls how she recently took it up the butt.  A bit of I-can-show-you-how ensues and the next thing ya know Riley is breakin out her gym bag full of buttplugs....... which then get plugged in buttholes! Yay for footage I can like.......masturbate to!

Sphincter Stretches

So it's like 13 minutes in or some shit, and we finally get down to a proper workout in this gym! The opening anal footage is quite nice with fingers and plugs exploring buttholes and mouths.  After a warmup, Riley declares that while fingers and plugs are fine, nothing beats some good ole' cock meat, and you sense it's about your time to hit the stage with your twanger.

Insta-suck scenario, I suck at neck pivots, lol. And hair!

Warp In Bro

Dude shows up on a clumsy edit and yer now gettin yer virtual dick sucked while Riley plugs AJ and Karla's poopers from behind.

The real ladies aren't bald! lmao

Straight to the A

Standing doggy anal with all the ladies is featured next. The footage is all pretty tasty for anal fans and the standing PoV isn't that bad feeling, though Bambino pops out a fair amount here lacking that extra inch or 2 that can help bridge the gap to the gape.

Rig too close/low cow is up next

Reverse Cow

Cowgirl PoV felt pretty goofy, it's one of those below-the-nipples shots that puts you closer to the dick than your "eyes" should be, so A-OK on the anal action, ixnay on the PoV for me. 

If you were hoping to watch Karla ride reverse......and I wuz.....tune in next time! Cause Riley shoves her asshole in your face and you have to watch the action with Karla from a small peep hole between Riley's legs. 

Da Fuq? KARLA!!!!!

In another goofball shot for me, Riley sticks her freshly fucked honey hole all up in your face while Karla gets her giddyup on down below, rendering your view of Karla pretty much obstructed the entire time she rides reverse.  

Some nice positioning here

Noisy Finish

The movie ends up in standing missionary anal and there is some nice positioning featured here but Bambino also becomes a fair audible distraction as he reaches his launch velocity. 

Girls Were Good.....6.5/10

Wrappin up at The Gym,  I thought the girls were great but otherwise felt like the scene itself was pretty flat in terms of a good VR porn movie. There was very little in the way of engagement with the ladies and there were 3 of them.  For my money, all three are first rate VR talents, and I'm a huge Karla Kush fan in particular as well as a disciple of the booty, so this asscentric feature should be right up my ally on paper. 

But after the 10 minutes of silence warm up...... I was literally like, same old stupid shit, 2 years later.  It just felt porn. Like.....I would just watch porn, lol. It's just like the blackout openings to the PSE experiences like the last Mia Malkova PSE  I watched, which featured 4 minutes of blackness into a 5 minute silent shower setup. Just........I don't get it, /shrug! lol.  The better VR studios (imo) use that time to ENGAGE the viewer and establish some connection with the girl, allow you to soak up some of her vibes for a bit n shits prior to gettin busy. get this ice cold starting 10, followed by an observer shot in the locker room, then you warp in from nowhere to get your dick insta just lacks FLOW bro.  The basic scene construction is rinse and repeat with each girl, the same shit, A, B, C.  Any time there was any attempt by the girls off to the side to engage, it came off more as gratuitous and non organic.  Probably the only part with any real flow or vibe was the short locker room sequence with the girls loosening up their assholes on their own before the fucking starts. 

On the tech side — at least nothing in the image was warped or distorted like the last scenes I had watched in 18' but the audio here... was absolutely abysmal, producing a flat, nondescript image that made it hard to discern which girl was talking at times because I literally could not sense the direction the voice was coming from in the stereo image. 

If you're an anal fan, or a fan of any of these 3 talented performers, then there is likely enough here with The Gym to get yer werk done son and Riley Reyes in particular stood out a little extra to me in this one.  But if you are a fan of well crafted VR porn scenes ala CVR, WVR or even BaDoinkVR, this one feels a little flat to me in 2019 by contrast and shit like the opening just drives me nuts. I am not strapping a mask to my face to watch that shit, other than for the lulz!  6.5/10,  the anal footage isn't bad, and the girls are great, just.....kind of detached feeling for this viewer.  The ingredients are there, but they never really gel into a satisfying stew.

The Gym from Naughty America VR!

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