3DPornReviews Best Virtual Sex Sites for Summer 2018!

The Best Virtual Sex Sites for Summer 2018!

3DPornReviews The Best Virtual Sex Sites Summer 2018

Summer 2018!

Sup yall!  It's late June, Summer 2018 and it's been awhile since I've done a TLDR type studio post geared more towards new readers who haven't had a chance to sub at all the various studios yet,  so I wanted to post an updated list/guide for the Summer.  If you are recently rocking an Oculus Go and just getting into VR porn, this quick list would be pretty much what I would tell my homebro's if they asked me what I thought the best virtual sex sites and sub values were in Summer 2018.  

You can find more comprehensive details on each of the studios via our full website reviews linked below as well as well as active discount links for most of the sites. 

Top Picks - WankzVR & Czech VR

WankzVR logo


Summer 2018 finds WankzVR in fine form, and they continue to be my top recommendation for U.S. VR porn studios, as they have been for the last 2 years now.   If you are new to VR porn, prefer American girls and are looking for a starter sub somewhere, WankzVR is likely the best bang for your buck with a 20 dollar monthly entry point and 8 hours of excellent VR content a month.  

The flavor at WankzVR is highly stylized, so if you enjoy the overall vibe, you can count on it over the entire catalog, with the same production having been in place since inception in 2016.  

The weak link at WankzVR has traditionally been lackluster image quality at times and a recent May 2018 rig upgrade has brought some long overdue improvements in this department.  

Overall, WankzVR is one of the best virtual sex sites in Summer 2018 in my view, from pricing to content.  



* 250 Movies Available

*Some of the best vR Porn scenes made to this point/classics

*Longest Movies in VR porn: Avg 1 hour

*Consistent style/production over the catalog

*Active Members Forum

*Leading PoV's

* First 30 movies have tech issues/small scale/low FPS

* Nov 17'- Apr 18' titles display various focal/blur issues 

*Audio dips for direction cues

*Black Edits

Recommended Viewing

Lifetime Discount Available: $19.95 $14.95 - Rebills at $14.95

Czech VR logo 150

Czech VR

My other easy top pick for the best virtual sex sites in 2018 would be Czech VR.  Along with WankzVR, I feel like Czech VR have done the most to advance the art of VR Porn over the last couple of years, from their leading tech to their experienced production crew. 

At over 450 scenes in the Summer of 2018, there is something in there for just about every fapper, from pissing to fisting to voyeur to GFE to double penetration... the scope of the content at Czech VR is about the most varied you will find under one sub in VR porn right now.  In fact, the only thing that is lacking at Czech VR for many viewers would be Western talent at this point. 

Among the highlights at Czech VR for me would be the best steady-moving rig in VR porn, production that understands what viewers want to see focused in VR, sensible PoV angles, and a team that is always pushing forward creatively by responding to feedback, helping to steadily raise the bar higher on VR porn production.

Czech VR have never run a discount offer, and at $25.00 a month, they are mid level for pricing in VR porn atm.  For me, it is simply hard to argue with the value and volume of the content if you enjoy it, and I feel that their subscription rates are well warranted in Summer 2018 for what are some of the most consistent, top quality VR porn movies available. 



* Over 450 scenes

*Industry leading tech/image quality

*Best moving Rig in VR porn

*Consistent production over the catalog

*voyeur, fetish and casting scenes

*Leading PoV's

*Early scenes have some tech issues

*have never run a promo/discount offer

Recommended Viewing

Solid Options Behind CVR and WVR

BadoinkVR Logo


BaDoinkVR would likely be my 3rd pick for best virtual sex sites in Summer 2018 and probably the best alternative to WankzVR at the moment for those looking for content featuring U.S. performers, with Naughty America having pretty much gone down the shitter in recent months.  BaDoinkVR features many of today's top talents and is offering up a reasonably consistent batch of scenes in 2018 thus far in terms of tech and production. 



* Over 200 scenes

*U.S. and European Talent

*Casting Similar to WankzVR

*Early scenes have some tech issues

*One sided eye contact in many scenes

*Mediocre PoV's at times

*poor audio in late 17' - early 18

*Image quality is Starting to Lag for 2018

Recommended Viewing

Discount Available: -60% off $24.95 $9.95 First Month

VirtualRealPorn logo


VirtualRealPorn is another studio I would place in the "solid options" category in Summer 2018.  With over 4 years in the game, and being the original name in VR porn, there are over 300 scenes in the catalog and a wide variety of European talent featured. 

Despite being first in the pool in virtual reality porn, I would rate the production and likely the tech as being slightly behind BaDoinkVR, and well behind the leading consistent efforts of Wankz and Czech VR in terms of elements like PoV's and overall scene production.  

There are sections of the catalog where VirtualRealPorn have drifted on scale, and their current image quality is about mid pack in Summer 2018.

A word about this Summers U.S. invasion titles thus far:  The PoV's and eye contact on this content are pretty bad, this being a different crew from VRP's Spanish productions, so be aware of this if subbing for this content, and check out some trailers to see if this is a deal breaker for you. For me, it's a deal breaker. 



* Over 300 scenes

*The oldest/original studio in VR porn

*some of the better audio/whisper effects in VR

*Some early VR porn classics

*Mediocre PoV's

*scale issues at various times in the catalog

*Image quality lagging in 2018

*U.S. Invasion content: poor PoV's, Eye contact

Recommended Viewing

The Rehearsal

The Rehearsal

Lifetime Discount Available: $19.95 $14.95 - Rebills at $14.95

MilfVR logo


My go to pick for MILF content in 2018 would be MilfVR.  Offering the same leading production as WankzVR and an easy $15.00/month entry point, MilfVR is one of my top virtual sex websites overall.  It's essentially WankzVR, featuring women with a little more confidence/time on the cock, and that recipe makes for some really solid 1 hour VR porn experiences in my book.  

Some of my favorite VR porn scenes over the last year or so have come from MilfVR.  



* Over 70 scenes

*right under 1 hour avg movie lengths

*same top production as wankzVR

*WankzVR forum access

*New rig upgrade in may 2018

*Attractive price point

*Mediocre image quality until recently

Recommended Viewing

Discount Available: -33% off $14.95 $9.95

BabeVR Logo


BabeVR from BaDoinkVR has turned out to be one of my favorite studios this year and has offered a glimpse of women I had only dreamed of being able to check out in virtual reality such as Bailey Rayne and Kenna James.  

This is one of the best virtual sex sites for solo lovers, with most of the scenes revolving around a fairly intimate opening tease followed up by a torso doll riding section which tends to work out pretty well for simulated cowgirl riding, in terms of eliciting a similar virtual effect as a boy girl cowgirl shot. 

Likely the main selling point at BabeVR other than the solo focus for the solo fans would just be the sheer quality of the casting thus far.  They have really killed it with casting this year in my mind and a couple of my favorite movies/performances of 2018 have come from BabeVR.  



* 30 Solo Scenes

*Many rockstar talents you are unlikely to see otherwise in VR

*some really strong performances

*torso riding simulation works pretty well

*more of a focus on virtual intimacy

*no bro on yer ho

*somewhat cookie cutter atm

*mediocre image quality for 2018

*lighting/girls can be bleached out

*price is a bit high for solo, 1x a week releases

Recommended Viewing

VRCosplayX logo


Also from BaDoinkVR, VRCosplayX offering up some VR porn with a little extra cosplay flair.  While not all that hardcore in the costume department at times, VRCosplayX does deliver some decent atmosphere and a break from the norm with their VR porn cosplay parodies. 

Production style at VRCosplayX mirrors BaDoinkVR in most regards, featuring similar middle of the road tech for 2018.  I would almost have to give the nod more to VRCosplayX in the image department, whom often shoot on more darkened sets with colored lighting, producing a little better looking image to my eyes than what BaDoinkVR generally gets on their more lit up sets. 

At a $29.95 rebill rate, it's a little hard to recommend carrying the sub unless you really like the content and can live with once a week releases, but there are enough good scenes in the catalog to check it out for a month on the entry deals.  This is one of the only virtual sex websites that has a rebill rate higher than their advertised entry rate so be aware of that fine print in the cart. 



* Over 75 Movies

*Cosplay Focus

*Top European & U.S. Talent

*Some Pretty Awesome Settings for VR

*Mediocre PoV's at times

*Expensive for 1x a week releases

*High rebill rate

Recommended Viewing

Discount Available: -40% off entry sub $14.95 Rebills at $29.95

Reality Lovers logo

Reality Lovers

I haven't watched a lot of Reality Lovers this year,  but feel like the 2 year old studio is a solid, albeit expensive European VR porn option in 2018.

At 30 bucks a month, this already expensive subscription decreased in value a bit more this year with a drop back to 1 x a week release schedule, but there is a decent back catalog of scenes to warrant at least checking things out on a one month if you like what you see in their sample vids.  

Reality Lovers also offer voyeur versions of many of their scenes as well as doing the occasional green screen movie such as the entertaining Caveman's Meat shown below. 



*Over 200 Movies

*Clean Looking Productions

*Top European Talent

*Voyeur Versions for Some Scenes

*Occasional Green Screen Fantasy Scenes

*Mediocre PoV's at times

*Expensive for 1x a week releases

*No annual rate available

Caveman's Meat cover from Reality Lovers

Discount Available: -33% off $29.99 $19.95

SexBabesVR logo


I have always enjoyed the basic vibe at SexBabesVR, but the tech has been a bit of an up and down ride over the course of time they have been releasing movies.  They started off 2018 rocking some top notch image quality, but the tech seems to have taken a step back in early Summer, with many viewers feeling the scale is off once again and the image quality diminished.  

Many of the early scenes at SexBabesVR display issues with large scaling as the most prominent technical shortcoming.  SexbabesVR otherwise release some really nice looking porn with solid European talent, also shooting the occasional "virtual girlfriend" solo scenes, that often involve a very basic moving rig.  

The main drawback for me at SexBabesVR other than the drifting tech would be the PoV's, which I would rate as being below average at this point for 2018 in many respects.  

Discount Available: -40% off $24.95 $14.95

Virtual Taboo Logo

Virtual Taboo

 I was a big fan of Virtual Taboo back when they were an indie studio and Marcos Lopez was behind their uniquely flavored productions, but Virtual Taboo was bought out and shifted direction over the last year and Marcos is no longer involved with Virtual Taboo in 2018. As a result, it's been quite awhile since I have sampled a new Virtual Taboo release and cannot offer much in the way of commentary on their new content, only that most of the feedback I have seen has appeared to be positive.  

Virtual Taboo are priced on the expensive/premium pricing bracket in VR porn at 30 bucks a month, and you can expect there to be a substantial shift in content direction midway through the catalog, shifting heavily towards step-porn type fuck your sister scenarios.  

Sketchier Options

VR Bangers logo

VR Bangers

VRBangers...... for me, kind of sketchy.  They have had some highlight moments this year with excellent scenes like Blow Dried and have at least one rig that looks pretty great. On the other hand, many other recent releases have featured a rig that was large in scale, and an image that was saturated with a noticeable orange hue to it. 

Their most recent release with Zoey Monroe touting a 6k image, was again overscaled and this has always been the weak link at VRBangers for me... inconsistent tech, and multiple production crews using different gear.  Blow Dried was one of my favorite scenes of 2018, but they have also put out quite a few scenes I was not as impressed with on the production end.

So for me, Bangers is in the sketchy tier, and hard for me to fully recommend, simply because things tend to jump around there quite a bit on tech and production.  There are some good movies there, and there is some nice tech, it's just a bit of a crapshoot still what you will get from one release to the next and they have a bit of a penchant for hyping their scenes/tech.  Likely worth a one month cherry pick sub at least at this point but I have still never been able to totally get on board with Bangers yet. 

Blow Dried

Discount Available: This exit offer discount is also available to anyone simply by attempting to exit the VR Bangers sign up page. This is the standard VR Bangers discount.

vrhush logo


VRHush is a U.S. studio that started off releasing movies in 360, which put them well behind the 180 sbs pack.  They pursued this direction heavily until caving to market demand and refocusing their program on more desirable 180 degree content in 2017.   

VRHush have a high quality website and cast top talent for their productions, but have failed to impress me to this point with any of their features I have viewed.  Some of the most active males I have watched in VR have been on VRHush shoots, with guys even talking to the girls during some of the scenes and at times, moving around to the point that they were bumping into the rig. 

PoV's would be another weak spot at VRHush for me, lagging well behind the likes of CVR or WVR and I cannot say I am much of a fan of their early efforts at incorporating moving tech into their scenes either.  

At $24.95 a month, VRHush are in the middle pricing tier for virtual sex sites.  They feature quality casting but are lagging behind on some basic VR production elements in my view. 

HoloGirlsVR logo


HoloGirlsVR seems to be pretty much dormant in Summer 2018, with the last update having been uploaded to the website on March 9th, 2018 and months of slow content updates preceding that.  I mention them because there are around 200 clips there of varying technical quality and there are a few beta gems in the catalog, making a one month cherry picking sub for a person new to VR porn not out of the question.   

You can expect the tech to be all over the place in the catalog at HoloGirlsVR, with early rigs showing visible seams in the image that at times crop off body parts, and you can expect the flavor to be unique to HoloGirls.  You can also expect some really great talent, so in that regard, it can be worth a one month sub to catch someone like the amazing Mistress T in virtual reality. 

Discount Available: -20% off of $24.95 Use code "3dpornreviews"

Sketch Factor 10

Naughty America VR

On the fully sketchy side of Summer 2018 is Naughty America VR, whom went from one of the best virtual sex sites to the absolute worst over the course of Spring 2018, revamping their sub models, and pretty much fucking their new customers in the ass in a move that would make EA proud. 

On top of the price changes, production is seemingly completely off the rails once again in recent months as they have been struggling with rig designs, scale, and image warping leading to the delay of a full weeks releases as Summer 2018 gets under way.  Recent titles I have viewed looked laughably bad for a studio that has been at it now for 3 years in VR Porn and indicate fresh crews likely starting from scratch all over again. 

New monthly memberships only grant you access to the current months new releases (which are recently, technically trash in my view) and unlocking previously released content in the catalog involves an arcane lootbox system estimated at anywhere from 500 to 1000 dollars to fully unlock.  I say estimated, as the information has simply never been fully divulged by Naughty America who continue to run a highly deceptive sign up page and VR tour. 

I can in no way, recommend that someone new to VR, get into any level of subscription currently at Naughty America VR, unless you are a diehard Star Wars Battlefront 2 fan, and love yourself a good loot crate setup. More details on the Naughty America VR 2018 fan buttfuckfest can be found in my post here and in my full Naughty America VR website review.  I'd post some recommended scenes, but you would have to pop multiple loot crates to get at them! /bah dum crash!

3DPornReviews Best Virtual Sex Sites for Summer 2018!

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