WankzVR Brings Us Thanksgiving Dinner with Elsa Jean and Angel Smalls…& You Will Never Look at Your Pumpkin Pie the Same Again!

Elsa Jean and Angel Smalls Featured in Thanksgiving Dinner from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  WankzVR
Release date:  11/25/2016
Running time: 1hr 22 mins
Starring:  Elsa Jean, Angel Smalls
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer: Following review or Thanksgiving Dinner Preview
Notables:   Comedy, Sexy, Hot Fuckins, Full meal deal, Pie
Negatives:  Bottom Dweller Cam in 2nd half, possible pumpkin pie trauma
Review Score: 9/10
5 words or less:  Wut, no pie give-away???

"Thanksgiving Dinner"

Well, Jerky Day has come and gone and but of course, WankzVR was not just going to serve up any old dish but rather another epic 82 minute virtual reality porn smorgasborg featuring Elsa Jean and Angel Smalls.  High on comedy and hot fuckin, Thanksgiving Dinner is cookin for the first 50 or so minutes but I found the turkey a tad cold in the center with some sloppy camera placement in the second section rendering a close up view of Damon Dices holiday sausage and a squashed up view of the quail.  But the movie is stuffed chock full o' hot holiday fuckfestivities and you will definitely want to save some room for desert so you can reminisce the next time you gather round the family table for some turkey & pumpkin pie and remember why it is you subbed WankzVR in 2016! 

thanksgiving day wankzvr

Your sweetie, Elsa Jean!

Comedy setup

Thanksgiving Dinner opens with you seated at a large glass table in an opulent house with your sweetie played by Elsa Jean telling you how good it's going to be to have you over for Turkey day this year.  Elsa approaches for a smootch and thank god cause she looks like 720p standing across the table on the Wankz hi res rig, and while these openings often leave us wishing for a bit more on image clarity from Wankz, as is the norm, you will have long forgotten that in no time flat.

1 thanksgiving day wankzvr

What's this?

2 angel smalls

Your EX-sweetie!

Hidden dinner guest

Why will you have forgotten about the image?  Cause Elsa goes to check on the grub in the kitchen for a minute, and panning down, there appear hands from under the table cloth in your lap and out emerges one honrnery looking Angel Smalls, who then proceeds to immediately go about busting your dick out.  What was I saying about clarity?  Nevermind, it will come to me later....

3 angel smalls wankzvr

Angel Smalls!

"I'm so thankful that your ex-girlfriend is out of our lives this year!"

....pipes in Elsa from the kitchen as Angel gives you suck me eyes from under the table and the comedy factor is pretty high here as Elsa Jean rambles on about cranberries in the kitchen and Angel plays with your twig n berries from below.

4 thanksgiving day

Elsa breaks out the full spread

A bit of back n' forth

Elsa returns to present you with some baby turkey prompting Angel to duck beneath the table cloth, and a scenario similar to Fuck My Mom and Me ensues with quick action with Angel from below occasionally interrupted by Elsa walking back and forth from the kitchen carrying plates of chow.

5 angel smalls elsa jean

Funny shit

Nice seated perspective

Elsa's second trip to the kitchen finds Angel getting her full suck on below and the initial seated perspective feels pretty genuine here. Sweetie returns with another plate of the goods and Angel retreats to her pup tent while you get to shovel some virtual grub into your face.

"Wow, look at your face! You're so hungry!"

Elsa Jean beholds the effect of her cooking on you from across the way while Angel slobs on your knob below the table and this is all prime time WankzVR entertainment.

6 angel smalls virtual reality

Elsa Jean is in the mood for luv

Elsa feels like showing you a bit more affection and decides to break out of her clothes and come over for a seat in your lap where she is surprised to find you already have your pants down and are rocking chub.

7 elsa jean virtual reality

You're already hard!

Best Elsa Jean VR Movie

Elsa looks amazing here and for my money, this is going to be your best look at her in VR right now, ramping things up quite a bit from Game of Moans, with a fun and easy performance from Elsa and an awesome seated viewpoint from which to get up close and personal with her.  You really get a great sense of her long body, waist and proportions here in your lap and of the 3 other VR offerings with Elsa this year (I don't really count the Bangers scene) this one gave me the best sense of her by far with respect to presence.

8 angel smalls wankzvr

Angel gets a bite too!

9 elsa jean


"Oh wait.... the Pie! Gotta go check on it!"

Elsa Jean remembers the pie in the kitchen and runs to check, giving you the opportunity to quickly shovel some taters into Angles mouth below before Elsa walks back in with the pumpkin goodness.

10 wankzvr thanksgiving


Up close with Elsa Jean

Elsa hops up on the table for a sweet pussy show next while Angel peeks out comically from below, and it's not long from there before Elsa is in your lap riding your dick.  Elsa Jean looks amazing here, feels really present in your lap in the VR sense and this scene was hands down my favorite Elsa Jean scene for VR to this point.

11 wankzvr elsa jean


"mmmmmm......I love your tongue in my asshole!"

Some nice fucking follows and Elsa Jean is soon telling you how much she loves your tongue in her asshole...er....wait a second!

12 elsa angel wankzvr

You know you liked my tongue in yo ass!

Off to the 2 girl races

The jig is up and Angle Smalls pops out of her table cloth hideout to Elsa's surprise and after a bit of WTF, let's just have some fun talk from Angel, the scene is off and running proper for the next 40 minutes of patented WanzkVR goodness.

I am not going to play by play this section, but there are some fantastic elements and for the most part, beyond some slippage by our stuntcock that has him slumping down a bit too low in his chair until a reset, this is all amazing footage of both girls from a really nice PoV.

13 angel elsa wankzvr

You get in this section some: Extended two girl oral action on your schmenghee!

14 elsa jean cowgirl
15 elsa jean wankzvr thanksgiving

Amazing seated fucking with both girls!

16 angel smalls wankzvr
17 wankzvr thanksgiving day movie
18 wankzvr virtual reality

Asshole and pussy licking in your lap!

19 elsa angel asslick

A forward facing split position with Elsa Jean that's awesomesauce!

21 elsa splits
22 elsa jean splits wankzvr
23 elsa jean angel smalls
24 elsa angel wankzvr

And a forward facing fuck from tight little Angel Smalls that screams petite teen!

25 wankzvr thanksgiving vr
26 elsa angel wankzvr

Awesome first 55 minutes

That pretty much makes up the first 55 minutes of this movie, and that is really more than enough to write home about, and a pretty amazing scene right there.  But dinner is not over quite yet and it is time for the only scene change in the movie that sees you migrating over to the couch for some standing action.

27 elsa jean

Things get weird on the cam angle here

Wonky perspective after reset

The scene starts off with a delightful shot buried right in Elsa Jeans sweet ass, but the perspective here feels pretty off for several reasons:

28 border

Rig tilted forward

1. The cam is tilted, but the ass is right in front of you, leaving you with the sense of being smushed down into it forehead first, rather than looking ahead nom nom style, as would be your expected PoV in the initial shot.

29 dick too close

Your PoV is inches above your dick

2. The cam is right off the top of the dick, so that when you look down, your dick appears to be just inches from your "chin", instead of at some depth as would be the expected PoV.  I mean...it's kinda like approaching self-suck close!

30 angel elsa

The action looks good on content, it's just closer than it should be 

Scene switched gears for me here in the PoV sense

Between this and the tilt, it pretty much just came off the tracks for me here in the first person sense, and became more of the  observer shot vibe from a bad cam angle.  There is some great action in this section to be sure, it was just not captured particularly well in the PoV sense as your view on the action, is slanted and literally about 3" above bros belly button.

31 elsa jean doggy

Some great positions though

There are some really amazing shots of one girl sitting up above while the other eats her out from below, but you do literally have to look up at like a 30, 40 degree angle to view the top girl.  If you pop your mask off, you are looking way up in the air, like...at your ceiling. The action in that space, should be more in front of you and this is due to the tilt on the camera in the opposite direction forcing you to crane up higher than normal.

32 wankzvr thanksgiving day

You can level this off a bit with a good player to regain your level horizon, but then again that is not a real fix, especially for newer folks that don't know about the nicer players and the footage should really not have been filmed on a tilt or that low to begin with as the room was not particularly needed at the bottom of the shot.

33 angel smalls elsa jean

Fantastic action, lackluster PoV

By the time you are finishing off with the girls in Missionary, the whole thing is feeling pretty wrong from a natural PoV point of view but the action is all top fucking notch.

34 angel elsa

The action is still all hot as fuck with great shots like this one,  you will just be looking toward your ceiling here

35 elsa jean missionary
36 angel smalls creampie

Loading up the crème dispenser!

Save room for pie!

Ending features a stellar creampie-in-Angel Smalls finish and of course, the return of the foreshadowed pumpkin pie which gets drizzled with fresh cream topping and then shared by the girls. Think about that the next time gramma passes the P-pie on T-day! Thanks Wankz. I think! I just popped some wood screenshotting it, so it's fucked up and good all at the same time! 

37 pie
38 creampie pie

Spumpkin pie!

Elsa Jean then gives Angel's sweet ass the boot out the door and an epic Turkey Day WankzVR style winds to down to an end.

10 star VR with a shot of sloppy PoV in the 2nd half.  9/10

So overall, I really enjoyed Thanksgiving Day other than the awkward PoV offered up in the last 30 minutes. I loved the opening setup and was crackin up from the moment Angles hands appeared from beneath the table cloth.  As well, Angel has this mischievous look that was just perfect coming up from under the table like some ornery little devil.  Performances by both girls were super solid, and this would be my go-to scene in VR for Elsa Jean right now;  you just can't beat the sense of her in your lap in the opening 50 minutes and the reverse splits are one of the best splits shots I have seen, easily outdoing the Mia shot in Happy Ending and as good if not a little shorter than the Lucy Doll split section at Real Teens VR.  It's pretty much everything we have come to expect from a WankzVR 2 girl shoot, and it serves as a prime example as to why the proposed new camera setup featuring a reduction in FOV would be poorly suited to WankzVR shooting style right now and why I am personally grateful they decided to second guess that decision. On the negatives, pretty much just a tilted rig/too low in the last 30 minutes. It is somewhat offset by more great action, but it does feel off from a solid PoV by quite a wide margin.  Other than a quick miss on cutting one line of direction audio in editing, there were really no other detractions from Thanksgiving day, and your dick should certainly be raw and your walnuts drained after 82 minutes of stuffing bird here.  Just be sure you leave room for pie at the end! 9/10.  View our full WankzVR review.

"Thanksgiving Dinner" from WankzVR!

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