Veronica Avluv Wants to Teach You a Thing or Two! Teachers Pet from MilfVR!

Veronica Avluv Featured in Teachers Pet from MilfVR!

Review by DirtyD

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Studio:  MilfVR
Release date:  3/30/2017
Running time: 58:00
Starring:  Veronica Avluv
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or Teachers Pet Preview
Notables:  Veronica Avluv, Great scene for anal and MILF fans
Negatives:  I get sleepy after I beat off?
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Avluv FTW!
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"Teachers Pet"

Finally getting around to writing up a scene review for Teachers Pet from MilfVR starring Veronica Avluv today and I say finally not only because it has been a couple weeks since this movie was released on March 30th, but because I kept beating ma dick and not making it to the end of the damned movie! I would head in strong fellas, but despite my normally stony resolve as a serious porno reviewer....cough, Miss Avluv would hustle a nut out of me in no time, so I think it's safe to say I enjoyed this movie up front 🙂 In fact, with no less than four nuts busted before I made it to the end, this one hopped out in front of Sweet Competition as one of the more effective movies to come out of the WankzVR/MilfVR camp for me personally.  Your teacher Veronica Avluv pretty much just squirts hot MILF sex all over you for an hour here and shows us why a bit of experience can rule the day and make the difference in VR. 

teachers pet

Veronica Avluv!

​Poolside with Ms. Avluv

Opening setup for Teachers Pet has you stopping by to pay your old teacher Ms. Avluv a visit, and you find yourself standing outside by her backyard pool on a beautiful sunny afternoon.

1 teachers pet milfvr

"Can't you see I'm busy with young cock?!"

"Begone with blowjobs for you today!"

Busy in the background sifting leaves with a pool rake is WankzVR technical director Manzo the pool bro, who is immediately dispatched by Miss Avluv in favor of your younger dick, leaving you with Veronica all to yourself and leaving Manzo looking like someone just took his favorite toy away.

teachers pet veronica avluv

​Ms. Avluv says hello

After talking you up for a bit, off comes the top and out come the big ole titties and Miss Avluv is soon dropping to her knees for some all pro dick suckin, cock strokin n ball lickin.

3 teachers pet movie review

​Awesome eye contact

Veronica pretty much flips the sexy switch here and she does a fantastic job of connecting with the camera with her eyes all through out the movie, relaying the sexual energy behind them and keeping that constant focus back on you, drawing you into her presence.

4 veronica avluv vr

"It's getting way too hot out here...I want to teach you something new inside"

The outdoor opening section runs around 8 minutes before a transition finds you moving inside to a standing PoV on the side of Ms. Avluv's bed, with Veronica laid out before you on her stomach, wanting another taste of cock and letting you know that fucking her ass is going to be on the lesson plan today.

5 veronica avluv vr porn

​Bottoms up

Action starts inside with some tasty bottoms up, on stomach sucking from Veronica with her positioning on the bed giving a sexy view of that ass you are getting ready to tap and as an anal fan, this movie hits all the right spots in terms of views that assmen like to see, like this teasing shot up front.  

6 veronica avluv virtual reality
7 veronica avluv virtual fuck

"Wanna slide that hard cock into my first little wet hole?"

Oral runs about 5 minutes before Veronica lays back and eases you inside for some sweet standing, legs up missionary with plenty of hot commentary and some serious hawt sauce on the fuckins. This scene just has that good raw heat to it in the fuck dept.

8 veronica avluv milfvr
9 milfvr teachers pet

The first of many squirts from Veronica

​Plenty of mini squirts

A few minutes of hot fuckin and Ms. Avluv achieves liftoff for the first time, letting loose with the first of a few sprinkle squirts in the movie before placing you back inside her pussy and telling you how wet she is.

10 teachers pet veronica avluv

​Nice action

More fuckin n' squirtin and there are some great shots of Veronica's open pussy swelling out as she pushes to squirt, followed up with penetration for some solid action.

11 veronica avluv anal

"I'm gonna give you my ass"

Veronica moves you from pussy to ass in the same sexy legs up position around 19 minutes in and it's pretty hard to be disappointed with the buttsex in Teachers Pet if you're an anal fan. ( of ma dick!)

12 veronica avluv anal sex

"Feel my fingers wrapped around your my pussy?"

Veronica adds some fingers to the mix next asking you if you can feel her fingers on your cock through her pussy and further ramping up the heat in the room.

13 milfvr teachers pet veronica

​PoV reset

There is a PoV reset on the rig here around 22 minutes in for some reason, resulting in a bit lower, closer view of Veronica but it is still a pretty decent feeling perspective and the fucking's great. 

14 teachers pet movie

"I want to feel it in the other hole"

Veronica places you back inside her soaking wet pussy next, telling you her pussy is even more sensitive now since you fucked her ass and really nothing more to add here...shits hot like desert asphalt! She's shakin, squirmin and ooooooh fuUck babyin.

15 veronica milfvr

"Let me taste what I put on that pussy and my ass juice"

Veronica lays back down on her stomach for another sucking section next, pausing briefly to fling a stray earring that fell out on the bed across the room for some comedy element, like...."get this shit out of here, I gots dirty shit to do!"

16 veronica avluv asshole

"You ready to fuck me like I'm your little animal?"

A brief standing asshole inspection follows while Veronica tells you to look at what you are doing to her holes, after which she drops to her knees and takes you in her ass again for some first class doggystyle buttfuckin.

17 veronica avluv doggie
18 veronica avluv virtual anal

"Ram it in there deep!"

Like the lady said! More hard fucking, squirtin and asshole to pussy swappin with Veronica pretty much just lovin the shit out of the cock here.

19 veronica avluv titty fuck
20 teachers pet asshole

"Come lay down, I want to bounce on this cock"

Action moves to a flat on your back perspective at around 35 minutes in and there is a brief bit of titty fuckin while Veronica asks you if you want to taste what you have done to her holes before she swings her ass around for some prime time analingus and winking.

22 veronica milfvr


​Forward cowgirl from every possible angle

Forward cowgirl pussy fuckin is next at varying degrees of proximity and Veronica never stops moving around, leaning in with some titty, laying back with some grind, and this section is anything but dry for forward flat cowgirl, especially when she dumps another round of squirt onto your dick.

23 milfvr anal
24 sidesaddle anal

​Sidesaddle anal

Veronica laps up her squirt from you next before she puts you back in her ass in a fantastic sidesaddle cowgirl mount that features one of the better anal shots I have seen in VR.

25 milfvr movie review

Some quick ass to mouth is next followed by full forward facing anal/vag cowgirl and more hawt fuckin n squirtin.

27 veronica avluv anal sex
28 veronica

Awesome between the legs sitting anal

The last position of the movie occurs around the 48 minute mark when Veronica sits her ass between your thighs for some sweet deep impact ass packing and tan lines.

29 veronica avluv anal
30 veronica fingers ass
31 veronica avluv four fingers

​One in the pink, 4 in the stink

More great action here as Veronica swaps you from ass to pussy and back again, fingering her asshole whenever you are not occupying it and fitting as many as 4 fingers inside at one point.

32 teachers pet cumshot

​Jerk and lick finish

The scene ends up with a couple of minutes of jerk and stroke from Veronica before you spill a load all over her hand and she slowly takes the time to milk the last drops of cum into her mouth before licking the rest of the sauce up off of your stomach.

33 veronica avluv milf

​Slow cooldown

Things winds down from there over the course of a couple minutes and the scene comes to a nice conclusion as Veronica gets up and walks out the doorway.

Veronica Avluv delivers the goods!


Wrappin Teachers Pet up, this scene pretty much delivered in all respects for me: From an engaging and sexy as fuck performance from Veronica Avluv to one of the better anal scenes I have seen shot for VR so far,  I was rocking chub from tip to tail and Veronica had me goin the moment she dropped to her knees up front.   These are the kind of scenes I am hoping to see from MilfVR, where the confidence and skill of a woman that knows what she wants and what she is doing can shine in VR, and you can really get a sense of that different MILF energy like you do with Veronica here.  This is not really a pieced together, cut together scene, it's more just let Veronica get her fuck on and capture it, nothing else needed. 

On the positive commentary, pretty much everything was on point for me.  Bit of comedy up front with the poolboy and a nice opening setup, followed up by some explosive indoor fucking on a simple bedroom set that really focused things on Veronica made for a complete virtual experience, and one that got the better of me more than once on initial viewing.  And as an anal scene goes, this one would rise to the top of my fap stack along with other VR anal classics like Double Derriere Daydream as one of my all time personal favorites.

On the negatives, not much to point out really.  The PoV reset on standing mish may have felt a little low and there was generally an audio dip for direction that would telegraph a few of the squirts, but other than that, there really wasn't much to poke holes in here.

All in all, if you are a Veronica Avluv fan, this is your VR jam to be sure and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Teachers Pet to any fans of hot MILF sex, anal, scenes with natural, raw fucking and women that know a thing or two about a thing or two.  10/10 on the Milf-o-meter.

"Teachers Pet" from MilfVR!

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