4 Years of VR Porn! Tech Check in with VirtualRealPorn and Taylor Sands in Happy 4th Anniversary!

Taylor Sands featured in Happy 4th Anniversary from VirtualRealPorn!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  VirtualRealPorn
Release date:  1/15/18
Running time: 39:25
Starring:  Taylor Sands
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or: Happy 4th Anniversary Preview
Notables:   Taylor may or may not be drunk, lol
Negatives:  Poor PoV's, new scale issues
Review Score: 4/10
5 words or less:  Scale not quite right yet (for my eyes)

Happy 4th Anniversary!

     Sup fappers! Writing up a really fast tech review for the latest release from VirtualRealPorn, Happy 4th Anniversary featuring Taylor Sands. It's a mind blower to think it has been 4 years now since I bought my Oculus DK2 and discovered there was this studio, VirtualRealPorn, already producing porno for it.  Some of my favorite VR memories are some of those very early VR cherry poppiing experiences and VRP will forever be the studio that pointed the way to the future for me in the adult VR space, in terms of hinting toward a vision of the future of fap! I've been on a mini Taylor scene binge lately, so was happy to check out another scene with her today.

the dominatrix virtualrealporn
the housemaid virtualrealporn cover 1

Some early VRP classics

Scale has been perceived as larger for many recently at VirtualRealPorn

Over much of the last year, the scale at VirtualRealPorn has appeared a bit on the large side to myself and other viewers I have seen comment, so I was happy to see VRP post to reddit that there had been some changes made on scale and that they were welcoming some feedback on it.

Taylor Sands VirtualRealPorn

Taylor Sands!

Large scale gone but new scale issues?

Scale right in front seemed about correct and the image looked a little crisper than of late to my eyes, and in that regard, appeared to be a slight upgrade. Unfortunately, for me, there also seemed to be some discernible flaws in whatever tweaks they have implemented to scale when looking around the frame, and Taylor's proportions looked to be out of balance to my eyes in the lower section especially.  

Audio quality is improved from recent VirtualRealPorn scenes, but also has a bit of that over-processed vibe, where small details are being over-amplified and start to stand out as being artificially enhance. 

Taylor Sands 4th anniversary

To my eyes, things look wrong/smaller in the lower portion of the image, such as the champagne glass by the couch that appeared to be at least 12" tall previously in her hand

Things appear smaller at the bottom of the frame

To my eyes, during the opening standing section, the scale toward the lower portion of the frame, seemed to shrink away, causing a dwarfing type of effect on Taylor's bottom end, while her face looked to be about correct in front of you. The furniture looked as if it had been designed for little people and there was a noticeable discrepancy when Taylor set a champagne flute she was holding down onto the floor, where it appeared to shrink in height.

Taylor Sands VirtualRealPorn anniversary

Taylor's lower end felt dwarfish to me here

Happy 4th Anniversary from VirtualRealPorn

Looking back at the corner of the wall from a lower PoV, this ceiling height seemed to appear shorter than expected in the mask

Room height looked off from a lower perspective

When the cam perspective then dropped lower on a subsequent shot, I was left with the impression that I was in a room with about a 6 foot ceiling, and again, the image just wasn't lining up in my brain as correct in terms of consistent geometry across the FOV. 

Happy 4th Anniversary movie review

Let's not forget about Taylor though! Rawwwwwr!

VirtualRealPorn Happy 4th Anniversary Taylor Sands

Enjoyed the positioning here, but the PoV itself is fairly jacked off and crooked

Some pretty awful PoV's

This is just going to be a quick tech review, as Happy 4th Anniversary also features some of the worst PoV's I have seen at VirtualRealPorn, and they often suffer quite a bit from the rig having been placed too low/close to the dick. Despite my love of Taylor Sands, this ultimately proved to make the movie a browser, rather than a watcher for me in the end.

Taylor Sands doggie

Some nice positioning utilized in the scene

There are some nice change ups with regard to setups and positioning, and it's a shame that the PoV's kind of blow the effect in the end, if that kind of stuff bothers you.

Happy 4th Anniversary VirtualRealPorn

There is a brief interlude for cake!

Taylor Sands Virtual

The counter works great for positioning, but the low PoV is failboat

Taylor Sands virtual missionary

Some raised up, standing missionary is featured

Taylor Sands fingers asshole

Assplay featured also

Taylor Sands virtual doggie

This PoV basically feels right above the dick and ass, perhaps sitting about nip level on the bro

Taylor Sands anal dildo

Another tasty position on the counter

PoV's made it fairly unwatchable for me, Taylor's a hottie with a body and a buzz!


In the end, would I recommend Happy 4th Anniversary for fans of Taylor Sands? No, not really, lol. I would roll with her recent Star Wars scene for example as a better virtual experience. I mean, she's even sticking a dildo up her ass here while getting fucked—normally my kind of thing—and that wasn't enough to stop me from skipping through the terrible PoV angles.  If you are just a fan, and are not a stickler for PoV distances, Taylor looks great here, there are some nice positions incorporated, and she seems pretty tipsy, lol. 

Taylor Sands cumshot


Glad to see some changes at least for 2018

Overall, bit of a disappointment on both the production and technical side on the 4th anniversary of VirtualRealPorn, but in another sense, I am stoked they are trying to adjust the overly large scale that has been present for months now, as well as mixing up the positioning some here. The PoV's after 4 years, can get a little frustrating from one of the pioneers in the space—perhaps a new crew at work here— but I am never going to criticize overly for being willing to try to break from the mold and grow in VR.  Studios have to be willing to take some chances with upgrades and shooting techniques.  In terms of the scale, it appears that whatever adjustments were made were not without some new side effects, at least to my eyes, so hopefully they will continue to work on this.  Always happy to see a new scene with Taylor Sands but givin Happy 4th Anniversary a 4/10 based on the scale issues I could spot and the PoV's. 

Happy 4th Anniversary from VirtualRealPorn!

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