Liza Has to Bail But Kimber Keeps the Party Rockin in Tailgate Tag Team from WankzVR!

tail gate tag team wankzvr

Tail Gate Tag Team Featuring Gina Valentina, Liza Rowe & Kimber Woods from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 10/10

"Tail Gate Tag Team"

Tail Gate Tag Team is this Tuesdays 9/20/16 release from WankzVR starring Gina Valentina, Kimber Woods and Liza Rowe, or...more pussy that you can probably handle in one sitting.  At 52 minutes, this movie comes in just under the record times of Wankz titles such as Maximum Exposure and Music Producer, and it's pretty much packed with wall to wall VR goodness.  While it unfortunately looks as if Liza has to bail out of this one midway, Kimber steps in from the bench and kills it and Gina Valentina does not disappoint either in her return to WankzVR in proper scale.

1 gina valentina wankzvr

Tail Gate Time!

Doin shots

Tail Gate Tag Team finds ya chillin at the local watering hole (Wankz faithful will recognize this as the same location as movies like Private Tutor and Spring Break Anal) with the bros, gettin ready for for some football and knockin back some shots, and your barmaids played by Gina Valentina and Liza Rowe.  There is a raffle going down for a private tailgate party and you soon find out you have the golden ticket.

2 gina valentina liza rowe

Your Golden Ticket grants one time entry into these 2!

Tail Gate time

The bros are ushered out the door by the girls and it's boomchickawhawha time. The dialog here is drowned out by the TV for a minute but who are we kidding, as Gina is soon coming in for some kisses and both girls drop to their knees to show off their skills on the skin flute.

3 wankzvr gina valentina liza rowe

What's a tail gate party without hot dogs?

Lots of open mouthed kissing

As far as dual sucking action goes, it's pretty fuckin hot, with the girls taking turns holding your cock while the other sucks it, shoving each others head down, and even swapping some spit as well for those that are into that. 

There's quite a bit of kissing from Gina in the movie but sometimes it kind of feels like every single girl filming for Wankz is being told to do the "Riley" and that only really works for girls like Riley, or say Kristina Rose the other day I feel like.  But tons of kissing here to varying degrees of accuracy and effect, I just wish the girls were allowed to kind of more follow their instincts for style and just hit the mark as best they can so that every kissing segment in each movie was not so samey in that respect and allow a bit more of the girls own personality/instict to come through.  

4 tail gate tag team wankzvr

Some sexy ass rubbins

Some prime seated cowgirl

Around 15 minutes in both girls take turns rubbing their sexy little asses on your shit before Gina puts your cock inside Liza and this whole seated fucking section is pretty sweet other than the male body being slightly misaligned with the cam .

5 wankzvr tail gate tag team

Gina with a helping hand

Lots to look at

Gina makes busy with the kissing and working her finger up Liza's tight little asshole while Liza rides your dick and there is pretty much never a dull moment to be had.

6 liza rowe

Gina fingers Liza's asshole

Gina hops on for some tasty leg up reverse cowgirl next while Liza spreads and smacks her ass and you should pretty much be feeling strong like bull by now.

7 tail gate tag team

Just sayin...Wankz knows how to shoot 2 girls scenes in VR

Get close in VR

Some really nice forward cowgirl with both girls is next, with the action being super close-up like many of us like it, to the point where the show becomes whats going on up top with the girls faces and less the dick going in the hole, and for those that love ultra close seated cowgirl, these minutes are golden.

8 gina liza wankzvr

Lots of close up seated cowgirl

Last call for Liza

Liza especially pushes the up close boundary here, pressing her chest so close against you, you have to look up at her face, and it really feels super present in VR.  Unfortunately, this is the also the last we get to see of Liza as she is about to bail for the remainder of the movie.

9 gina valentina liza rowe wankzvr

The rest was too close to screenshot with Liza

Did I mention Wankz gives us the goods for our $$$?

This takes us to around 25 minutes, which is already a full movie by BaDoinkVR, HoloGirls and VirtualRealPorn standards...but there are still another 25 mins yet to go! 

10 tail gate tag team wankzvr

Kimber Woods grabs the baton

Rowe hands off to Woods

Part two of Tail Gate Tag Team finds you laid out on the pool table over a pad or some shit, and Liza is leaving with Kimber Woods having arrived for the late shift to replace her.  Kimber is gtg and joins in with Gina to slob on your knob for a bit.

11 gina valentina wankzvr virtual reality

Gina keeps her finger warm

Analingus is served

Kimber backs up dat ass next, and naughty Gina instantly has a finger in her asshole before going full chow on Kimbers's balloon knot for some seriously up close and personal analingus that will leave those so inclined going holy-fuckin-look-at-that-shit!

12 gina anal lick

Get it girl

Thanks Wankz!

I could watch Gina display her technique all day, but it's soon reverse roles and Kimber's turn to tongue Gina's 2 hole.  She goes ham sandwich on that shit and midway through this, she is spreading Gina for you and instructing you to eat that pussy when I found myself thinking here....this is why I love me some WankzVR!

13 analingus wankzvr

Nom nom nom nom

Wankz puts the VR in VR porn

Who else does this shit in VR?  You get some of the best asshole licking I have seen in VR here, and it's holy shit close to your face, so much so that there is full on contact made with the camera here, resulting in a tiny bit of blur from there out 🙂 But the whole time you are going fuck, this is awesome!   

14 wankzvr kimber woods

Kimber came to play

Gina gets on your cock reverse cowgirl while Kimber goes off on her own pussy to the side of you, and I was really diggin the unexpected heat Kimber was givin off in this scene.

15 kimber gina wankzvr

Guiding the missile

Bustin nutz

Kimber gives Gina a spell next and fucks you in reverse cow while Gina holds the base of your cock before turning around forwards cow and grinding out a happy nut while Gina grabs and chokes her from behind.

16 gina kimber tail gate tag team

Role reversal again and Gina is in forward cow, giving you a great look at her sexy little bush while she fucks away at you.

17 kimber woods

Don't be rude dude, do what the lady asks

There's even a Sushi platter at this tail gate party!

Up close with Kimber's snatch is next as she coaches you to eat her pussy, even leaning in to taste it from your mouth afterward and Gina soon follows suit with the same presentation while Kimber sucks your cock behind her.

18 gina valentina vr

Gina keeps rockin it

Gina seems to autofinger assholes

The last position of the movie is doggie and the male winds up off center to the left a bit here for a minute, as well as the shot feeling a tad high but the action is solid as Gina is busy fingering and slapping Kimbers ass while she enjoys your cock.

19 virtual doggie kimber gina

Gina likes fingering assholes it would seem...Dirty D approved

Love dem asses

Cumshot finds both girls below you with asses up waiting for your load which they then bring up and share in front of you with some nice cumswapping as Tail Gate Tag Teams winds its way down.

kimber gina cumshot
kimber woods gina valentina cumswapping

Sharing is caring

Might as well be 2 movies worth of content. 10/10

So it's another fuckstravaganza from WankzVR!  There is soo much here you could consider it 2 movies, and you could prob rub one out in either section.  For Gina fans, you will be loving the entire run.  Kimber brought the raw passion in the second leg, and Liza had strong opening half.  Most of the perspectives felt good, with the doggy probably being the most dodgy shot.  Negatives would be minor, mainly background audio from peeps walking in and out of a squeaky door and a barking dog that seems to come along to many Wankz shoots 🙂  As well, there are a fair amount of off camera looks from Gina and Liza here.  A huge positive for many will be the total exclusion of man hands for the entire 50 minutes, so that will be a welcome change of pace for those of us that are used to Wankz' more active males.  Overall, I was diggin it.  This ain't vanilla and it ain't boring, and it ain't shot 4 feet away from the rig. It is up close, present and in your fucking face and feels like a strong VR experience.  A no brainer for Gina Valentina fans, teen fans, lovers of up close pussy shots and girls tonguing each others assholes right in front of your face as well as those that love close up seated cowgirl or Kimber and Liza.  It's 2 fucking movies in one and some great VR porn! 10/10.

"Tail Gate Tag Team" from WankzVR!

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