Uma Jolie Shines in Sweetest Revenge from WankzVR!

Sweetest Revenge Featuring Uma Jolie from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  WankzVR
Release date:  May 26, 2017
Running time: 54:14
Starring:  Uma Jolie
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or Sweetest Revenge Preview
Notables:  Uma Jolie, Sunshine highlights, On point PoV's, Minimal editing
Negatives:  Some active hands for those that might care?
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Uma Jolie.../splooge

Sweetest Revenge

     It's Sunday Memorial Day weekend and I'm takin a few to write up a movie review for the new WankzVR offering with Uma Jolie, Sweetest Revenge. I peeped just about all the major releases this Saturday, and Sweetest Revenge came out the hands down, gotta write that one up favorite for me as I thought it was a near flawless scene from WankzVR, and an awesome VR introduction to super sexy Uma Jolie. Coming off the overwhelmingly positive response from viewers for Model Misbehavior last week, the end of May finds WankzVR with the pedal down on the VR fuckmachine and rolling balls out into Summer 2017, capping off the one year anniversary of Casting Couch VR in style with end of May textbook examples like Sweetest Revenge.

uma jolie

Uma Jolie!

Sweet location

Setup for Sweetest Revenge finds you chillin poolside, lounge chair style on a beautiful sunny California day. Uma Jolie is looking ravishing in front of you as she makes with kickin her BF to the curb on the phone, and the outdoor atmosphere is alive with the sounds of lawns being mowed, neighborhood noise and tiny birds fluttering through and stopping in to take a sip from the pool.

1 uma jolie vr porn

​Nice image for outdoors on a sunny day

Visual quality is not bad at all, with the picture holding together quite well for an outdoors setup and the sunshine lending some tasty highlights as the scene progresses through various stages of cloud diffused sunlight.    

2 uma jolie wankzvr

​Average audio

Audio, is kind of the average undefined wash that WankzVR typically gets, so you get lots of ambiance, but not much in the way of a well defined stereo image, or crisp and airy highs but that's about the only tech gripe here, and I am an admitted audio snob. 

3 uma jolie sweetest revenge

​Above average Uma Jolie

Uma Jolie is pretty much ridiculously smokin hot and feels quite present in your prime inclined position as things get started, using her striking eyes to great effect throughout the scene and projecting a natural ease on cam that works great for VR. 

4 uma jolie virtual reality

"Finally, I get to suck your fat cock..."

Action gets going with some sun kissed oral, the scene looking pretty sweet indeed with the sunlight bouncing nicely off of Uma, the birds grabbing a drink poolside in the background and clouds moving by visibly overhead.  

5 sweetest revenge

You can also spot a few windows visible from the surrounding neighbors houses which lends to that I-wonder-if-they-can-see-this-shit pervy vibe. 

7 uma jolie wankzvr movie

​Poon zoom

Some close up pussy time is featured next with delightful highlights provided courtesy of Mr. Sunshine, and the depth for the airlingus action is pretty much on point in terms of placement.

8 sweetest revenge movie review
9 uma jolie virtual

​Sweet PoV

Fucking gets going at around 14 minutes into the movie, starting off with a tasty bit of teasing and pussy rubbing before Uma eases you inside for some really nice feeling seated cowgirl.

10 uma jolie virtual fuck

If you have a reclining chair here, it's pretty much the gold VR zone, with Uma seeming to be right where she should be in space before you, and a nice sensation of her being virtually in your lap, which is why I tend to favor semi inclined cowgirl footage over flat on back footage.  It gets you closer to the girl, while also giving you a PoV across and down to your dick that feels more like what you would expect to see in real life, so your brain is free to do that VR thing instead of trying to reconcile what sometimes amounts to an artificial feeling camera view.  

11 wankzvr sweetest revenge

No edits

It should also be noted, that up until this point, around 15 minutes into the scene, there was not a single edit that I caught on either of my 2 viewings, so this movie stands in sharp contrast to many of the latest releases from WankzVR that featured some new editing with a markedly different style from the older movies.  

13 uma jolie virtual reality porn

​Smooth Flow

Where I felt like the amount of recent hard edits were a significant distraction in the last few WankzVR movies that I have watched, this scene plays out more like a steady VR experience with Uma rather than a quilt of clips and the movie feels quite a bit more fluid, and is able to build up some more steam and tension as a result.

12 uma jolie wankzvr sweetest revenge

​All flavors of seated cowgirl

Back on the fuckins, you gots some lean back, you gots some bounce, you gots some close up, you gots some grind, so you pretty much gots some prime action no matter how you slice it with Uma Jolie, who looks awesome from just about any angle.

14 uma jolie porn
15 uma jolie blowjob
16 uma jolie ass

Sunrise over Happy Valley

"That rebound cock tastes so good"

Some pussy to mouth action around 22 minutes in is followed up by close up time with Uma's delicious ass, this falling perhaps a touch too close here, bordering on that inside-your-face boundary and not quite as on point as the forward facing section from earlier on in the movie but,... I am not arguing with that ass no matter where it is in front of me.....just put it in front of me please.  

17 uma jolie vr

More tasty seated action in reverse is next, no commentary needed. Enjoy the ride Clyde.

18 uma
20 uma jolie cowgirl

Some shirt tugging/grabbing 

21 uma jolie squat
22 uma sun

Uma can slay you with just one eye

23 wankzvr sweetest revenge
24 uma jolie wankzvr review

​Nice layback section

There is also a cool bit of seldom utilized laying-back-on-your-chest positioning to cap off the cowgirl section lending some great presence to the reverse section and pretty much putting a sweet VR bow on the opening 30 minute package. 

26 uma ass

"I'm sure you've been waiting to hit it from's your chance"

That comment, along with a sunlit ass display, wraps up an otherwise smashing opening 32 minutes and rolls you into a transition to doggy, yielding a satisfying PoV featuring a nicely advanced cam, and the fuck zone again feeling roughly where it should be in virtual space in front of/below you.

27 uma jolie doggie
28 uma vr

​Upright reverse

Some excellent pulled up tight, looking-back-at-you-fucking is featured in this section, for a big bump on the presence meter, and there is really not much more commentary to add to this either, all good shit.

29 uma jolie virtual piledriver

​Rarely seen piledriver action


The doggy rolls into some seldom seen piledriver action after a short bit of suckin, and I can only recall seeing this particular shot back in the glory days of Naughty America, when women were Amazons, and production came up with cool ideas like trying a piledriver shot.  The piledriver position works pretty well again, in putting the goods right where they should be if you are seated/reclined, but interestingly, seemed to fail a bit for me when standing up, (which I never do) as I was curious to try the view to see if it improved the vibe of it at all. But, it's cool to see the shot, and beyond Uma looking to be a bit far away, it offers some unique presence with her legs up around your head/shoulders. 

30 uma jolie missionary

​Face/torso focused missionary

Piledriver transitions rather naturally into a close up missionary section where penetration is just beyond view below Uma's tight and toned stomach and you get some nice face to face time with Uma, some of it with her head being supported additionally by Chads hands. 

31 uma jolie
32 uma jolie creampie

Creampie is served!

​Upright missionary

A more upright, full view missionary position takes you down the home stretch for a few more tasty minutes before you dump your hot cum inside of Uma while she tells you how warm it feels for a lovely creampie finish.

33 uma
34 uma finger cum

​Relaxed ending

There are still 3 or 4 minutes remaining after the cumshot with some cum filled pussy fingering from Uma as well as a few selfie shots to send to the freshly dumped Ex, making for a nice way to wind things up and the scene fades out with a love-to-watch-it-go shot on Uma's sexy little ass, as she walks around the pool to the edge of the hot tub over in the background.


Starting Summer off with a bang!


Wrapping up Sweetest Revenge, I felt like it was yet another strong showing in the month of May from WankzVR and a really great introduction to Uma Jolie, who I would love to see more VR from in the future.  She has a easy, natural way about her that allowed this scene to roll and a ton of sex appeal behind those smoking hot eyes of hers.

High notes for me were an unaffected performance from Uma, sunny highlights, solid PoV's with inclined positioning for Chad, leaning back into you cowgirl and doggie sections, and who can argue with a creampie finish?

Really, nothing but good things to say here, I thought production was on point with great PoV's and catching a steamy performance from Uma, talent was great and editing was a night and day difference from the last few releases​, resulting in a strong VR porn presentation for viewers and one of the best scenes I have seen this year, on all around factors.  There are some sections with a bit more active hands from Chad, but overall nothing that should derail most and all around, if you think Uma Jolie might ring your bell, this is a great VR porn experience to be had with her.  10/10.

Sweetest Revenge from WankzVR!

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