Another Episode of That’s What I’m Talkin About with Sweet Competition from WankzVR!

Bailey Brooke and Carolina Sweets Featured in Sweet Competition from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  WankzVR
Release date:  January 31, 2017
Running time: 74 minutes
Starring:  Carolina Sweets, Bailey Brooke
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or: Sweet Competition Preview
Notables:  Classic scene revisited, quick moving cam section, both girls performances, nice PoV's, leaning back on chest shot.
Negatives:  None
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  3 nutts and a nap!

"Sweet Competition"

Checking out Sweet Competition from WankzVR today with Bailey Brooke and Carolina Smalls.  You know you have probably seen one too many WankzVR movies when you feel right at home in the Private Tutor set house that has been featured in more than one Wankz classic, including an ill fated early appearance in VR from Alaina Dawson and Melissa Moore that left many of us going....if only.  Sweet Competition takes one part Earning Badges and kind of one part Dear Diary: Jackpot for 2 parts of bet-you-don't-make-it-till-the-end and comes out as my easy movie of the month for January 2017. Let's put it this way....I cracked 3 nuts total, with a nap in the ya. Movie of the fucking month and an awesome Earning Badges remake!

sweet competition wankzvr movie

Carolina Sweets!

​Familiar setup

Setup finds us flashing back to Earning Badges, and this is a scene that I think many early WankzVR viewers wanted to see revisited. The doorbell rings, you are at your front door, and opening it up to find Carolina Sweets decked out in a Girl Scout uniform with a plate of yum yums for sale. And damned if the WankzVR rig don't up and take a big step forward in the first we have seen Wankz use a moving shot as you move to the door threshold to greet Carolina.

1 sweet competition

Not havin it

​I'll take all you have

Carolina Smalls, who has the face of an 18 year old and the voice of a 40 year old—that's been belly up to the bar for 20 years chain smoking Vagina Slimes—launches into her husky sales rap and you get the impression Carolina is going to be strong pretty quick as she offers you some cookie to nibble on virtually and it's not long before Bailey Brooke is prancing up the driveway in her cheerleading outfit, with her own plate of num nums for sale.

My-milkshakes-better-than-yours ensues and overall, by the time the girls agree to work together to unload their wares on you and you take a moving step back through the front door some 5 minutes later, the opening setup is working well to put you in the scene.

2 wankzvr sweet competition

​Front row seat

Next section finds you bodyless on the floor with the girls and pretty much, there are no bad PoV's in this movie with every shot setup working really well for me.

3 carolina sweets bailey brooke

​No shortage of close up action

Bailey sticks her ass framed in blue panties right up to the camera and Sweet Competition has no shortage of close up shots and asshole lickin from the get go as Carolina dives right in on Bailey's rat eye.

4 bailey brooke

Close enough to join in

​Dive in brah

And this is the share and share alike kind of close up where you feel like you are dining from the same plate as the other girl and when Carolina drools spit down Bailey's asscrack, it feels like it is right in your mouth, or very very close.  

Both girls talk a good rap and Carolina has the Max Hardcore "Mister" thing down pat, which I find a little dirtier than Daddy, and both gave A+ performances here in my book. Now, this fucker is 70 mins of dick chaffing goodness, so I am going to get into highlight mode here, so don't get the impression the scene progresses as fast as the rest of the review will between highlight screenshots and there are literally waay too many good moments to document here.

5 carolina sweets

/whispervoice "WAnkzzz"

6 carolina sweets wankzvr

Carolina Sweets sweets

​Unicorn panties!

Next up, Carolina sticks her unicorn pantie clad pussy in your face and probably the only way this gets any better or preverted is if Bailey had brought her Strawberry Shortcake Underoos to the set, lol.  /wwwwwwWWWWWWaaaaaaaaaaankzzzzzzzzzzz!

7 wankzvr carolina bailey

​Sweet girl on girl action

The girls next sit across from one another and help each other out of their clothes, and the girl on girl action is really strong in this movie, with the kind of passionate kissing that never gets old to watch and girls that look like they legit like fuckin with each other. 

8 wankzvr vr porn
9 bailey brooke virtual reality

Some munch time on Bailey's hairy pussy is next, while Carolina keeps the heat on beside her before the girls swap and you get Carolina's tight little ass in your face for a bit.

10 bailey brooke vr porn

Stunt dick shows up

The bodyless intro goes for a good 23 minutes before you warp into the scene in standing position and the girls get to work slobbin yer knob below before Bailey backs up for some tasty doggy action around 26 minutes in.

11 bailey brooke doggy
12 carolina sweets doggie
13 whoops

Carolina's sweet pussy powa proves too much for Agent Steele who attempts a quick coverup!

​Carolina's pussy too hot too handle

You get 5 minutes with Bailey in doggie and then Carolina takes over for a heated fuck that leaves no doubt that she is having a good time and this proves to be just a bit too much of a good time at once for our stuntcock whoes cup doth runneth over at about the 37 minute mark and I can't honestly say I would have fared any better there, lol. I was a Carolina believer after this scene, cause let me tell you she came to fuck!  She gets into that crazy, like, on the brink of losing her shit zone, and our boy...loses his own shit. 

14 carolina bailey wankzvr

Round deux

​2nd wind 

So a few cookies and a cigarette later, our 3 fuckbunnies are back at it again as you assume an on your back position flat on the floor for some more suckin and fuckin and bro is in reasonable shape here for the 2nd stretch, fading a bit toward the end of the movie. 

15 bailey brooke virtual fuck

More lean toward you than this, which is easier to screen.  Sup boat anchors, lol

​Nice cowgirl sections

Cowgirl with Bailey is up first, and there is quite a bit of it that is closer rather than farther away with some nice titty time in there.

16 carolina sweets wankzvr

Reverse cowgirl and more views of Carolina's great ass follow at around the 45 minute mark and she ain't fucking around, she's getting down.

17 carolina bailey lesbian virtual reality

Fucking great VR shot

​Awesome shot

A spectacular leaning back on chest shot follows with Bailey chowing down below, but Carolina is goin off and shoots off the pogo stick after a short time with a comedic "look what you made me do!"  but a spectacular effect and shot nonetheless that played out nicely in the VR sense the short while it lasted.

18 carolina sweets sweet competition


19 wankzvr sweet competition
20 sweet competition carolina bailey

​Carolina brings the heat

Some chubworthy reverse cowgirl with Bailey is up next with a nice pussy to mouth break, before Carolina is back on to bust out a couple more nuts and as far as putting out the genuine fuck vibe, Carolina is on fire. 

21 wankzvr sweet competion movie

​Kneeling missionary

The one hour mark comes, and you find yourself in kneeling missionary with Bailey and I enjoyed the PoV and action for this setup which progresses minutes later to the same position with Carolina.

22 carolina sweets virtual fuck
23 carolina sweets feet

​Footsie section

At around 66 minutes in, the feet guys get some action when Bailey holds up Carolina's feet for you and the mish action continues.

24 wankzvr sweet competition

​The girls like milk with their cookies

Now remember those cookies right? Now...remember Thanksgiving Dinner? The Repairman?  Wankz don't just put that shit in at the beginnin, not to have it show up at the end, so a few mins to a 2nd wind blast off, the girls retrieve the cookie platter to catch yer batter.

25 sweet competition movie review

Cookies n' Cream

Cookies are duly glazed and Carolina and Bailey enjoy some cookies n cum and even offer you up a pussy cookie, before the scene slowly winds down after another couple of relaxed minutes getting some final looks at the girls.  

Another great WankzVR 2 girl scene


Wrapping up Sweet Competition, I felt like this was a classic WankzVR 2 girl scene of the same top caliber as say, Double Trouble and all 70 minutes of it were quite enjoyable to watch. Both Carolina and Bailey turned in awesome performances, and Carolina in particular caught me totally by surprise with her intensity and it was pretty funny watching the stunt cock cave to her full on fuck. On the negatives......./crickets.......uhhhhh. I really can't come up with one here, there wasn't much I would do different. The scene flowed really well and other than the halftime reset, was non stop action. The normal audio dips for direction were largely imperceptible and all in all, this was a pretty awesome production from all involved. In the end it felt like the fitting remake to Earning Badges and it was totally cool that they revisited the scene for some of us that were blue balled by the original!  They even brought back the socks.  10/10.

"Sweet Competition" from WankzVR!

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