Nancy A Serves up Sunday Breakfast at VirtualRealPorn!

Sunday Breakfast Featuring Nancy A from VirtualRealPorn!

Review by DirtyD

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Studio:  VirtualRealPorn
Release date:  4/6/17
Running time: 36:38
Starring:  Nancy A
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or Sunday Breakfast Preview
Notables:  Nancy A, Intimate scene, Non-porny natural vibe
Negatives:  None really come to mind...I guess no kissing for a scene like this perhaps?
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Great vid for Nancy fans

"Sunday Breakfast"

Writing up a review today for Sunday Breakfast from VirtualRealPorn starring one of VR porn's breakout stars this year, Nancy A. Nancy has been gathering a steady stream of VR fans including myself since her first SexBabesVR movies awhile back and I am always happy to see a new VR scene with Nancy released. This scene had a different look to it, so I wanted to check it out, having been a few weeks since I have watched a VirtualRealPorn offering and I was happy to see that this movie had a totally different vibe to it than what can often feel a little cookie cutter sometimes from VirtualRealPorn.  While the movie is fairly basic in positional variety, it focuses realism and intimacy in a compelling way and this wound up being a solid 35 minutes with Nancy A in VR for me, and I would say it would likely be a must have scene for most Nancy A fans. 

sunday breakfast nancy a porn

Nancy A!

Breakfast setup

The setup for Sunday Breakfast finds you seated across from Nancy at the corner of a large glass dining room table, enjoying some OJ and breakfast. The set is brightly lit and features excellent color and contrast around the room, with colorful food on the tables in view and dark features in the decor that all serve to present a nice, balanced scene in terms of visuals, and this was a huge breath of fresh air over some of the white room, whitewashed types sets we have seen VirtualRealPorn shoot on in the last 6 months or so. This set, looks much more like some place you would see BaDoinkVR shoot, with sunlight filtering in, large palm plants and a clean, modern open look to the space.

1 sunday breakfast virtualrealporn

​Intimate from the start

Nancy looks lovely in a light pink nightie, and the vibe is immediately intimate, as it is just simply you sitting across from her as she speaks to you softly and caresses you. English is not Nancy's first language, so while there is not a ton of talking during the scene, her dialog is adorable and more than enough to convey the message.

nancy a vrp

​Bit of a new look for VRP

I liked that other than Nancy looking amazing sitting there, this already had a different vibe for a VirtualRealPorn scene from jump and other than a questionable downturn on the rig in this opening shot, the whole scene looked fresh for me, for VRP.

3 nancy a

Just about zero porno vibe

Lots of time up front here gazing into Nancy's amazing eyes and there is just about zero porno bullshit employed in this scene. If I am not mistaken, Nancy only works with her husband in BG scenes, so there is that extra level of familiarity that is present here with the couple and it adds to the authentic vibe of the movie.

2 sunday breakfast nancy a

​Nancy wants to stay home with you today

Nancy tells you she just wants to stay in with you and she doesn't want to go anywhere today.  She leans in a bit and kisses your chest while rubbing you underneath your t-shirt before slowly moving down to caress your cock through your shorts.  All the action is slow and sensual, ...this is not like being mauled by a porn star, but much more like a slow morning with your chick at the table and Nancy's actions like slowly kissing your stomach here play out honestly.

4 nancy a virtualrealporn

​Seated couch PoV for the action

The intimate breakfast table opening runs around 5 minutes and then Nancy asks you to move over to the couch, where you resume in a solid seated PoV with Nancy's legs across your lap.  The rig here has smartly been tilted up to accommodate Nancy's long torso later in the scene, ensuring her head does not get cropped and overall the perspective feels pretty good here.

5 nancy a sunday breakfast

​Slow and sexy the whole way

The slow and sexy pace continues on the couch, where instead of just poppin your dick out, Nancy instead starts of with soft chest kissing and licking, not just mechanically rushing forward to the dick sucking part, but taking her time in a very non porno kind of way.

6 nancy a virtual reality
7 nancy a vr porn

A nice choice for fans of GFE/natural style scenes

Even when Nancy does break your dick out, she slowly jerks it for a bit, instead of just gobbling it up and again, if you are looking for the anti-porn formula in your VR diet, Sunday Breakfast serves that up nicely.

8 nancy a sunday breakfast review

​Dick lovin

Proper dick sucking begins around 9 minutes into the scene, and no gak gak gak shit here, just slow home cookin in the kitchen all the way, with as much kissing and caressing of your dick as sucking of it.  It's more just... like dick love, lol.

9 nancy a vr

​Some hands when Nancy asks for them

Nancy asks you to touch her boobs, and she will occasionally call for and guide in the males hands in this scene for brief moments like this, telegraphing the incoming action some in terms of setting up the introduction of hands into the shot.

10 sunday breakfast virtualrealporn

​Sexy pulled-to-the-side entry

After a few minutes of slow oral warmup, Nancy has a seat in your lap, pulling aside her nightie and placing you inside the honey hole at around the 12 minute mark for some sweet seated cowgirl action where little details like her long hair give the scene some added VR presence as she move around in front of you.

11 nancy a virtual

Lots of hair moments in this scene dangling by the camera

​Clear audio

Audio is both quiet and clear here and Nancy's wetness below is easily audible as she moves back and forth slowly on your cock. Forward cowgirl lasts for a few minutes here before Nancy dismounts to take a taste and remove the last remnant of clothing before turning around for an amazing rear view.

12 nancy a vr
13 sunday breakfast movie

​Awesome reverse action

Assmans delight is next with Nancy starting off between your legs in standing reverse and later straddling her legs over yours for more of a squatting angle for the next several minutes before a quick oral transition leads back to more close up forward cowgirl.

14 virtualrealporn sunday breakfast

​Single position worked fine for me here

Normally, I can get a bit bored these days with a single position VR porn movie, and god forbid it is all flat on back midrange blindspot cowgirl, but because everything else here is so natural,  just remaining in the seated position and letting Nancy kind of have her slow and sexy way with me worked well for the scene and kind of served the downplayed,  non porno vibe of it for me in the end.

15 nancy a
16 nancy a virtual fuck

​Slow transitions from positions

Even the transition back to forward cowgirl here is slow, as Nancy starts off with some camel grinding first instead of just going through the basic motions again, and next several minutes of forward footage is quite nice.

17 nancy a pussy

​Brief up close pussy show

There is a brief moment next of Nancy raising up on her legs and bringing her pussy closer up for you, before she tells you she wants to cum, and hops back on for the final bit of fucking before slowly kissing her way down your body for the last few minutes of between your legs jerk and suck time.

18 nancy

​Nice ending

Nancy jerks you off onto her tits, comes in close again for a minute as she rubs the cum into her chest and the movie ends with Nancy laying her head down onto your chest as the scene fades out to black.

19 nancy a virtualrealporn
20 sunday breakfast nancy a

A solid GFE type scene for VirtualRealPorn


Wrappin up Sunday Breakfast, I thought this was a really strong 35 minutes with Nancy A and I would have to say this was my favorite release from VirtualRealPorn in some time now, probably since the quite intimate Spanish Tour scene with Marta La Crofte.  Nancy A is simply gorgeous and this was a really pure kind of feeling scene with her.  This didn't feel as much like a pornstar to me,  rather it felt like more of the intimate type of experience you would have with a real partner with respect to every part of the sex.  It was all slow and paced, with natural flow and nothing being played up especially for the camera.  

On the positives, I would say intimacy is the strong point here beyond Nancy herself, as well as the natural scene flow.  The set looked great, with lots of contrast and Nancy looked warm and inviting in terms of skin tones and that kind of thing, so an improvement for me at VirtualRealPorn in that department.  As well, I was thrilled there was no flat on back action here as VirtualRealPorn is fond of sticking to, and seated PoV's usually work out well for this fapper, keeping things closer up and present feeling than what you typically get with flat on your back cowgirl footage. 

On the negatives, really the only one I might come up with was that there was no kissing incorporated into an otherwise very intimate scene, and this would perhaps be a logical element to include here if Nancy was willing to go along with that on set.  Hard to say why they didn't try it here, but that would really be the only thing missing from this scene for me, the way it sits.  Sure, there could have been a doggie shot or something, but the flow worked for me overall and I liked the way the scene played out.  

It is flat out hard to go wrong with Nancy A as your camera subject, and for fans of this stunning beauty, this scene offers up a choice bit of time with your dream girl.  Her performance was easy and natural, exactly what I look for in a more GFE type focused scene where intimacy trumps most other factors and I would recommend Sunday Morning to any fan of Nancy A's, GFE fans, and fans of non-porny, more natural type feeling scenes.  This was a nice feeling video from VirtualRealPorn and a standout scene from them for me recently. 10/10.​

Sunday Breakfast from VirtualRealPorn

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