And Speaking of Hot…How About Kristen Scott? Strokémon Go, WankzVR

Strokémon Go Featuring Kristen Scott from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 8/10

"Strokémon Go"

Strokémon Go is a July 29th, 2016 release from WankzVR starring Kristen Scott in a breakout VR performance.  Much the same as Jenna Reid last week, I didn't know a thing about Kristen prior to viewing, but in my estimation, she may be one of the best VR fucks I have seen from WankzVR to this point.  However, on the downside, this is also another movie from WankzVR that is going to piss off guys that don't want to see hands in their first person POV.  Regardless of the near constant hands throughout though, Kristen turns in a really transparent performance here, and was super hot to watch.

Pokémon no

Alright, Pokémon go setup.  If your into this shit, cool, hope you wet yourself with the role play.  If I knew about this shit, I would probably not be reviewing porn 🙂  But Kristen, who is on the lookout for some trendy bullshit in your pants, has been guided to your house with the desire to capture your squirrel...or squirble....or gerbil...

Kristen Scott WankzVR

Meet Kristen

Kristen Scott

And lets talk about Kristen Scott!  Petite Kristen is looking tight and right in the opening outdoor shot, which is pretty sweet looking in terms of bright green foliage and the sunny yellow tone of the house.  WankzVR likes to roll the dice on exposure and outdoor shots, and this one turns out looking good other than the bright sunny patch on the ground.

Kristen is feeding you some bullshit about following Pokémon's which is just porno code for, "let's go inside so I can suck your dick" and her delivery is natural and easy, and immediately helps to connect with her.

Hunt for your Squirtle

The action resumes inside in a seated position and Kristen proceeds to break out your cock in her quest for the Squirtle inside and pretty much right away, you have man hands in the scene, as dude props his wang up.

Strokemon Go WankzVR

Kristen wants your Squirtle

WankzVR...Love the Pussy...Hate the Hands

I dunno what it is about WankzVR guys, but they are hands down /rim-shot, the most hands on guys in VR.  And dudes like this just kind of kill it for me.  I was able to focus Kristen and look up for a lot of the movie, but whenever I would glance down, it was like yep, still there.  I mean sorry, but all these guys need to study master stuntcock Juan Lucho. 

For those a bit newer to first person POV VR Porn, a fair amount of dudes prefer the male to be fairly passive as things like arms and hands can feel like someone else is in control all of a sudden, while a smaller percentage enjoy a more hands on approach, and there really is no right or wrong here, but most studios try to minimize this in first person VR. I don't particularly like them when they get in front of my face, so I speak up for those of us that are bothered by that.  If you are not bothered by hands in first person VR, don't mind me, as it won't bother you when watching.  

Kristen Scott WankzVR Strokemon Go

Wait a sec...., that hand is on my dick atm

First person or observer?

In my mind, either we are going to pretend this is first person VR or not.  Either we are going to pretend that the camera is our eyes & mouth in VR, or it is an observer, one or the other.  Riddle me this WankzVR?  How can my hand be on my dick and her ass at the same time?  The moment you see hands enter the shot, depending upon how obtrusive, is the moment you go, oh...I am a spectator here...from a really poor camera angle.  Scenes like this, hands are a major bummer for me, because that is all that is wrong here, as Kristen is so right.

Kristen Scott VR

Kristen 's sweet looking pussy

Lick it

Kristen takes her time getting undressed, shows off the goods in a nice close up shot and gets on for some nice dry humping before backing that ass up and telling you to lick it!  Fuckin A.  Distance is golden here on pussy edibility and I thought her telling me to lick it worked really well in further selling the effect.

WankzVR Strokemon Go ass

Lick it...she said so!

Captain Buzzkill is soon in the middle of the shot again however, marring an otherwise great ass view. The absolute worst in VR for me, as far as hands, is having them right in front of my face. It just sucks all the air out of the balloon for me.  But, on the flip side, this is a great shot of Kristen!

Kristen Scott Virtual Reality

Close up hands between me and the pussy, my favortie

Damn manhands

Like, Kristen is so fuckin hot, it can rescue it here for me, but I hate that a good 30% of WankzVR scenes have not just a bit of hands, but hands all through the movie.  I should be talking about how fucking hot Kristen is, not fucking stuntcock hands.  When you see WankzVR doing just about everything right and still getting that major point wrong, it's just facepalm sometimes.  If more than 50% of your viewers don't like it, just minimize it.  In some movies, they are literally a feature, you could tag it on the description "featuring disembodied hands!"  The only thing I want to see featured up close in first person VR should be tits, wet and pink or staring back at me telling me to fuck them 🙂 

On to some dick suckin

It is not until about 12 mins in, that Kristen finally starts to suck on your cock, which was fine for me, as it was a nice build to that point. You can watch her work from between her legs here, and if you duck, you can even dodge the hands, which was pretty much the game I played for the next 15 mins, try to look above the hands, while still going, man, Kristen is really haf.  If hands don't bother you, you are home free, ...cause Kristen really is haf.

Strokemon Go

Insert hand comment

Bit high on kisses

There is some kissing featured next that is right on the nose...literally, and it actually felt like Kristen was licking my nose, which was cool, but probably not the desired affect here.  I cannot imagine how hard this shot is to place.  Would like to see some more actual up close face time that most of us like, as just having a face in that proximity is enough to get that VR thing happening, even without the actual kissing.  Half the kiss is the buildup and tension beforehand in my mind and than can be easily exploited without as much concern for spot on placement.

Kristen Scott Virtual fuck

So good, we will show you twice

Kristen Scott WankzVR Movie

Cowgirl fuck to remember

OK, enough bitching about hands, the next section delivers the goods full on, and it's not WankzVR, its not the dude, its Kristen that takes over here and fucking FUCKS your shit.  This is one of the cowgirl rides of the year for me, and Kristen just kept getting hotter and hotter in this movie, her tight little hips and body looking amazing here and when she starts to fully embed herself on your shit, you know she is not fucking around.

I dunno if Kristen cums a couple of times here or not, but whatever she does or pretends to do, it looks fucking damned good as her body quivers, she tells you how good your dick feels and you see the sweat start to break out on her skin. Nothing more to say, don't spill.

Kristen Scott Wankz VR

What a great ass

Some reverse cowgirl is next, and that tight little ass sure looks sexy...between dudes hands.  It was kind of all about the award winning forward cowgirl in this one for me where the hands were not in my field of view as much.

Strokemon Go WankzVR 1

Unique cum shot

Droppin loads

The cumshot is really original and I prefer dropping loads like this in VR, from a top down perspective, so the end section is really nice, not a bunch of time burnt on jerking, just releasing the squirtle.  The scene is allowed to cool off afterward and has a really fantastic end cut that I won't spoil, but nice way to end this one.

WankzVR Strokemon Go Review


Kristen Scott..../golfclap

So really, this one was all about Kristen for me.  It is a very simple scene by WankzVR standards, just a front and back cowgirl ride pretty much in one position and it never managed to get slow or old.  The overall pace of the scene was great I thought and Kristen's passion was contagious.  I mean, I rate this a 10 all day on girl and VR fuck, but the hands for me, keep it from being a great first person 10 and more like a 6, because they are literally a feature.  I would pretty much put this on the must see list though, if you think Kristen Scott is hot in the preview, you should be quite happy here.  If you have a hand thing, it may be questionable for some.  The trouble is, it downright pisses many of us off in VR, and that is not an emotion you are going for with dick in hand 😉  As a fuck scene, it is up there with some of the best Wankz has done as far as Kristen goes in my estimation.  8/10 for hands, Kristen 10.  And more Kristen please... perhaps a 2 girl scene with Jenna Reid!  View our full WankzVR Website Review here.

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