Mistress T Porn! Hands On in VR with a Stiff Procedure Part 2 from HoloGirlsVR!

A Stiff Procedure Part 2 Featuring Mistress T from HoloGirlsVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  HoloGirlsVR
Release date:  June 2, 2017
Running time: 24:00
Starring:  Mistress T
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or A Stiff Procedure Part 2 Preview
Notables:  Mistress T, Nice audio
Negatives:  Left or right eye focus, mostly right.  Some possible scale issues?
Review Score: 9/10
5 words or less:  Not till she says

A Stiff Procedure Part 2

     It's Saturday June 3rd and after a busy week of trying to right some earthquake induced wrong to my storage building, I am catchin up on some porn this weekend. I saw a new Mistress T VR scene had dropped at HoloGirlsVR last night, and being a fan of her strong presence on camera and since it has been almost a year or so I think since her last VR appearance,  I wanted to be sure to check out A Stiff Procedure Part 2 today. Unlike many recent HoloGirlsVR scenes that have been split into multi-part clips, the part 2 here just indicates a sequel to last years well received Stiff Procedure OG so this is a complete work, that also looks to be the first of several upcoming releases featuring Mistress T working off of the same theme. 

mistress t

Mistress T!


Setup finds you laid out on a gurney or something similar as a dude with some issues. It seems you ain't been gettin any...or have never gotten any....and that apparently gave your moms some concern........ewwww ..since you seem to be in an older, manly body :)....and here you are with Mistress T, who is going to teach you what your special purpose is all about.

1 mistress t hologirlsvr

​Standard HoloGirlsVR PoV

It's a single PoV movie, and the PoV is pretty much the HoloGirlsVR straight down the chest blind spot shot, so kind of the standard HoloGirlsVR viewing perspective in that regard with the camera vantage point a good bit higher than the male in the shot below you and the talent looking up higher than they should be at a person laying flat on a surface below them.

2 mistress t vr porn

Not quite where one would be looking at a person laying down on a gurney, where the head is well below where she is looking. 

​Quiet and clear audio

Audio, is much cleaner than normal for HoloGirlsVR, and this would perhaps be some of the best audio I have heard for one of their releases that I can recall.  Otherwise, the set is well lit, and you can hear a pin drop, which puts the focus squarely on what is coming out of Mistress T's mouth.

3 a stiff procedure part 2
4 a stiff procedure 2

Eye contact is fairly one sided and too far to the side

​Mistress T show

And that is the main selling point here, with Mistress T delivering the goods in that regard as always. While I find her quite sexy, her standard dom trip is not really my main bag, but I have found myself quite the fan of just her presence and ability to really carry a scene in VR.  I feel like her particular skill set shines brightly in the current format and she always seems to rustle a nut out of me, even, like, when she says so, lol.  I just generally find myself going along for the ride with her, she is good at driving the car so I am usually just like fuck it..../zipperdown.  

5 a stiff procedure 2 hologirlsvr

​Stow the commentary

There really isn't a whole lot to color comment on for the scene, as it is pretty much a 20 minute handjob with Mistress T expertly driving the pacing down to the finish line with some sneak peaks of her goodies here and there.

6 mistress t virtual reality hologirlsvr

One of the few brief moments of centered eye contact

​Just enough skin to tease

There is nothing overtly sexual going on beyond some teasing and the steady jerking from her latex gloved hand, and the movie is more an exercise in verbal stimulation with just enough teases of breast and pussy to give you a little taste, but not a full on bite o T.

7 mistress t handjob

​Good setup for future episodes

In that respect, I think it sets the future clips up well, while still feeling like a complete primer experience here on its own and I will be interested to see how the follow up movies progress.

8 virtual handjob

"Not until I tell you to"

​Nice Mistress T Porn Clip

In the end, it was sexy for me in the manner that all Mistress T performances are, she just has her unique deal and if you can appreciate that, it is hard to ever be disappointed in her effortless delivery and from there it's just production capturing it for us.  She is top rated at what she does for a reason.

9 mistress t handjob hologirlsvr

​Eye contact

The only real drawback for the scene, and this harkens back to past HoloGirlsVR productions as well, was left or right eye contact where the range of focus on the individual cams/lenses is beyond where you would expect her eyes to drift, so it gets into that looking beyond the side of your eye/head type feeling and loses quite a bit of potential connection and focus there.

10 stiff procedure 2 hologirlsvr

They set her up for some nice close up shots, likely closer than they have filmed Mistress T before, but the left or right eye contact fairly diminished the presence at that distance, popping you out of the moment a bit.  But I thought it was still great to see HoloGirls play with the proximity a bit for this scene. 

11 stiff procedure mistress t hologirlsvr

A handy return of Mistress T to VR


Overall, I enjoyed A Stiff Procedure Part 2 and liked that they incorporated a little more intimacy with Mistress T here in contrast to past movies, where she can really use that proximity as part of her tease game to heighten the tension.  I thought it was another solid at bat from Mistress T who is always sexy and if nothing else, a hell of an entertainer and actress who has her gig down pat. If you enjoy her style of slightly or highly dominant porn, or just enjoy dipping into that occasionally, she is pretty masterful at it and you are in good hands with her here in this movie.  I don't even recall an edit, she just rolls on shit with confidence.  Looking forward to seeing the future clips.  9/10. 

A Stiff Procedure Part 2 from HoloGirlsVR!

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