Fuckin Round on the Phone with Carolina Abril at Virtual Taboo!

Stepsis Cheating While on Phone with BF Featuring Carolina Abril from Virtual Taboo!

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Quick Cuts

Studio:  Virtual Taboo
Release date: January 5, 2017
Running time: 22:33
Starring:  Carolina Abril
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or here
Notables:  Carolina Abril, Raised Missionary, Sexy Outfit
Negatives:  Some action off to the left a tad, Small halo from set lights
Review Score: 9/10
5 words or less:  Sexy scene with Carolina Abril

"Stepsis Cheating While on Phone with BF"

Giving the latest release from Virtual Taboo a peep today, Stepsis Cheating While On Phone with BF (seriously...) starring one of my absolute favorite Spanish adult performers, Carolina Abril. I have had a nice crush going on Carolina since her early movies at VirtualRealPorn like the Housemaid, and having been awhile since her last VR scene, I was excited to see her again at Virtual Taboo. Carolina Abril has that perfect blend of girl next door beauty, underlined by a devilish naughty side that offers up a nice contrast of sweet n slutty and always manages to ring my bell.

carolina abril virtual taboo

Carolina Abril!

Sexy Selfies

SCWoPwBF starts off with you standing at the foot of a bed on which Carolina Abril is kneeling taking selfies with her phone.  She's dressed in the timeless tartan tart outfit, complete with socks n bow tie, and looks amazing as always as she looks up and asks you what you are doing standing there.

1 stepsis cheating while on phone with bf

Boyfriend calling

Carolina wants you to help her and hands you the phone so you can snap a few shots when suddenly a call from her boyfriend comes in, prompting you to hand the phone back over.

2 carolina abril virtual taboo
3 carolina abril vr porn

Naughty Carolina

She takes the call and has a seat on the bed and is soon giving you a peek below while rubbing your dick through your pants with her socked feet. Off come the panties and Carolina begins to work and tease her pussy in front of you, all the while shooting you looks and continuing to talk on the phone.

4 carolina abril virtual reality

Around 5 minutes in, Carolina undoes your pants and begins to mouth your cock a bit, before grabbing a pillow from behind and spreading out in front of you with the come hither motion.

5 virtual taboo carolina abril

"Love you, bye!"

A quick cut finds you in a nice feeling kneeling missionary position that puts the action in just the right space if you are seated while viewing and it's not long before Carolina is hanging up the phone and ready to get her full fledged fuck on.

6 call me virtual taboo

Some nicely raised missionary

She raises up smartly off the bed here in front of you, increasing the intimacy of the shot quite a bit and the action here is very nice as Carolina slowly begins to undress while she fucks you, eventually ripping the rest of her blouse open, sending a button flying noisily across the room.

7 carolina virtual taboo

A couple of doggie perspectives

At around 13 minutes into the movie, the action switches to kneeling doggie, and the first perspective, is a very promising doggie shot that just misses a bit. If the rig had been advanced here some, and the male's upper body allowed to be more natural, it would have provided not only a really great frame filled PoV, but the couple would have been probably been able to hold the position, which they are ultimately not able to for long on the first doggie setup.

8 carolina abril virtual taboo

Bro is super leaned back on the first doggy try

Shot reset

An edit comes in less than a minute here and they reset bro to a more vertical position for some nice head down doggie fucking and this perspective works out pretty well, perhaps being just a bit vertical as well off to the left some at times.

10 carolina abril

"I'm hungry ...I want your cum!"

After some doggy time, Carolina says she is hungry and shimmies nicely in between your legs for around 2 minutes of jerk and suck from a cool position below before you dump a nice load of man batter all over her chest and face. 

11 carolina abril virtual taboo movie review

I like these get between the legs shots

But wait.....there's more!

Carolina then tells you it's her turn, raises up off the bad, and begins to slap n' bang her audibly wet pussy before letting loose with several medium sized squirts that wind up soaking the bed visibly below her.   And I will tell you, if you enjoy sweet Carolina's squirting here, make sure you tune in for a future episode, where she makes this look like the sprinkle before the gullywasher!

12 carolina abril virtual squirting

Pussy juice a flying

The scene ends with pussy juice flying from Carolina's fingers and a final lean back smile and Stepsis Cheating While on Phone with BF winds down with a final music clip credit.

13 carolina abril squirt

"Our secret"

Nice movie for Carolina Abril Fans


Overall, Stepsis Cheating While on Phone with BF is a nice scene for fans of Carolina Abril, offering some intimate moments and a look at her frisky personality topped off by a classic outfit that she looked really awesome in. I enjoyed the closeness offered by the raised missionary and the pov felt quite nice there, with a large amount of frame fill in front and some tangible presence from Carolina. On the negatives, there is a bit of a light blue halo that can be spotted at times in Virtual Taboo movies, and some action that takes place a bit off to the left of center on the rig in some portions.  The audio image is really quite clean here, offering up some nice additional detail and the waterworks finish is definitely a nice bonus. It was cool to have the woman finish up, after the man finished up for once! I always love watching Carolina Abril in VR and this movie from Virtual Taboo proved no exception, I just think she is super sexy and always comes across really well in Virtual Reality, delivering lines and looks to remember.  9.5/10

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"Stepsis Cheating While on Phone with BF" from Virtual Taboo!

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