The West GFE! Steamin’ Stephanie West VR at BaDoinkVR!

Stephanie West Featured in the West GFE from BaDoinkVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  BaDoinkVR
Release date:  February 8, 2018
Running time: 36:44
Starring:  Stephanie West
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 (for comfort) with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following Review or: The West GFE Preview
Notables:  Stephanie West, Corner bed setup, Improved audio quality 
Negatives:  PoV's, One sided eye contact
Review Score: 8/10
5 words or less:  PoV's weren't for me

The West GFE

     Sup dirty birds. Quickie scene review today for the new Stephanie West VR feature from BaDoinkVR, the West GFE. I was stoked up for this one, I think Stephanie is a cutie and I missed her last scene for BaDoink so I grabbed a paper towel and donned the fap mask, hoping this would be a good one.  Stephanie West looks and does great here, but the PoV's were a fair distraction for me, as in many past BaDoinkVR videos. The scene itself is not bad in it's elements or construction—it's pretty hot in fact— it was just basically the off feeling PoV's that kept me from getting fully immersed in the action in the end or feeling like I was sharing virtual space with Stephanie.  Stephanie West rocks her scene here though, and on just action merits alone, it's a good one. 

Stephanie West VR porn

Stephanie West!

Rib Platter

The setup finds you in Ye Olde flat on your back position, and while the cam is tilted up around 30 degrees as BaDoinkVR sensibly does for much of the last year, it also feels buried under bros chin and you get what I like to call the "rib platter" shot, where a good bit of your low peripheral is the guys ribs sticking up into the frame. That guy....cannot see his dick, lol.

But you can see the dick in a glaring contradiction.  If you at least throw a couple pillows under the guy, it diminishes the rib effect. If you elevate him just a little farther beyond that, you start to get a natural sight line.  But flat on back or arched flat on back, is what we continue to see shot for a lot of VR .  Czech VR actually introduced a straight up shot in their scene today in an effort to present a more natural feeling PoV for an on your back shot, and I have to applaud that type of thinking.  Lay flat on your back, and observe your sight lines in real life and that's why I hate this PoV after 4 years of being shown a blind spot and dude torso from under the chin.

Stephanie West GFE

Floating bro

The secondary effect of this low pro view, is the feeling that some of you will know of.....even if you lay flat back—I have a full recline chair— the bro still seems to be too high above you, as if you have a torso floating above you in virtual space. So it makes it hard to ever feel like the girl is in your own virtual space, as there is a dude sandwich in between you.  This also leads to towering cowgirl syndrome, lol. 

The West GFE from BaDoinkVR

Basic Tech Stuff

Image and audio are fine for the scene with a much needed bump in the audio detail department being evident in many of the recent BaDoinkVR studio releases, so no complaint there. In fact, the audio is probably a touch hot here, where every move of Stephanie's hands are loudly audible.

Stephanie West virtual reality porn

Pick one eye or the other

Eye contact, is traditional BaDoink with one sided being the fashion, sacrificing quite a bit of focus and power, especially close up, where Stephanie often appears to be looking beyond you.

Stephanie West virtual

Camel grind

All the action is pretty solid, Stephanie's a talker and there are some nice elements incorporated such as some tasty camel riding on your thigh while Stephanie jerks you off, followed up by a closer taste of the same treatment on your chest.

Stephanie West at BaDoinkVR

Some tasty chest grinding

Stephanie West virtual titty fuck

Towering titfuck

You get the patented BaDoinkVR titfuck shot next, that simply amplifies the already too high stunt body in the shot, as he raises up onto Stephanie's thighs to get his titfuck on. BaDoinkVR has used this shot a lot, and I can't say I have ever seen a version I liked in terms of it feeling like an immersive PoV.  Nice titty action though, regardless. 

The West GFE movie review BaDoinkVR


Foreplay runs about 15 minutes and things get rockin with some forward cowgirl followed up by reverse action offering sweet views of Stephanie's thik badunkadunk.

Stephanie West ass


All in all, you sit in the first PoV for almost 24 minutes, so by the time it switched to doggy, I was personally ready for another view.

Stephanie West doggy style

Nice corner idea

Doggie shot utilizes the corner of the bed, which is very smart, but also finds the rig setting too low on the bro, and bro still leaning back instead of standing one would normally stand. Bump the cam up, let bro stand up and grab some hips, and you have a really nice looking doggie shot here I think. 

Stephanie looks awesome in this section, has plenty of hot shit to say, keeps things focused by turning around slightly, and puts a serious glazing down on your stuntcock.

Stephanie West

Probably the best feeling PoV

Corner setup missionary is next, and was likely the best feeling setup of the movie for me, but you still have the guy leaning back too far, to the point that when he is thrusting, he is at times blocking the action, the very thing they are tilting him back to begin with to try to show more clearly. The only thing that looks comfortable about it frankly for the guy, is where homie's cock is buried!

The West GFE from BaDoinkVR with Stephanie West

Deluxe fuck

Stephanie West is a deluxe fuck though, and in terms of action, it's all pretty first rate.

Stephanie West cumshot

Jerk off ending

Cumshot sees Stephanie shimmy around under you, while stunt dick jerks himself to completion, in the ultimate stuntcock first person contradicktion for me, lol. Nice angle for dropping a load in VR though.... just rather see Steph do the handiwork.

Stephanie West in virtual reality at BaDoinkVR
"Hey this is Stephanie West and you just fished fucking the shit out of me right here on BaDoinkVR"
Stephanie West rate my scene

Nice scene for Stepanie West fans on porn action, meh PoV's for me


So overall, a mixed review in the end for me for The West GFE. On one hand, the action was solid, Stephanie was sexy as hell and I liked the basic elements of the scene. On the other hand, the one that's usually on my dick... I just couldn't buy the PoV's enough to ever feel truly immersed in this one in the virtual sense.

Positive elements for me would be Stephanie's performance, the noticeable uptick in audio quality and I thought the corner bed setup was a bit of innovation we have not seen used much thus far. The girls ass can sit nicely on the corner of the mattress and the dude, instead of coming up flat against the edge of the bed Van Damme style as we commonly see, can more naturally straddle the corner, allowing for better positioning of both bodies. The only thing left to do there is to tweak the PoV some, and you have an awesome VR shot in my book.

Negatives, I mean really just the PoV's and one sided eye contact. Everything else made for a pretty nice scene and I feel like PoV's and eye contact continue to be the weak links in the BaDoinkVR chain, which has otherwise made some nice strides over the last months in areas such as virtual intimacy focus and proximity. 

I thought Stephanie was awesome and your VR options with her are limited at the moment, so if you are a fan or you are not a stickler for PoV's, than this scene should likely hit it on the other marks for you.  The West GFE is rocking a high vote count on the BaDoinkVR home site and your mileage may vary on the PoV particulars, I just personally couldn't lose the observer feeling for most of the scene.  Stephanie West does a smokin job,  8/10 just on PoV side for me.

The West GFE from BaDoinkVR!

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