“Stepdaughter’s Favorite Workout” with Jimena Lago from BaDoinkVR!

stepdaughter's favorite workout from BaDionkVR

Jimena Lago in "Stepdaughter's Favorite Workout" from BaDoinkVR!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: DK2 with MaxVR player.

Review Score 9/10

"Stepdaughter's Favorite Workout"

Our review tonight will take a look at the 3/31/16 release from BaDoinkVR, "Stepdaughter's Favorite Workout" starring the lovely Jimena Lago. This 25 minute movie is shot with BaDoinkVR's new camera setup and looks fantastic as a result, with richer colors and sharper resolution and I have to admit, I am getting a bit spoiled on this new look!

The movie starts out in the same amazing house that "Heart Shaped Ass" and "Getting Lucky" were filmed in and this scene revolves around a cool hanging swing that adds a new twist to a VR sex scene.  The setting is provocative and Jimena  looks amazing in front of you.

Jimena Lago oral

Jimean gives you a warm welcome

"Are We Alone?"

You surprise Jimena from behind while she is working out, and when she turns around she looks breathtaking.  The lighting is perfect, and she comes in nice and close and you get a look into her beautiful brown eyes.  She wastes no time and is soon on her knees taking your cock into her mouth and she calls you daddy for the first of many times in the movie.

Jimena gets up and jerks you off while coming in for a nice closeup, before removing her shorts and climbing into the hanging swing.

jimena lago close up

Jimena, up close and personal

"Come with Me Daddy"

​There is a scene cut here and you next find yourself up close to Jimena in the swing as she leans sideways and offers you her pussy from behind.  You start to fuck her, and the swing is a pretty awesome prop, allowing you to move her back and forth on your cock.  Great idea from BaDoink here as well as the choice to leave her top and underwear on but pulled to the side.  Super sexy.

jimena lago swing

This swing makes for a great prop!

This section is hot and the swing makes for a cool prop in VR, giving you a bit of extra immersion from the movement.  Jimena is moaning quite a bit and calling you daddy and she next swings her leg over to give you a nice butterfly view.

jimena lago legs spread

Jimena spreads out

"More Daddy, More"

You get to fucking Jimena a bit more intensely here, slamming your cock into her, and she keeps telling you "More daddy, more" and coaxing you to fuck her harder.  She looks fantastic, with the light playing off her eyes and a more serious look on her face as she begs for your cock.

"Come with Me"

You get a scene change here and you now find yourself laying on the floor with Jimena working on your cock with her mouth.  She swings around and puts her ass in your face next and gives you a nice show.  This is one of those up close and personal shots we all love, and Jimena's pussy and ass are in the sweet spot as she fingers her box for you.

jimena lago on the floor

Scene change to a floor perspective

Next, Jimena mounts you cowgirl and you get a nice sexy show of your cock fucking her while she pulls her panties to the side.  This section lasts for several minutes and Jimena looks great throughout.

jimena on top

Jimena gets on top

​"I Love Your Dick"

Jimena climbs off and begins to stroke and suck you while telling you she loves your dick and calling you daddy.  She looks super cute while she jerks you off with a nice firm grip and you are soon dumping a huge load all over her hand, which BaDoink quickly throws a wet blanket on with a much too fast fade to black, as they are sometimes prone to doing.  That would really be my only gripe with this otherwise awesome video is that it ends just a bit too quickly for me.

jimena jerks you off

Jimena milks a big load

Solid Download from BaDoinkVR

Overall, this was another stellar example of BaDoinkVR's new camera setup and Jimena Lago turns in a great performance.  Would recommend to any fan of Jimena Lago, guys that like being called daddy...a lot, and those that want to check out BaDoinkVR's new tech. 9/10.  Quit cutting the cumshots BaDoink!

Stepdaughter's Favorite Workout from BaDoinkVR!

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