Naughty America Turns Up the Heat with Spring Break!

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"Spring Break" from NAVR with Kate England, Tali Dova and Elsa Jean: Movie Review

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: DK2 with MaxVR player.

Review Score 10/10

"Spring Break" from Naughty America VR

We will be reviewing Spring Break tonight, the new March 18th release from Naughty America VR starring Elsa Jean, Kate England and Tali Dova.  The last several updates from NAVR have been really solid, so we were looking forward to this weeks release.  At a generous 36 minutes, this one has plenty to offer, so let's get crackin! *Update:  Spring Break appears on our Fall BEST 25 VR Porn Movies of 2016 list

Kickin it By the Pool

​Every once in awhile I fire up a new VR porn flick and go "holy shit!" and this was one of those movies!  You find yourself outside on a beautiful sunny day, chillin by the pool, and directly in front of you lie 3 hotties in bathing suits.

The wind is blowing and you can see the girls hair moving and the overall effect of immersion is really good right off the bat.  The 3 girls are very attractive, with the tiny tight n right Elsa, a tall and lithe Tali Dova and the shapely body of Kate all offering a nice variety.

Tali and Elsa head off into the house and Kate comes up for some amazing up close eye contact and tells you she is into the idea of a foursome with her friends.  She notices your hard cock and pulls it out for a short suck, before telling you to wait 5 mins, before joining her and her friends in the house.  I have to say, Kate is VERY convincing, and plays perfectly to the camera throughout the movie.

​Moving Inside For Some Fun

​The next scene finds you inside, leaning back on a large white couch, with the three ladies standing in front of you. They begin helping each other undress and you get an awesome vantage point while they strip their swin suits off.

The girls move in close between your legs and the VR effect is really good here with Elsa staring you down sexily.  All 3 girls make excellent eye contact as they rub on your cock beneath your pants and in no time it is uncovered and in Kate's hot mouth.

The girls take turns sucking your cock and Elsa shows off her tight ass and wonderful pussy lips.  Elsa finally joins in after a few minutes with a big dollop of spit on your cock and all 3 girls are now servicing your dong at once.  Kate and Elsa come in really close on both sides next and talk dirty to you while Tali sucks you off, and things are really intimate here, and you are going holy shit! This is awesome!

​Triple Treat

​Tali spits on her hand and wets her pussy and becomes the first to mount your huge cock.  The other two girls are one either side, sucking on her tits and rubbing her clit and it is pretty much spectacular.  Next up is Elsa's tight hole and finally Kate takes a turn riding cowgirl. All three look amazing and have beautiful eyes that lock onto yours throughout.

Around 17 mins in, you swap to a floor view, with all 3 girls taking turns sucking your cock again before Elsa Jean sits down on your cock reverse cowgirl, giving you a sweet view of her tight little ass.

​I think our stunt cock blows a load here, as we get a quickcut and what appears to be a 2nd wind boner, lol.  But the ladies keep things hot and decide to line up for you asses up on the couch and you are up and running again in no time!

​All Star Ass Line up

You get to take a tour of booty here and the standing doggy action is hot as hell if you like a rear view. Next, it is missionary action on all three girls and again, this section is stellar.

Things finish up with you standing above all three girls as they jerk you off and Kate England acts as a cum dispenser when you blow your nut, making sure each girl gets an equal portion. They finish up with some kissing and swapping and spring break is over!  Where's that paper towel....roll?

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Best Spring Break Evar! 10/10

I think for my money, this may be my favorite 3 girls one guy scene so far in VR.  All elements work really well together here and the scale is perfect.  Everything is top notch about the scene for my tastes.  The lighting, the audio, the set, the girls... it all comes together for a fantastic VR porn experience.  Would recommend  this one to anyone who likes what they see in the pics.  The real thing only gets much better and the pictures do not do it justice quite honestly, as there are sooo many close ups, it made framing shots very difficult with all 3 girls! 10/10.  Naughty AmericaVR is on a streak lately, another great one!  Find our full Naughty America VR Review here.

Spring Break from Naughty America VR!

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