Sorority Hookup Part 2 from VRBangers! Worth the 5 Week Wait?

Sorority Hookup Part 2 Featuring Piper Perri, Elena Koshka, Jaye Summers and Kenzie Reeves from VRBangers!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  VRBangers
Release date:  October 6, 2017
Running time: 41:51
Starring:  Piper Perri, Elena Koshka, Jaye Summers, Kenzie Reeves
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or Sorority Hookup 2 Trailer
Notables:  Cast, all girl section
Negatives:  Split into 2 releases, bad audio, distorted image on tilt, start/stop fucking/jarring/splicy edits. 
Review Score: 8/10
5 words or less:  C'mon Bangers!

Sorority Hookup Part 2

     Well, it's October 6th and it's been exactly juuuuuust over one monthly sub's worth of weeks for VRBangers to finally drip drop part 2 of their flagship scene thus far, Sorority Hookup part 2 starring Elena Koshka, Piper Perri, Kenzie Reeves and Jaye Summers. While I thought that cutting this movie into 2 parts was a really cheesy move on VRBangers part and 5 weeks waaay to long to wait, I was definitely looking forward to the release of part 2: For one because my girl Elena Koshka was barely featured at all in part 1, and for two, wanting to check out the amazing looking all girl section that was teased in Part 1. 

While the part 1, part 2 aspect of this movie reaaallly hurts it in more than one regard in the end, the cast is great and the all girl action kind of saved it for me here in Part 2.  *That said....I am on a complimentary review sub. Had I subbed in September when this scene was announced to drop, I would have been fuckin pissed with the staggered release.  VRBangers said they had a "surprise" on reddit when this scene was released. The surprise turned out to be it was split into 2 parts.  Ha ha! ha...  🙂

sorority hookup 2 vrbangers

Picking up where we left off.....sort of

So I fired this fucker up and There's 2 mins of re-views of Part 1 footage? Sigh, lol.   Since they bluntly cut this movie right down the middle of the fucking in part 1, there is no smooth entry point into part 2, like if they had chosen a sensible point to split the movie in half, such as a scene transition.  So they use the previews in the front to hot drop you back into the scene again, and I have to say, I thought the whole thing sucked ass from a presentation point of view. WankzVR routinely releases movies running from 60-90 minutes, two times a week, 8 times a month and those movies would totally suffer also if they were cut into 2 sections. 

1 sorority hookup 2 review

2 minutes of fluff later...

5 weeks and 2 minutes of quick cut re-views later,  you are hot dropped back into Sorority Hookup mid fucking, so just kills the scene continuity and immersion from before. Whatever built up in part 1 is long gone in your memory unless you decided to watch it before rolling this, and you get zero build up to part 2, it is just straight to fuckin.  So.... let's finally get back to the fucking! Sheeesh!

2 sorority hookup 2 vrbangers

​Opens up with Jaye sitting on your chest

Where Part 1 of Sorority Hookup was pretty much the Piper n Kenzie show, with a taste of Summers, Part 2 sees the main focus on Elena and Jaye as you start off with Jaye in your lap briefly.... which is weird cause you left off with Elena last time or at least 30 seconds of rushed footage with Elena.  

3 sorority hookup 2 vrbangers

​Awkward starting point

The intro is totally disjointed in that Jaye immediately gets off of your chest and the girls start suckin on your cock for a second before they call for Elena to get on the stick. So... if you are following along at home, they could have just started the movie with Elena....getting on the dick as the edit point, lol.  Honestly, this is the kind of scene the cries out for home editing and reassembly into something that more resembles a movie with some flow for those that resort to that kind of thing. 

4 sorority hookup 2 vrbangers

Elena Koshka

So it's finally Elena Koshka's turn to get some screentime in this movie! And as she gets ready to climb up on the dick, she spontaneously comes up with the gem "It's been awhile..............there's probably some cobwebs!" cracking herself up in the process and making me laugh so hard I stopped the movie to tweet at her, lol.  Kenzie chimes in with, "what, is dust going to come out of there!?" and it's just the kind of unaffected charm I love about Elena, that she decided to cut a joke at that very moment.  It's like you watch the punchline pop into her head and then she can't resist saying it, it just slips out under her breath, lol.   

5 sorority hookup 2 vrbangers

​Disjointed action....sigh

While Elena looks gorgeous, the action is pretty disjointed as you only get a brief 30 seconds or so of leaning back cowgirl, spliced by an edit where she is riding closer up on you for another 30 seconds, making the total run-time of 1 minute in forward cowgirl pretty disappointing indeed for Koshka fans after 5 weeks, no fault of Elena. 

6 sorority hookup 2 vrbangers
7 sorority hookup 2 vrbangers

"Vegan Pussy!"

All of the girls sample Elena's sweet vegan pussy juice off your cock next and she resumes fucking you in reverse cowgirl for another brief section, making for only around 3 minutes total time with Elena before Piper gets on for another short ride.

8 sorority hookup 2 vrbangers
9 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers

​Fuck flow really not happenin for me

​Start/Stop action

Piper hops back on in reverse for about 30 seconds before she bounces off again to pull your pants off, and the flow and continuity on the fucking here is just not happening. I mean, the girls are fucking great but it is just 30 seconds here, 30 seconds there so far in part 2 in terms of gettin yer fuck on with any one girl.

10 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers

So.... it's 30 seconds of group oral next, lol.

11 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers

"Is it OK if I squirt?"

"Would you care if she squirted?"

Piper asks you if you would mind if Elena squirted on your dick so you get a little more time with Elena, who takes all of about....30 seconds to pop, lol.  Kenzie turns into a quivering mess as well off to your side at this point, hitting her stride on the Hitachi solo while Elena explores her puffy pussy with a curious finger.

12 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers
14 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers

​Juicy Jaye Summers

Juicy Jaye backs her delicious ass up next for you and you actually get about a full minute this time in reverse before she pulls a spinner move to come around and face forward.

15 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers

Perri n' Koshka kind of have a thing going in this scene

16 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers

Some nice action with Jaye here and stuntpud thinks so too as he starts in with the dude groans, lol.

17 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers

​Piper piles on

Piper stacks on top of Jaye next and all the girls manage to get into the frame nicely for a last bit of action before the opening section here winds up.

19 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers

Elena has an idea

"Well girls... let's try something new"

Elena suggests trying something new and the action now transitions to a 4 ass lineup from a bodyless PoV around the 19 minute mark of the scene.   

20 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers

No color commentary needed

The following action is pretty much just let the screenshots do the talking, so enjoy the all girl goodness and I'll be back with the stuntdick in a bit!​

21 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers
22 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers
23 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers
24 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers
25 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers
26 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers
27 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers

I'm guessin no one told Elena to do that. VR Instincts! 🙂

28 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers
29 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers
30 sorority hookup part 2
31 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers
33 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers
34 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers
35 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers
36 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers
37 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers
38 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers
39 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers

The Bangers rig shows significant distortion on tilt, like where Jaye's face is in the frame

​Last PoV sucks, but that view downrange....

Last setup of the movie finds the moany stuntcock back and the girls asses up on the bed below. The PoV sucks and the Bangers rig looks like turd on tilt with visible distortion in portions of the image but the saving grace is that buffet of booty spread out before you! 

40 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers

​4 minutes of wank

Around a minute of oral favors, and you then get to watch dude jerk his pud for the next 4 minutes solid. With that beautiful bed full of pussy below, lol.  The girls are ready to go, it gets more painful to watch as the minutes tick by and this could have mostly been dumped in editing really. 

41 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers
42 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers

​My weakness

As an assman, I loved the view here, which was enough to distract me from the jerkoff carrying on with the firestarter routine below me and focus on: Elena's long, luscious leggy frame, contrasted to Pipers tight n tiny ass, with Jaye the perfect bit of thickness and Kenzie splitting the difference. Decisions, decisions.  And then Elena decides to make the best of the downtime and goes in for a Piper snack.  Rawr! 

43 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers
44 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers

Stuntbro finally reaches ignition point with Piper mouthing the entire load before some nice 3 way cumswapping transpires to wind things up, with the girls telling you to gtfo out the window before they get caught and wind up in trouble.

45 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers
46 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers
47 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers
48 sorority hookup part 2 vrbangers

Now gtfo!

All credit to the ladies on this scene, carry FTW


    Wrapping up Sorority Hookup part 2, I came away liking the scene overall, but I credit that entirely to the cast here and feel like VRBangers pulled a shitty splitting this up into 2 sections, and then making it so that anyone that subbed last month for the scene, would have had to have paid for another months sub just to get part 2.  The scene was obviously post produced in one go, so the movie was ready for release, they just chose to sit on it.  The cast is amazing here,  and they genuinely seem to be having fun with this scene, which is infectious and helps to distract from the production shortcomings so I feel in the end, it was just the girls really that saved it for me here.  There is a lot of great looking action, it was just not presented as well as it could have been and it's kind of like going out for a steak dinner, and getting half of it, and being told to come back in 5 weeks for the other half. 


On the upside:  again, the cast rocked it.  I am a big fan of Elena, Piper and Jaye's past work in VR and it was cool to get to see Kenzie in action here for the first time.  The vibe overall was just fun and sexy, and it felt less contrived that a 4 girl scene like this might depending upon the chemistry onscreen.  So in that regard, Sorority Hookup delivered the goods for me, with the all girl section kind of being the main payoff in my case with some solid action and unique positioning.


On the downstroke:  Tech is not impressive here, with off feeling PoV's and some poor looking image distortion when the rig is tilted for the final shot.  The girls manage to bump the mic at some point in Part 1, so audio is pretty bad until the all girl scene reset, where it takes on a more mediocre quality.  Stuntcock is quite noisy at times, a definite VR faux pas for many viewers and this is not uncommon in VRBangers movies I have seen such as the Nicole Aniston feature last month.  Watching bro's jerk themselves off for any length of time in VR is another major VR stuntcock fail for me, as it's just totally distracting to see the dude wailing away below you, lol.    

The scene itself often felt rushed and spliced together with edits, save the opening section with Kenzie and Piper that develops a bit more slowly, but after that, it gets pretty jumbled feeling by the time Jaye and Elena join the party.   In terms of action, without taking out the stopwatch, I felt like you get probably get the most time with Kenzie in Part 1, followed by Piper, then Jaye,  and Elena last.  If you are an Elena fan, you literally get about 3 minutes of footage here and that is not continuous, it's broken up.  So for me, being a total mark for Elena right now, it was a letdown in terms of screen time in the fucking section. 


In the end, I think far and away the biggest shortcoming with Sorority Hookup was VRBangers deciding to make it a multi-part release, which led to some bad editing choices and really harmed the flow of the scene.  Most viewers are looking for an immersive VR experience if they are going to wear the mask, and when you are in the Holodeck with 4 amazing women, why the fuck would you want to bail out halfway and come back in 5 weeks?  It is the kind of idea that bean counters come up with, not VR porn viewers.  It would be bad enough for a 2d porn movie, but it's downright horrible for a VR movie.  Had this been released in one piece, without the silly preview and review footage tacked onto both parts, VRBangers would have recieved a much better reception from it and it would have allowed the performances from the girls here to shine instead of detracting from them.   As it sits, it is the kind of thing guys will want to throw in an editor to re-cut into something fappable and it really misses the mark in that regard in my estimation.  The girls, were amazing here in Sorority Hookup part 2.  The presentation was not.  8/10, cast with the carry.  

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Sorority Hookup Part 2 from VRBangers!

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