4 Way College Hookup Hype at VRBangers with Sorority Hookup Part 1!

Sorority Hookup Part 1 Featuring Piper Perri, Elena Koshka, Jaye Summers and Kenzie Reeves from VRBangers!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  VRBangers
Release date:  September 1, 2017
Running time: 42:00
Starring:  Piper Perri, Elena Koshka, Jaye Summers, Kenzie Reeves
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review
Notables:  Cast
Negatives:  Split into 2 releases, Single PoV
Review Score: 8/10
5 words or less:  Wait a month for pt. 2

Sorority Hookup Part 1

Getting back to doing some reviews after being sick as hell the last couple weeks and wanted to make sure to catch the much hyped VRBangers release from this weekend, Sorority Hookup Part 1 featuring Elena Koshka, Jaye Summers, Piper Perri and Kenzie Reeves. With casting being a no brainer here it comes down to seeing what VRBangers has in the bag productionwise pretty much so I was curious to check this one out as it has been pushing close to a year now since the last time I checked out a Bangers flick. With new production on board in the U.S., I have been wanting to get a look at some of the newer VRBangers movies and Sorority Hookup is the first one I have had a chance to write up so far this month.  Overall, it's not too bad on the tech stuff and the talent is obviously great, but on the downside, they are going to make you wait a full month for Part 2, so no hurry on pushing that sub button if this particular movie has you on the fence about a VRBangers sub.

1 sorority hookup

Piper Perri!


Setup for Sorority Hookup has you sneaking in to the Sorority house to hookup up with your girl Piper and subsequently her Sorority mates Kenzie, Jaye and Elena later on in the scene.

2 sorority hookup vrbangers


PoV is pretty much the standard cam below the chin, straight down the male torso, year one VR porn blind spot shot so nothing to jump up and down about there.  Part 1 of Sorority Hookup features only this PoV setup, so you are going to have to live with it for the duration and it feels about average for this type of setup. 

3 piper perri

​Stock VR PoV

The viewpoint here is typical in that it feels pretty much like a cam view on a guys chest and it's one that you have seen countless times if you have been watching VR porn for the last 3 years.  Thankfully, studios like BaDoinkVR/VRCosplayX are starting to evolve this shot by tilting the rig up some to mimic what your actual PoV would be when laying on your back in bed but this dead ahead shot is still a common setup unfortunately. 

​Average tech

Audio starts off sounding pretty decent but the setup gets jostled toward the end of the scene and heads for the crapper at that point. Otherwise, the tech looks and sounds pretty average when compared to the bulk of the other studios.

4 piper perri vrbangers

Piper Perri

Action gets crackin with Piper who does a sweet job with the setup as usual and she is one of my faves to watch in VR right now, making a good choice to carry the bulk of the scene here in terms of getting things going with the setup dialog.

5 sorority hookup piper perri
6 piper perri kenzie reeves

"Your cock is already so hard"

The first several minutes of the movie are pretty much Piper suckin on yer dick, first out in the open and then later tucked below a blanket in case someone decides to walk in the room, which Kenzie Reeves eventually does around 6 minutes into the movie.

7 piper perri kenzie reeves
8 piper kenzie


Kenzie sits down to check her mail and soon notices the movement below the blanket for a wtf are you guys doing in here moment.

10 sorority hookup movie review

"You're still a virgin right?"

After some back n' forth where Piper calls Kenzie out on still bein a cherry, Kenzie's talked into participating and there then follows a solid 8 minutes or so of oral action with the 2 girls before Piper pulls off her top and has a seat on top of you.

11 piper perri vrbangers

​Towering cowgirl

The cowgirl views feel pretty high above you here due to the mediocre PoV but otherwise the action looks quite nice as Piper and Kenzie take turns on top of you.

12 kenzie piper vrbangers
13 sorority hookup part 1
14 vrbangers piper perri

​Off center close ups

There are some close up bits here and there— much of it off center or accompanied by bro hands closer up to the cam—as well as some WanzkVR style asshole licking from Piper in front of you.

15 kenzie reeves piper perri

"Is it tight baby?"

Kenzie hops on for some reverse cowgirl action around 23 minutes in while Piper is positioned below laying between the 2 of you for some unique looking framing/positioning.

16 sorority hookup part 1 piper kenzie

"Aren't you glad you didn't go to the Deans office?"

Kenzie continues to ride you in forward cowgirl in this section and most of the action is in fact with Kenzie Reeves in part 1 of Sorority Hookup here, as Jaye and Elena don't wander into the scene until almost 30 minutes have elapsed and Piper is more of the instigator, helping Kenzie get her virgin fuck on and interacting with the camera. 

17 vrbangers piper perri
18 piper perri vr porn

Elena and Jaye show up

Elena and Jaye walk into the room at about the 30 minute mark with the cellie rollin and after some back and forth decide to join in on the action as well.

19 jaye elena
20 jaye elena piper kenzie
21 elena kenzi piper jaye
22 jaye summers vrbangers
23 jaye summers piper perri
24 sorority hookup part 1 vrbangers

​Kind of sucks knowing the scene is going to end

Jaye hops on in forward cowgirl at about the 36 minute mark, but it's kind of a buzzkill knowing that the scene is about to end and that in itself prevented any kind of real momentum from building up for me here, despite all of the action looking quite nice. If you are an Elena Koshka fan as well, you are getting the impression by now that you will be waiting for part 2 to get your Koshka fix on.

25 sorority hookup part 1

​Audio heads south

The mic gets bumped at this point and audio is pretty bad for the rest of the scene, taking on a bit of a muffled tunnel effect.

26 vrbangers movie review
27 elena koshka vrbangers

​Brief moments with Elena

Elena hops on to end the scene with a brief ride before the movie dumps oddly into preview mode, where you get a minute or so of preview footage of part 2, all lending the end of this one with a rushed and jumbled feeling that makes it hard to envision watching both parts as a more seamless complete movie later on down the line.

29 part 2 previews

Part 2 previews

28 part 2 preview
30 part 2 preview pics
31 sorority hookup part 2 preview

​Preview stuff looks nice

The preview footage for part 2 looks enticing, with both some apparent non PoV stuff, as well as some less compelling off-center standing PoV action featured, so it will be interesting to peep the 2nd half of this when it is released in a ....month.

32 vrbangers sorority hookup vr porn

​Lame it's cut into 2 parts, nice performances


Overall, I felt like Sorority Hookup Part 1 was pretty decent, though I was ultimately quite disappointed to see that it was cut into pieces when studios like WankzVR routinely release movies that run 1.5 even 2 hours in length. In a medium where immersion is prized, I can't think of anything less immersive than having to wait another month—or more deliberately, a monthly sub cycle— for part 2 of a flagship scene like this, or shutting down mid fap when part 1 ends.  I was never particularly compelled to unzip, knowing full well the scene was going to shut down mid action, which is kind of a shame given the cast here that more than rings my ding a ling. 

On the positives, the casting and setup are pretty great and I liked that they don't just dump 4 girls in your lap all at once as is often the case with multi-girl scenes like this, and the pacing worked out quite nicely other than things being cut short halfway on the action. Edits, when present, are done via transparent dissolves, so things run pretty seamless in that regard and it is nice to see other studios employing transparent vs. black transitions that we are still seeing at WankzVR for instance.  Overall, I enjoyed the premise and setup of the scene and the girls are great.

On the negatives: mainly chopping it in half for drip feeding purposes for me. I am not a fan of this at all, whether it is VRBangers or HoloGirlsVR and it takes a great deal away from scene continuity and cohesion in the end, robbing scenes of momentum and potentially interrupting your fap. Like, for me, I never even got my dick out during this scene, it was more just watching it as a movie, as I knew in the back of my mind the entire time it was going to end halfway through. 

The stock PoV as well is a bit of a bummer at this point for me 3 years into watching these fuckers, and that down the male chest cowgirl shot is perhaps the one I am most toast on in 2017. It is the safe VR porn shot and we see it time and time again, and thank god for studios like BaDoinkVR that are at least helping to progress this PoV into something that resembles a real live viewing perspective instead of a cam sitting on a dudes chest filming a blind spot.

I am looking forward to checking out the second half of Sorority Hookup, the non PoV stuff looks pretty good in the previews and I am still wanting my Koska buzz, so it will be interesting to check out the rest of it when it comes out next month. Yes...October 6th....lol. I will be writing up some other U.S. VRBangers scenes this month and taking a little deeper look at the new U.S. production so check back later in the month if you are curious about current VRBangers content. I know a scene like this one interests a lot of you guys that may be considering a first Bangers sub so I'll be sure to write up the second half after it's released. Overall, it was pretty decent for a part one, kind of right up the middle for current VR production I felt like, and all of the talent is predictably solid, it's kind of hard to miss there. 8/10

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Sorority Hookup Part 1 from VRBangers!

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