Fresh Perspectives and Ass On the Side with Ella Nova in Side Piece from WankzVR!

Side Piece Featuring Ella Nova from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  WankzVR
Release date:  12/02/2016
Running time: 30:00
Starring:  Ella Nova
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Found following review or Side Piece Trailer
Notables:  Ella Nova's natural delivery/performance, nice feeling doggy shot  
Negatives:  Some low/experimental PoV's
Review Score: 9/10
5 words or less:  Fresh Take on WankzVR Doggie

"Side Piece"

Checkin out the new Friday release from Wankz VR with Ella Nova this week, Side Piece.  I am a certified anal fan as well as an Ella Nova fan so this was one girl I was happy to see hookin up at WankzVR when the coming soon poster went up awhile ago. This scene features a great performance from Ella with some nice backdoor action coupled with innovative shooting from WankzVR that offered up one of the closest doggie perspectives to Busting a Nun that I have seen anyone pull off since that well regarded scene was filmed earlier this year.   

0 side piece wankzvr

Ella Nova!


The Side Piece setup finds you chillin outdoors at night, poolside, in a really cool looking setting in terms of the surroundings and decor. A couple of tiki torches blaze on the edge of the pool and you are lounging on a light blue outdoor bed or some shit.  I am not sure what it is, but it has some pillows at the back which is good, and sounds like it is perhaps covered in outdoor fabric.

Exit main piece, enter Side Piece

Your sweetie yells to you from the other side of the pool that she is taking off and your side action, Ella soon appears and approaches when the coast is clear.  The setting is cool, Ella is super sexy as expected and your point of view is inclined in a smart angle on the bed.

1 side piece ella nova

Nice kissing

Ella comes in for some really nice kissing in the sense that she is not rushing it at all, and being sensual about it, so you get a sense of her up close and then a bit closer still for kisses.  Her actions and dialog here all come across as easy and natural.

Shift from male moves cam down chest

Our stunt cock goes to prop himself up on the bed a bit, and by doing so, raises his body and lowers the camera vantage some, so the initially solid PoV starts to slip here, as he moves up almost 8" or a foot or so and the stationary camera becomes closer to his chest/dick as a result. 

This basic view is very similar to the Naughty Nurse setup, and I am a big fan of getting the males head up off the bed and into a realistic position in space for both him and the rig to actually see what is often shown to us from a flat on the chest blind spot, so other than some shifting here, I like this perspective much more than being flat on my back for a laying back/down shot.

2 ella nova

Ella's pussy has been waiting

"My pussys been soaking through my panties all day just waiting for her to leave!"

Ella is in front of you telling you how wet that pussy has been getting all day while waiting for you.  She breaks out of her top and teases her skirt up a bit, rubbing her pussy through her panties while laying back and Ella has some great eyes that she keeps you engaged with throughout the entire scene.

3 wankvr side piece

Lots of up close pussy n asshole

4 ella nova virtual reality

Slippin a finger in the butt

Up close pussy and ass

Some pussy eating is up next coached along by Ella, as well as some close up butthole fingering by male hands from below.  Ella tells you that that's her greediest hole—as her fans well know—and she comes in little closer for you so you can get yourself a taste.

5 ella nova feet

Some feet action featured

6 ella nova feet

Focus on feet

Ella next pulls off her heals and goes to work rubbing your dick through your pants with her feet and follows this up by placing her feet up to your face, providing some nice focus time for those feet lovers out there.

7 ella nova wankzvr

Up close spread

Ella backs that ass up in your face next and you get some great asshole views and more assisted fingering and cheek spreading from bro while Ella tells you/him to spread her wide fucking open. 

8 ella nova virtual

"Let me have a taste"

Ella tells you whats up and goes to break out your junk, and our stuntcock, in a moment of poor timing, pulls himself back up again and pretty much drops the cam right down on the dick, right when the dick is about ready to show up.

9 wankzvr side piece

Pretty close to the meat missile here

Big dick in your grill

And it is a fair amount of cock up in your face, as Bruce Venture has a huge dick sporting veins bigger than my forearm and it's pretty much up in your face a bit here as your PoV is down about mid chest.

10 side piece ella nova

Ella is fuckin hot

Awesome oral

Ella gives some great slobbery oral n' jerk service in this section and its a sexy shot other than feeling a bit skewed on PoV, with some head on and profile sucking, as well as some impressive efforts by Ella to take as much of your length as she can, to the point of getting those pretty eyes watering some with throatfuck tears.


Reverse cowgirl and anal

Ella gets on for some nice reverse cowgirl next, and puts on a sweet show with nonstop nasty talk that really shines.  Meanwhile, a dog barks in the distance, signaling all is normal on a WankzVR shoot!

Tasty squatting action follows, and as it often the case when I am manning Bruce's virtual wang, I felt pretty soft in this section and on the verge of falling out or folding over, and I think much of that has to do with it just being a hard angle for bro to fuck in and having a giant tool being bent the wrong way.

11 ella nova anal

Nice squatting entry for anal

Anal time

The perspective wanders some in this portion but the cam is back up over the dude nips for a section that looks really good with Ella looking tasty getting fucked in first her pussy and then her asshole.  Asstime, for those counting starts at 22:00 of our 29 minute movie, so this one isn't quite an asstravaganza, but the footage is sweet and scene pacing is natural building up to it.  /woof woof woof!

New doggie shot for WankzVR

Action switches to a kneeling doggie shot next, and this was the most intriguing part of the scene for me in terms of VR perspectives as it was the first scene I think I would say drifts close to the PoV captured in Busting a Nun from BaDoinkVR, which many would probably rate as one of the better feeling doggie shots that has been filmed for virtual reality.  There are a few things I love about this shot that make it remarkable for both Wankz doggie and VR in general:

12 ella nova virtual anal sex

Nice new doggy flavor

Folded legs instead of vertical

This doggie shot here is set up very close to Busting a Nun.  Bruce and Ella are arranged in such a way that their legs can fold into one another, and Ella can get her ass back on that dick.  And this starts to translate into a very nice VR perspective in virtual space as you begin to sense there is a nice piece of ass about where it should be in front of you.   

Busting Nun Blake 10

Perhaps the best feeling doggie shot in VR, Busting a Nun

doggie wankzvr

The only thing different is the amount of incline on the male and amount of torso and legs in the shot.  If the cam is moved forward and up over her ass,  you pretty much have the Busting shot

Folded legs allow the cam to both drop and come forward

I think of it as the difference between shooting vertical 90 degree L shaped doggie in terms of leg positions, to shooting compressed Z shaped doggie, where the bodies are both able to fold in on themselves in a complimentary way and that in turn also allows for the rig, and pov to drop at the same time. 

If the woman is on her knees, it raises the ass up in the air both vertically and forward, making for a harder position to fit both a bro and a cam into, such as the one Holly is in below.  That is getting hard to get the dick in the hole, and Holly is as tiny as the girl is going to get in terms of the vertical rise on her ass.  Holly also looks quite small in the frame and lacks presence at that distance.

holly doggie wankzvr

More vertical here, Holly is in front of bros legs and more on top of her knees, looking distant in the shot

ella nova doggie wankzvr

Having legs folded by both and compressed together, allows the ass to come into the lap more

Frame fill

The other thing that is remarkable for Wankz doggie, is the frame fill here is huge. Typical frame fill on Wankz doggie shots finds the girl looking distant below you.  Here, Ella fills up most of the frame in front of you, and the effect is that there is a full sized woman there, in close to the perspective and scale that you would expect.

tag team doggie wankzvr

The average girl frame fill in a distant WankzVR doggie shot

13 side piece anal

Much more frame fill here, it begins to feel like a woman's proper mass in front of you

Where this shot differs from Nun

All that is missing here, is for Wankz to simply come up a bit now on this type of setup, so there is less focus on the clear view of the dick in front of you, and bring the PoV up over the ass of the girl and closer to her.   You can look at the angle of the "floor" in front on both shots below, and see what your PoV is.  One is looking down onto the ass, one is still looking across more, though both rigs are on a very similar tilt here.   One is basically advanced further into the shot than the other and bro is not as laid back.  It is getting hard to see Blake's asshole clearly from that PoV and her face feels much closer as she turns round to face you which is one of the more powerful components of that particular scene.

busting doggie
doggie wankzvr

Moving forward here helps to eliminate un-needed male torso and legs from the shot, as well as cutting down on the right-over-the-dick PoV factor and starts to close in on a shot that feels like you have virtual ass in front of your groin and your head feels right in space also.  From a seated fapping position, this starts to feel like the gold zone.

Short and sweet

The doggie action from this PoV is over however in just a couple of minutes and Ella hops off at around the 25:00 mark to choke on your cock for a second before asking you to spread her wide open again.

15 ella nova wankzvr

Most of the male body winds up in the shot here

Leaned back mish anal

Ella lays on her back next, while you remain in the same position and the amount of male body gets pretty heavy here due to the incline happening.  This is again, where the shot would benefit by advancing the cam up and allowing bro to get into a more natural position, as well as providing a better viewing perspective.  

16 ella wankzvr

A lost of chest heaving up into the shot

The result of the incline here is almost the entire male body thrusting up into the shot from below, so from that angle it fails a bit on immersion at that point, but it is a nice anal shot and an interesting new view that we have not really been presented with before.  Reality Lovers did a similar shot in Asstastic Redhead a few weeks back.

17 side piece wankzvr

Every last drop

Ella catches every drop

The scene winds up with Ella sucking you off from below, taking your load nicely in her mouth and she then approaches and swallows it down like a champ for you, before the scene fades out to black and Side Piece concludes.

18 ella nova

All gone

Felt kind of short n sweet, but another cool scene from WankzVR. 9/10

So, I liked Side Piece quite a bit in the end, even though there were certain elements that didn't quite hit for me in terms of PoV's. What I liked about it other than Ella's fantastic performance, was that it felt fresh and like it was trying to get somewhere new. And we have been seeing this quite a bit lately from WankzVR. They are not just sitting on formulas or their laurels, they are trying to find some new shit for us in terms of finding ways to bring us stronger PoVs in VR. This has resulted in some odd PoV's as new ideas and angles are tested but I would rather watch some interesting new shit that misses a bit, than the same old safe and tired retread week in and week out. If you don't swing, you can't hit. 

On the positives, the set was really cool, I love Ella Nova and getting some A time in VR with her, and there were some new and interesting perspectives served up that felt much more present, say in the case of the doggie section. I love the way the woman's body was raised to occupy much more of the frame and I love that I felt like there was roughly something there in that section of virtual space. Performance from Ella was natural, easy, dirty and sweet all at once, and she never flubbed or stumbled a line the whole way it seemed. And the barking dog in the distance just kind of feels like Wankz now 🙂

On the negatives, stuntcock repositioning himself due to sliding/slumping on the surface had the effect of dropping the point of view down the chest several times onto the dick and at or below the nips, so the PoV kind of shifts around between almost believable to AHHHHHGH, that's a big fucking dick right in front of me!

The sex seemed pretty short in this one by Wankz standards, not that every movie needs to be 60 minutes plus, but just in the sense it was kind of 2 minutes here, 2 mins there, and with a nice long setup, that made for some shorter fucking than what we have been used to or been spoiled with lately.  But this is a nice scene length for rubbing one out without dedicating a whole hour or multi-view session to it, so it is good to see some shorter movies offered as well with a more condensed form like this.  The scene should ultimately just be as long as it needs to be and not artificially inflated or deflated to meet x time mark and this one felt pretty natural while being condensed a bit on scene rhythm.

All in all, another enjoyable scene from WankzVR in the last month. There have been sections of greatness and sections of trying out new shit that will help uncover more greatness, so I am really stoked on scenes like this that help to push the boundaries forward in VR porn and keep shit from getting stale and boring.  Shit like having the male inclined here when laying on his back like Naughty Nurse, and the compressed frame filling doggie I think are pointing the way to more satisfying VR porn perspectives in the future. 9/10.

"Side Piece" from WankzVR!

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