Checking out Kiara Lord in Shower Seductress from SexBabesVR!

Shower Seductress with Kiara Lord from SexBabesVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  SexBabesVR
Release date:  2/11/17
Running time: 25:00
Starring:  Kiara Lord
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review
Notables:   Kiara Lord, music, solo tub intro, strong eye contact
Negatives:  Image not as crisp as past releases, tall standing PoV. 
Review Score: 9/10
5 words or less:  Kiara Lord is hawt sauce

"Shower Seductress"

Taking a look at Shower Seductress starring Kiara Lord from SexBabesVR today. I've been keeping tabs on SexBabesVR the last couple of months as they have been getting rid of a fair amount of content shot with the wrong scale in a seemingly endless, every-other-one release pattern that has made it a little hard to get on board from week to week.  With the last 3 or 4 releases looking good on scale, I am hoping that SexBabesVR have finally hit the bottom of the Gaintress barrel and are on their way to serving up a more consistent product, as the SexBabesVR movies that have been in scale, look pretty solid for the most part and are probably average to a little above average on popular VR merits such as intimacy. I had never seen Kiara Lord in action before today, but holy crap, she looks even better in VR than in the pictures on the SexBabesVR website, and she really turns in a memorable performance in Shower Seductress.  This movie does seem to have an issue with the image quality but in the end I was stoked I hit the download button on Shower Seductress and thought it was a quite a nice scene overall.  

kiara lord

Kiara Lord!


Shower Seductress takes place in a fairly familiar looking setting, being a house that seems to be used for both Reality Lovers and SexBabesVR productions quite frequently, and the opening tub sequence is fairly reminiscent of a similar scene at Reality Lovers some months back. Image quality in this was not nearly as crisp as past SexBabesVR movies I have seen and I almost wonder if either there was a mistake in post production or the wrong file was uploaded to the high quality Oculus version, both of which we have certainly seen before at other studios. I imagine whatever it is, it is probably a one-off, or perhaps even just related to the particular file version I grabbed.  

Kiara Lord is sitting in a bubbly tub, with a nice bit of background music playing and the initial action is a bit far back, and fairly rough looking in the HMD. Kiara though, looks fucking spectacular as she pops out of the tub and you go holy shit, this girl is fuckin hot!

1 shower seductress

​Nice solo intro

Kiera grabs a towel to dry off, has a seat on the edge of the tub in front of you and the whole intro bathroom section runs about 3 minutes in total, giving you a nice introduction to Kiara, who then grabs a thin robe and tells you to meet her in the living room.

2 shower seductress sexbabesvr

​Seated PoV

Action resumes in the living room, finding you in a seated position on a couch and Kiara before you slowly removing her bath robe. The PoV here is solid for a seated perspective and when Kiara leans in and plants a quick kiss on you, the effect is a good one.

3 kiara lord sexbabesvr

​Strong eye contact

Kiara has a seat in your lap and she does a really great job throughout the entire scene of engaging the camera with steady eye contact, that makes it feel as if she is looking right at you, and I got kind of a Busting a Nun kind of vibe in a couple of sections, just the way she was making sure to maintain those looks with the cam. 

4 kiara lord feet

​Quite a bit of feet time

Feet lovers in particular will probably enjoy Shower Seductress as Kiara next has a seat on the ottoman behind her and starts to rub your raging woody with her tootsies, and overall there is a fair bit of attention paid to feet in the movie as the scene unfolds.

5 kiara lord virtual reality

Really nice oral section

​Slow, sexy oral

After removing your underwear, Kiara begins to service your shaft, giving some of the slowest, sexiest oral attention I have seen in some time and easily one of my favorite oral sections in recent memory.  More cock worship that slob n bob. 

6 shower seductress movie review

Lots of focus on Kiara's feet in this movie

​More feet

A few minutes of sucking is followed up by a more dedicated foot section where Kiara is holding and stroking your cock between her feet, and this is the kind of time you really have to dig for if you are into feet right now, so if that's your bag baby, enjoy, as you get some dick caressing, chest rubbing and up close inspection time with them in your face for a solid couple of minutes here.

7 kiara lord vr porn

​Sidesaddle straddle

At around 12 minutes in, Kiara mounts up in a sexy sidesaddle type straddle and the opening fucking here feels pretty good in the VR sense with Kiara keeping things nice and present with frequent looks and smiles back in your direction.

8 kiara lord virtual fuck

​Close up cowgirl

Forward cowgirl is next, and more of the close than far variety, with some well played kissing thrown in and Kiara never really leaning away from you, instead keeping at that mid point or closer distance that makes for a better feeling cowgirl shot in VR.

10 kiara lord missionary

Sexy as fuck

​Standing PoV... not so great

18 minutes in finds you transitioning to standing missionary PoV with Kiara laying back on the ottoman, and the perspective here is pretty tall and eye in the sky feeling, so not a great PoV for this section, but Kiara looks great below you and there is again some added feet on chest time here for the feet guys.

11 shower seductress sexbabesvr

​Great looks from Kiara

This position goes for the remaining duration and the major selling point here for me were the constant dead on looks from Kiara that really had me digging her by this point, despite the too tall feeling PoV.

Cumshot is a nice one with Kiara jerking you off onto her stomach in the same missionary position and the scene is allowed to cool for 30 seconds or so before the fade out making for a even feeling ending.

12 shower seductress kiara lord sexbabesvr

​More Kiara Lord please!


Wrapping up Shower Seductress, I was pretty impressed with Kiara Lord in this scene and was happy I that decided to download this one in the end, as it made for a nice fapper mostly due to Kiara being pretty fucking hot here I thought. With this movie being I think... the 4th release in a row now with proper scale, hopefully SexBabesVR has about run through the other large scaled content they have been mixing in and we can look forward to more releases like this and the last several movies in the future.

On the positives, Kiara was really strong I thought, with a slow and easy demeanor that was more natural than forced porny accompanied by some  great looks that helped draw me into the scene.  Production seemed to make an attempt to keep things a little more intimate with some nice kissing and close up cowgirl that avoided the all too common lean away scenario and I dig the opening solo type setups for some VR scenes, with the tub section working well for that here. There was also quite a bit of attention paid to feet for those that appreciate that detail and I would have to rate this one pretty high on the foot-o-meter for what we typically see served up in VR porn atm.  

On the negatives, image quality was lacking here and as I stated earlier, this is not the typical image I have grown accustomed to at SexBabesVR and would guess this is likely a mix up with the files on upload or perhaps a post mistake, as the image is pretty much like Wankz here in terms of crispness or perhaps a bit worse. You can see the screenshots look pretty flat in this regard, so hard to say what the cause was here but this rig usually looks pretty good in the clarity department.  The standing PoV on the missionary was also quite a bit off, but nothing you havn't seen at any of the other VR studios before, and Kiara was able to still keep me engaged during that section with her solid eye contact.

Overall, I thought Shower Seductress was a pleasure to watch and I will definitely be on the lookout for more scenes featuring Kiara Lord in the future. I hope SexBabesVR keeps improving from here out, as I think they are in a pretty nice spot in their productions other than the scale problems they were dealing with initially. 9/10.  If not for image quality and the too tall PoV at the end, this was a 10 for me on performance. 

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"Shower Seductress" from SexBabesVR!

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