Misha Cross Brings the Goods in Shopping Day!

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"Shopping Day" with Misha Cross from VirtualRealPorn

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 9/10

Misha Cross in Shopping Day

Tonight we will be taking a look at the new March release from VirtualRealPorn, "Shopping Day" starring the adorable Misha Cross. Misha is one of the more recognizable stars in VR porn at the moment, having gained many fans with her numerous memorable videos available at VRP.

In this reviewers opinion, Misha Cross is one of the better VR performers in terms of making things intimate and playing well to the camera for a 1st person POV, and her videos are always a treat to watch as a result.  This one runs just under 16 minutes and gets right into it, so let's do the same! *Shopping Day made our Fall VR Porn Best 25 movies of the year list*

Lovely Misha

The video opens in a nice bedroom setting with a cool patterned ceiling that works well in VR.  Misha walks in looking great, and within the first 30 seconds, has disrobed and is pulling a large pink dildo from her shopping bag setting things up nicely.

misha cross dildo

Misha gets busy with her toy

Misha tells you how she is going to warm up a bit before she "puts your cock in her tight little pussy", and gets to work on the dildo with her mouth.  She is up close and personal, makes lots of eye contact and when she says something, it is sexy and natural.

Misha looks incredible sucking on the dildo in front of you and her tongue is super sexy to watch licking the head of her toy.  The VR effect is quite good her and things are heating up.

misha cross leans back with dildo

Happy camper

She fully removes her top and starts rubbing her tight little pussy with the dildo, while leaning back to give you a marvelous view of her nubile body and her pussy looks super tight from this angle.

Misha tells you she wants to suck your cock, pulls the sheets back and goes to town. Her technique is solid, tryin her best to take all that is there, and using copious amounts of her spit to keep things wet.  She is the type of cocksucker you dream about working your dick.

​VR Magic Time

Misha then pulls an amazing move where she leans back on your chest, with her head by yours, while she jerks both you and herself off.  The intimacy is super close here and it is probably my favorite shot of the movie.  Honestly it is one of my favorite VR shots to date.  Super cool effect and 10 on the virtual meter.

misha cross lays on you

The shot is simply awesome in VR

At around 6 minutes in, Misha mounts up cowgirl and guides your cock in that sweet pussy.  Her perky nipples are standing out, and when Misha prompts you to squeeze them, her coaching makes the presence of hands more natural I found.

After a bit of traditional cowgirl, she then pulls another seldom seen pose and goes not only left facing, but also right facing side cowgirl, and if you are like me and find the profile shot of a girl squatting on a cock hot, you will enjoy this section.

misha cross sideways squat

Sidesaddle is a nice change of pace

​Fuck Her "Like a Slut"

At around 12 minutes in, Misha tells you she wants you to "fuck her from behind and take her like a slut" prompting a camera change over to standing doggy.  She is ass up, head down in this section and the shot looks really good for standing doggy, which can suffer from scale issues at times.  It looks better than what is slightly distorted in this screen shot in VR.  You pound her hard and it is funny to be aware of the cars driving by the window on the street, enhancing the depth of the shot another level, and adding a bit of a wonder if they can see me kind of vibe to things.

misha cross doggy

Doing Misha Doggie

This is a really strong doggie sequence with Misha having you hold her hands behind her back at one point, and I would rate the VR high here. Things are intimate and Misha always has something hot to say.  The scene ends with a cumshot on Misha's ass and things slowly wind down, instead of a sudden cutoff, with Misha sampling a taste of your cum and talking to you.

Solid Recommendation

All in all, we loved this one from VirtualRealPorn and Misha Cross.  The scene where she lays back on your chest with her head by yours, the sideways cowgirl and solid 5 mins of doggy action were all top notch by our standards and we can't see any fan of Misha being let down by this one.  Recommended to all who might find Misha their cup of tea in the photos as well.  A solid VR porn choice with no real issues. 9/10.  Watch the trailer for Shopping Day below and see more of our Oculus VR porn reviews


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